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Sequential Underground’s hosts are on Kickstarter with “Love & Monsters”

Love & Monsters is a comics and music anthology that’s currently crowdfunding on the ol’ Kickpooper. It features art by the hosts of the Sequential Underground podcast, Shawn Atkins and yours truly (under my musical pseudonym, Nik Furious… ya know, the musician who makes all of the AudioShocker podcast themes).

So what’s it about? Four cartoonists and three musicians riffing on the same two themes: love and monsters (yeaaaahh… I guess that’s kinda obvious, huh?).

This collection features work by some past AudioShocker guests including Virginia Shields, Jared Catherine, and the project’s organizer, Cynthia Lee.

With that said, I’m probably not the best person to give you all of the details. Cynthia’s put together a comprehensive description on the campaign’s main page.

But if ya got questions, feel free to leave ’em in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer ’em! (Sample question: “Do you prefer ultra soft toilet paper, the generic kind that runs out in two days, or the sandpaper style that sits on the roll for months?” Answer: “This is about my Kickstarter campaign. Stop being a jerk.”)

Throughout this blog post, you’ve been looking at some gorgeous Shawn Atkins art. I’ve already completed one of the songs for his project. It’s called Wet-On-Wet and a small part of it just happens to be the theme for the new Animatic Attack podcast. You can listen to the full song here:

But if ya wanna own it, then ya gotta pony up the big bucks (at least $10, to be exact) and back Love & Monsters!

A Podcast with Ross and Kelly #152 – The End

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

THIS IS IT! The end of the Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza! We’ve watched X-Men: The Animated Series #7576 (s5 e12 & e14 on Netflix)… the final two episodes of this terrible fan favorite TV show.

Before the tears begin flowing, Kelly Thompson, Ross Campbell, and Nick Marino converse about scary Easter bunnies, Nick’s sobering reality check at WonderCon, and comic book posters we had as kids.

Then it’s time to scratch the EXTREME itch! You know it’s a special occasion because even Kelly made screencaps. We discuss them in this order: Kelly’s first set, Ross’s first set, Ross’s second set, Kelly’s second set, and Nick’s set.

Nick also recorded a cover of the X-Men theme song:

While X-Men discussion dominates most of this podcast, we also talk about mangoes, oranges, kumquats, and Kelly’s custom bookcase.

Next: A new era begins with Gordon Shumway! It’s ALF s1 e1 and ALF s1 e2.

Download all of our podcast theme songs for free

Over on our new Podcasts* page, you can now download the Nik Furious podcast themes from all of our shows… for free! Both the full versions and the edited podcast versions are available.

But remember — just because these songs are free doesn’t mean that you can use them for whatever you want! These songs are only for personal use and not for public broadcast of any kind (including other podcasts) without consent from Nick Marino a.k.a. Nik Furious a.k.a. me.

Anyway, these downloads are now available because I’ve decided to leave iTunes and Amazon and release all of my music for free from my website. Click here for more about my decision (and find out what you can expect from Nik Furious in 2012).

*For more about our new Podcasts page, as well as our updated About section, stop back here on Sunday, January 1st, 2012.

Click here to visit the AudioShocker Store!

The Beatcast is Dead, Long Live the Beatcast

I am officially retiring the Beatcast.

BUT… my music posting will continue! Only, now it’s gonna happen on the newly redesigned Nick Marino dot net. I’m releasing my beats as free mixtapes, and you can check out the first track, Armor, right now. (I think I may have run Armor on the AudioShocker under a different name…)

In honor of this final, sad Beatcast farewell, here’s one last song from me to you — the full original theme I made for A Podcast with Ross and Nick. I call it “Intra Venus.”

ALSO: Intra Venus is on my 2013 Nik Furious album, 7 Star Sky Flash Kick.

Beatcast #45 – Xavier by Nik Furious

Man, I – er, I mean, Nik Furious – made this beat years ago. But I never looped it and it just sat in its lonely ProTools file. Now behold the wonderous Xavier! Actually, it’s not so much wonderous as a mildly entertaining loop laid out in a vaguely interesting progression.

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