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AudioShocker Shoutouts

Astute readers may have noticed a slight change in the AudioShocker over the weekend. No? Well, you clearly aren’t reading enough, but I’ll spell it out for you anyway. We finally started placing ads on the site. But wait, don’t the sidebars, headers, and front page all the look the same? Yup, they do. We decided to start slow by implementing what I have coined the ‘scrollpop’ ad unit.

Every few comments, you will now see a line that says “AudioShocker Shoutouts!”. If you mousewheel over it, or mouse through it, a small banner will reveal itself or ‘pop’ in. We aren’t trying to be tricky, malicious, or intrusive. We just want to try out some revenue possibilities and hopefully cover our costs for the site. Here is a little demo:

AudioShocker Shoutouts!

Our first shoutout this month is for AudioShocker regular Ross Campbell’s stellar Shadoweyes project. If you are interested in advertising on the site, please email us.

To my knowledge, we are really the only people doing this, and we’re interested in your feedback. I coded the whole shebang myself over the weekend and consider it a personal triumph. (and I will cut you if you try to steal it or pass it off as your own!)

Wet Moon 5 and G-Man: Cape Crisis #1 OUT TODAY!!!

HOLY @#$%! Today’s a big day at the comic shop for the AudioShocker!!!

First off, Ross Campbell’s Wet Moon 5 is in stores today. If you’ve been listening to A Podcast with Ross and Nick, then you already know that Ross has been extremely tight-lipped about the details of WM5. That just means it’s gotta be juicy! Ross and Nick will be talking about WM5 and dropping behind-the-scenes info starting with A Podcast with Ross and Nick #12 on August 26th, so that gives you two whole weeks to read the book before you listen.

Also, Chris Giarrusso’s G-Man: Cape Crisis #1 hits racks today. This awesome all-ages comic book was the topic of our most recent conversation with Chris in AudioShocker Podcast #91. This is the first issue of a five-part mini, so I suggest you get in on the ground floor today and snag a copy.

Man, this day could only be bigger for us if Jay Faerber had another issue of Dynamo 5 out today! Too bad D5 #23 came out last week… (and, by the way, it was an EXCELLENT issue).

EDIT: Wet Moon 5… or not.

EDIT 2: Wet Moon 5 out on August 19th!

A Podcast with Ross and Nick #5 – Fuchsia is My Evil Color

It’s a social media smorgasbord as Nick Marino continues to force Ross Campbell to help him create a MySpace page for his real-life supervillain, Nik Neptune. Ross drops news that there might be pre-release copies of Wet Moon 5 at SDCC, and then the guys discuss LiveJournal, how Ross knows nothing about Facebook (gasp!), and doesn’t want to join Twitter (double gasp!). Thrill to the sounds of Ross and Nick as they figure out what to name this podcast series! This episode ends the first story arc of A Podcast with Ross and Nick (episodes 1-5). Be back next week for the start of the second story arc!!!

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A Phone Call with Ross and Nick?

A Logo with Ross and NickAfter our fiasco with Google Voice, we’re going to try something a little different. To record the next set of episodes for A Podcast with Ross and Nick, Ross Campbell and I will be using TalkShoe today at 4:00 PM EST.

This is my first time really using TalkShoe to record (after learning about it from the Comic Book Pitt). From what I understand, you can listen in as Ross and I record. In fact, you can even call in and join the conversation if you want.

Hopefully, we won’t hit any major technical difficulties. If we do, maybe I’ll just head over to the TalkShoe offices and slap them around, since they’re located just outside of Pittsburgh!

And if you really do want to call in while we’re recording today, email me and I’ll give you the details.

A Podcast with WHO and WHO?

Here at the AudioShocker, we’ve got some awesome podcast developments brewing in the very near future.

First up, on this Tuesday, June 9, 2009, we have the shocking return of AudioShocker Podcast #82. This podcast audio was initially lost due to a technical mistake with Google Voice, but we held out hope and ran #83 last Tuesday just in case a miracle happened…

AND happen it did! Tom from Google Voice read my bitchy blog post and saved my conversation with Ross Campbell from permanent deletion. So take a trip back in time and listen to #82 this Tuesday.

Then make sure to get your ass back here the very next day for A Podcast with Ross and Nick #1, a direct continuation of AudioShocker Podcast #82. Airing Wednesday, June 10, 2009, this show is the debut episode of a brand new weekly AudioShocker podcast series. Comic book writer/artist Ross Campbell and I will be talking about whatever the fuck we want, including comics, movies, real-life superheroes, domain renewal scams, and tons more.

So keep it locked on the AudioShocker as we continue to bring you the most ridiculous conversation on music, movies, comics, TV, video games, and tons more… now TWICE a week!!!

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