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Sequential Underground #82 – Establishing a New Collaboration

Sequential Underground

Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino

Show Notes:
We start off the episode with some Culinary Underground conversation, including fantastic sandwich recipes and preparation suggestions by Rare Earth Comics, Angela Capel, and Bernie Crowsheet.

Then we bring on the main course: a conversation about establishing a new comics collaboration. Shawn recently wrapped work on a new Thundergirl story featuring a collaboration with Harold Cupec. He enjoyed the experience and now he’s hungry for more artistic collaborators. But he’s almost always drawn his own stories, so it’s a challenge for him to find other artists who’d like to tell stories with him.

Nick and Shawn talk about how they met and began collaborating on Time Log, which resulted in a great experience and fantastic friendship. That sends Nick on a rant about why new comics writers should focus on making artistic friends and drawing their own comics before trying to find unpaid collaborators to draw their stories.

And after the end theme, we switch back to Culinary Underground and give the 2013 YOU DON’T SUCK Award for Best Condiment to Some Dude’s Fry Sauce.

Next Episode:
Brian John Mitchell joins us to answer the question: “What comes easier… writing drama or writing comedy?”

Sequential Underground #76 – Titles and Logos

Sequential Underground

Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino share their experiences creating titles and logos for their webcomics and self-published comic books.

Before we dive into things, Nick talks about some recent emails he received promoting comics Kickstarter campaigns. He shares honest opinions about Avalon’s Destruction: Prologue, Sons of Fate (Origins), and an upcoming project by Red Rage Comics. Plus, Shawn and Nick tease their own upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

Then it’s time for titles and logos talk! We cover Shawn’s Gello Apocalypse, Thundergirl, and Explorers of the Unknown (plus the new EotU design).

And Nick talks about the development of titles and logos for Time Log, Super Haters, Zombie Palin, and Stick Cats.

We also share our own personal tips for creating an original title and an attractive logo that you can use over and over again.

Sequential Underground #73 – Collected Editions

Sequential Underground

The winner of last episode‘s Cartoon College DVD giveaway is Brandon Williams, who KO’d the competition with his CCS thesis idea for Dragon Fist, a manga tale full of passion and punching. Thx to everyone who entered the contest!

Our topic for this episode is creating collected editions of your webcomics or self-published single issues. Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino chat about the books they’re currently compiling and the difficulties that come with collecting widespread work into a book-length volume.

This is Shawn’s cover for the upcoming Gello Apocalypse v1 collection, which will be available for purchase at SPX in September!

Shawn just sent the first collected edition of Gello Apocalypse off to the printer. The book is a culmination of years of hard work, not to mention two years alone spent crafting the collection itself.

Here’s a sneak peek at a reformatted and remastered page from the Time Log collection, which Nick will finish during the AudioShocker hiatus.

Nick’s been slowly toiling away on a collected edition of Time Log since the end of 2011. To compile it, he has to chop up and color part of the story that was originally published as a black and white comic book. Why? Because the rest of the tale was released as a widescreen webcomic in color.

The guys both agree that it’s a pain in the ass creating collected editions, but the final product is worth it.

Click here to visit the AudioShocker Store!

Sequential Underground #68 – How Colors Can Change

Sequential Underground

Comic book self-publishers Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino discuss the way that comics can change in appearance as digital colors migrate from the computer screen to the printed page.

Time Log coverShawn and Nick collaborated on the Time Log webcomic, which needed some serious color adjustments the first time it was printed!

Shawn is often satisfied with the way that his digital colors look in his self-published comics. But Nick feels like his colors never print the way that he wants, and he struggles to find the perfect way to make color corrections.

Time Log interior pagesOn the left are Time Log’s digital colors as they appear on the computer screen. On the top right you can see the uncorrected digital colors in print. On the bottom right are the colors adjusted for print.

With experience working in a copy center, Shawn shares some tips about how to get the best results from a local printer. And Nick shares about his experience using online services like Best Value Copy, which can save you a lot of money if you’re willing to assemble your comics by hand.

Time Log is a 2011 SPACE Prize Finalist

I’m super proud to announce that Time Log is fighting for this year’s SPACE Prize in the Webcomics Category!

Time Log webcomic

The only people who can vote for the SPACE Prize are those who attended the previous year’s show. So, for example, only exhibitors from 2011 can vote for this current crop of nominees… a crop which was culled from in-person submissions made at the 2011 Small Press And Comics Expo in Columbus.


So if you were a SPACE exhibitor last year, please consider voting for Time Log! I’ve made it really easy for you to read the webcomic:

And here are some quick facts about the webcomic to get you up to speed:

  • The Time Log webcomic is a finite, 60-page story.
  • It’s a sequel to the Time Log one-shot, a 2010 comic book.
  • The story is about a time traveling group of friends out to save reality.
  • Stephen Foster, Neil Diamond, and Richard Nixon play important roles.
  • The characters are named after the creators, but they’re not based on us.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy reading Time Log and I appreciate your consideration.

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