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Thanos Hyper Combo Wallpaper!

It boggles my mind to think that I haven’t already posted Thanos wallpaper!!!

This image is from the first page of Silver Surfer #35, penciled by Ron Lim, inked by Tom Christopher, and colored by Tom Vincent:


For those of you who don’t already know, Thanos made his first Capcom fighting game appearance as the boss in Marvel Super Heroes. And then he popped up again in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

In the comics, Thanos has battled the Avengers, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Thor, and more. The Nihilist supervillain was created by Jim Starlin, and he broke out in a big way in the early 90s with the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries.

I could go on and on… but instead I’ll just post another wallpaper!!! This one is from Marvel Super Heroes, as Thanos gets ready to face off against Shuma-Gorath.


If you’re still craving more Thanos, here are some of his win quotes from MSH and here’s a nifty little animated GIF of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

EDIT: MTV Geek used our version of the top Thanos image for their “who should play Thanos?” article. Nice steal, MTV!! BTW, for the record, I think Damion Poitier (the guy who played him in the Avengers movie) should also voice the character in his subsequent film appearances.

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Hyper Combo Wallpaper: Marvel vs. Booklets

These are the booklets from Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom… all for the original PlayStation.

And since the HyperComboCast is taking the week off, I figured it’s only right to reward you for your patience with some new wallpaper!


As much as I look back fondly on my days playing fighting games on the PS1, let’s be honest — the arcade versions of these games are exponentially better.

Still, I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory as much as I have. See you next Monday for the new http://www.audioshocker.com/tag/hypercombocast!!

Capcom in the Clutches of Magneto Hyper Combo Wallpaper!

Amingo strikes a prickly pose

Capcom, in the evil clutches of Magneto!

DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER :: 1280 X 1024 :: 1440 X 900 :: 1600 X 1200

Magneto is a mainstay of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. From X-Men: Children of the Atom to Marvel Super Heroes to X-Men vs. Street Fighter to Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the master of magnetism is one of most formidable baddies in the Marvel lineup.

The Mags you see here is from the cover of House of M: Masters of Evil #4, drawn by Mike Perkins (with a bit of Photoshop magic by moi). Be back here next Monday for another Hyper Combo Wallpaper and the start of September a.k.a. Versus Month!

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U.S.Agent vs. Iron Man Hyper Combo Wallpaper!

U.S.Agent throws his shield at Iron Man

U.S.Agent tussles with Iron Man, 1980s style!

DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER :: 1280 X 1024 :: 1440 X 900 :: 1600 X 1200

Last week, you though I was @#$%ing with you when I put up a U.S.Agent wallpaper. I was 100% legit with that – he’s a secret character in Marvel vs. Street Fighter (as well as a “helper” character in MvC).

However, this week is a bit of a cheat. But not because of Iron Man’s Silver Centurion armor – you can at least mimic the color scheme in Marvel Super Heroes on the PlayStation by holding the down button for five seconds while highlighting Iron Man, and then pressing a punch or kick button to select him as your fighter.

No, the cheat is actually this image, which is a depiction of Iron Man battling the Captain, not U.S.Agent. However, Steve Rogers wasn’t the Captain for long, and the black and reds would soon belong to John Walker instead. You can just use your imagination to pretend he’s already wearing them in this picture.

Thanks to Mark Bright, Bob Layton, and Bob Sharen for giving us this awesome art from Armor Wars’ Iron Man #228. And thanks to Marvel Avalon for the image. This has been the second part of a U.S.Agent Double Shot, so be back next Monday for an unrelated Street Fighter Hyper Combo Wallpaper!

Doctor Doom Hyper Combo Wallpaper!

Doctor Doom by President Nelson

Doom commands you to download his wallpaper!!!

DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER :: 1280 X 1024 :: 1440 X 900 :: 1600 X 1200

Ahhhh YES! The good Doctor makes his Hyper Combo Wallpaper debut as drawn by President Nelson and colored by, well… yours truly!!! Yes, yes, I know how excited this makes you. I understand… it is very exciting.

You know who else is excited? Doctor Doom. Yep, Victor von Doom loves being a special character in Marvel Super Heroes. On the PS1, beat the game with any character and go to the character selection screen. Go to Captain America. Tap “down” twice and hold it. Then hit and hold the following buttons in this order (while holding “down”): “light kick,” “medium kick,” and “hard kick.” VOILA! Pure Doom. He’s also in MvC2, but you know how I feel about THAT game…

Thanks to deviantART for hosting the account that delivered us this wonderful image. Amen. Be back here next Monday for a new Hyper Combo Wallpaper!

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