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Ron Browz – You Suck And The Internet Agrees With Me

This video pretty much sums up my feelings on Ron Browz. Yes, I would prefer the pain of childbirth or the Jackassery of snorting salt over listening to another minute of Browz’ horrible vocoder-riddled attempts at music.

That said, what is so bad about sniffing sharpies and waking up with wood? Those are totally natural things that no one should not be ashamed of. Sometimes I call people and tell them about it; just ask Nick.

T-Pain Wants You To Freeze (on the dance floor)

New year, new music videos. That’s what I say. Well, maybe not – but in this case it’s true. T-Pain just dropped his new video for Freeze featuring Chris Brown on MTV2, and I’ve already run it through my mindgrapes just for you. As a refresher, we will examine both the track and the video.

The Track: Remember Mario’s Just A Friend from 2002? Yeah, well Freeze sounds a lot like it. I mean a lot. The vocoder is always unwelcome, but I’m starting to accept that it is not going away anytime soon. And, all gratuitous pop, lock, and droppin aside, the song isn’t terrible. There aren’t any good punchlines or anything, so I doubt this will be popular with any real heads out there, but perhaps the b-boys will like it. I mean, it is hard to criticize someone for telling you to get your ass on the floor and move it. Also, this is one of very few T-Pain joints not about strippers/strip clubs. I see that as an improvement.

The Video: This half animation / rotoscoping, half live action technicolor thing has me making comparisons to T-Pain’s other recent videos Can’t Believe It and Good Life. Personally, I’d like to see a little more originality and a little less of this three ring circus/top hat crap. The video is all dancers on glass floors, pastel silhouettes, quick cuts, and that weird 60’s multiplier video effect. Of course, Chris Brown’s major appeal lies in his dancing skills, so his presence on this record is pretty understandable. Overall though, I am unimpressed.

The Bottomline: A weak beginning to the 2009 Music Video season.

Lil Wayne – Mrs. Officer – “I Said Lady What’s Your Number, She Said 911”

I give Lil Wayne a hard time here at the AudioShocker, I really do. I’ve also said that 2008 has been the year of Weezy, T-Pain, and their joint reign of vocoder terror. That said, sometimes you hear a new song on the radio by an artist you don’t particularly care for and it gets you sprung. As I was driving home the other night, I caught wind of Mrs. Officer feat. Bobby Valentino (another hot/cold artist in my book) and I had to tell you all about it.

The Track: Tell me you don’t like Valentino’s weeohweeohweeohwee cop call chorus thing. I love it — almost as much as I love Weezy for NOT using a vocoder on this. That is huge for me. Maybe the vocoder is done for 2008? The beat is laid back and I’m actually pretty surprised this was not released as a summer jam, would have been big.

And the rhymes!! I can’t hate – Weezy keeps it hot.

She know I’m raw, she know I’m from the streets // And all she want me to do is fuck the police

And after we got done, I said lady what’s your number she said 911

Breakfast in bed turn into breakfast and head (this verse isn’t in the video)

The obligatory negatory: Wayne has taken up an affectation that I am dubbing ‘The Dorian Self-Laugh’; it was first brought to light by Dr. Cox on Scrubs. Zack Braff’s J.D. did this stupid self laugh whenever he made a joke and no one else thought it was funny. Well, Weezy has been doing the same thing recently – after every. single. line. Other examples? Check T-Pain’s Can’t Believe It and Mike Jone’s Cuddy Buddy. It’s like the new delay double and I find it similarly bothersome. Hopefully, Mr. Carter will grow out of it quickly. However, given his repertoire of vocoder hits this year, it may be a while.

The Video: Hot cops may be cliche, but they make for an entertaining video. I mean who hasn’t wanted to get it on with a Hot Cop? Ladies and Lads alike. It’s the basis for an entire genre of porn. Frisking hot perps? I want to do that. Mugshot modeling? I’ve seen it before, but I still chuckled. 3 hot cop dancers and squad cars? Yeah, I can suspend disbelief. Obviously this isn’t anything groundbreaking or new, but it’s easily digestible fluff that I can watch it more than once.

While somewhat unrelated, I disliked that the 2nd video Comfortable used the same video treatment/model. I am of the mind that videos self contained packages that can stand on their own. But Comfortable is easy to ignore, so it’s all good.

The Bottom Line: Perhaps this is some of that ‘change we can beleive in’

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FNMTV – Gym Class Heroes, The Game, We The Kings, Solange

It’s hard in these streets. That’s the only real excuse I have for not writing this post on Saturday. You know the deal: MTV debuts new videos during FNMTV and I tell you what I think. Easy peasy

Gym Class Heroes – Cookie Jar
I hope this is supposed to be a joke. The ‘white background video’ returns with a vengeance, a vocoder, and shitty synth line. If The Cool Kids are a bunch of lame scene kids – then what the eff is this? I just can’t take any part of this seriously, not with homeboy’s bull nose ring.

The Game – My Life (ft. Lil Wayne)
Game is such a drama queen. Is his life really that hard? Wait till the end where he smears a cross on his chest – in blood. Seriously, how effing into yourself are you? You are not John Lennon, Biggie, or Jesus. And who name drops Kanye twice on a track? As if that weren’t enough, Lil Wayne rides shotgun with a vocoder. Weezy is giving T-pain a run for his money.

We The Kings – Check Yes Juliet (Live)
I’ve never even heard of these oldboys, but it sounds a lot like Panic at the Disco. In other words: they are probably popular, but not for any logical reason.

Solange – Sandcastle Disco
Solange is Beyonce’s sister in case you didn’t know. The song is pretty breezy – but hey, it’s a song about a DJ, I expected as much. Yeah, this is a “white background video”, but I like it more than others I have seen recently. Overuse of CG? Perhaps, but I dig the whole mod/60’s thing. We both know this could have been done way worse.

The Bottom Line: The Game needs to stop feeling himself so much. He is no longer relavant in my musical sphere.

FNMTV – Danity Kane, Bow Wow, Chromeo, and Toyko Police Club

Only 4 videos this week? FNMTV is really dropping the ball. Well, I don’t have a ton of time this weekend anyway, so our quickies will have to be even quicker.

Danity Kane – Bad Girl
Diddy’s girls make a mockery and tries to cash in on the comic book movie trend. Missy Elliot drops a verse too. Oh, and there are some costume changes that go by too fast to appreciate. Mannequins have more personality than these ladies.

Bow Wow – Marco Polo
Wow. I have way too much to say about this – so I’ll save it for this week’s full length music video review. Watch out for that early next week. short version: trite unrepentant tween garbage.

Chromeo – Momma’s Boy
This is a 2008 update of A-Ha’s Take on Me with a vocoder and without the falsetto) Not sure I dig the thematic content though. Seems a bit too Elektra/Odepius.

Tokyo Police Club – Graves (Live)
Hey TPC has anyone ever told you that you’re like a really shitty version of The Shins combined with The Strokes?

Chromeo wins the award for least terrible video this week.

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