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The Top 9 Superheroes Who Don’t Have a Solo Series Right Now (But Should Have One!)

9. Luke Cage. New Avengers may feature Carl Lucas in the lead, but the big name heroes in the book limit his face time. I want a Cage solo series wherein our invulnerable heavy hitter from Harlem handles business on his downtime.

8. Havok. He’s getting a big profile bump soon in the War of Kings event, so this would be the perfect time to spin him out into his own series again. Alex Summers has already carried Mutant X on his own and he headlined X-Factor for years. Just get him back in his classic duds before he launches his new solo book!

7. Zatanna. The Bat-books need some magic. Even with Bruce Wayne MIA right now, this classic JLA hero could interact in Gotham City in interesting ways. The Arkham Asylum crowd are used to fists and gadgets. But what if they had to fight spells instead?

6. Falcon. I had an awesome idea today — a new Marvel Two-in-One or Marvel Team Up book featuring Falcon as the reoccurring hero. Sam Wilson can fly and talk to birds, but he needs a power upgrade to handle major threats. Solution? Use his Rolodex to boost his brawn on the battlefield.

5. Sasquatch. Marvel’s Canadian heavy hitter needs a new lease on stardom. Put him in his own series where he’s fighting the horror creatures of the Marvel Universe. His lighthearted attitude and love for science will contrast well with fantasy themed horror elements.

4. Psylocke. Betsy Braddock needs a new modus operandi. My suggestion? A classic kung fu street series. Have her hang with Iron Fist, fight alongside Shang-Chi, and buddy up with the Daughters of the Dragon. Bring in the X-Men now and then to boost sales.

3. Joker. A supervillain (or “super villain,” as DC Comics would say) series is always a tricky thing. But the Joker is a tricky kind of guy, so it just might work. With Heath Ledger’s star performance as the Clown Price of Crime, Joker’s profile is higher than ever — now just put him in his own comic book full of funny and twisted tales.

2. Storm. Lucky for me, she just finished up a mini series. But I would like to see another mini lined up, or better yet, an ongoing book for this mutant weather goddess. Give Chris Claremont the writing assignment and put Aaron Lopresti on art duties.

1. Aquaman. Plain and simple. The classic DC Comics water hero, Arthur Curry. He’s one of the big guns and he needs to get his own title, even if it’s just a mini series! Ride that seahorse, baby, ride!!!

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Why the Top 9? Because 10 is too many and 9 is better. 3 X 3 = Awesome. Now that’s what I call math.

AudioShocker Podcast #66 – Rioting for Dummies

British humor vs. rap music, Nick loves Balls Out and JCVD, Neal reminisces about Edgewood Town Center, Gabriel Bros vs. American Apparel, Nick watched people light fires in the streets of Pittsburgh after the Steelers won the Super Bowl, Neal watched Super Bowl Commercials and hated them, Nick watched Chaos;HEAd and loved it, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, New Avengers #49 and Luke Cage, Avengers: The Initiative #21 and Clor, and In Like Flint is overrated.

Then, after the end theme, the guys discuss some shocking casting news for The Last Airbender – Dev Patel is in as Zuko. As usual, the casting makes no sense and Neal is revoking M. Night Shyamalan’s Chaat Stand Pass.

3 Panel Reviews – New Avengers #49

Luke Cage manhandles an enchanted crowbar.

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The Top 9 Superheroes I DON’T Want to Hang Out With

9. Man-Thing. Aside from the obvious ridicule I’d endure from my friends for chilling with someone named Man-Thing, I don’t feel like “burning at the touch” of a weird swamp monster who can’t hold a conversation.

8. Luke Cage. Power Man used to be awesome but now he’s all into conspiracy theories and hiding out from “the man.” Hanging out with Cage nowadays means putting on disguises to buy hot dogs and running underground to eat them in a deserted subway tunnel.

7. Green Arrow. Aside from being obnoxious and preachy, Ollie Queen would be extreme rude to any attractive women in his vicinity. Then he’d insist on playing darts for money until I’m broke. Not my idea of fun.

6. Doctor Strange. Seemingly fresh at first, cute sayings like “by the hoary hordes of Haggoth!” would get really old really fast. I would end up telling Stephen Strange that his “hoary whore mouth of Haggoth better shut the fuck up!” before I put my foot in it.

5. Hawkgirl. Along with being uneasy about her wings and the giant mace, I wouldn’t be able to take her seriously in that bird mask. Then, if I asked her to take it off, Kendra would probably give me a line about how it’s her proud warrior garb and my request insults her.

4. Hank Pym. Something is bound to go wrong. If he’s not losing his mind and pretending to be a different bug, then he’s slapping his wife around or getting abducted by aliens. It’s not his fault he’s a writers’ punching bag, but that doesn’t mean I want to hang out with him.

3. Emma Frost. Seriously, what a bitch. The White Queen has the worst attitude in the entire Marvel Universe. She would whine about everything. The pizza’s not hot enough, the restaurant is too dirty, her ludicrous costume is riding up her crack, etc.

2. Havok. Alex Summers will ditch me halfway through our night to tell some woman he just met that he’s deeply in love with her and can’t live without her. He’ll stick me with the bill and run off to the southwest United States, where I won’t hear from him again for years. At least, that’s what he always does to the X-Men.

1. Cyclops. What’s worse than getting ditched by Alex Summers? Chilling with his brother Scott as he rants about “how hard it is to live life when I can’t relax for one moment because the smallest slip could result in my ruby quartz glasses falling off, causing my eyes to release powerful blasts of cosmic energy that could harm the people I love!”

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Why the Top 9? Because 10 is too many and 9 is better. 3 X 3 = Awesome. Now that’s what I call math.

The Top 9 Marvel Universe Characters That Have Stepped Up Since Civil War

9. Nighthawk – There’s a reason this list starts with Kyle Richmond: he’s stepped up (during and) since Civil War, but not enough to be a rising star. Simply put, Nighthawk is more important in the Marvel Universe now than he was previous to Civil War. Not by a lot, mind you. Just more than before. I thought that his starring role in Last Defenders was a trippy superhero hoot, and I hope that writers continue to push his story further in the direction that Joe Casey kindly put him on.

8. Iron Man – I would be remiss to not include the Iron Avenger in my countdown. Plain and simple, Tony Stark has become the new Wolverine. Now that he has a breakout Hollywood blockbuster under his belt, his street cred is only going up. For readers of Marvel Comics since Civil War, Tony’s star status is a no-brainer. In fact, he’s bordering on overexposure lately, and that’s why he’s so low on this list. The fact remains that Iron Man is more integral to the Marvel Universe now than ever, and it’s safe to say that things will be staying like that for quite some time to come.

7. Hercules – The Lion of Olympus is now the proud owner of his own critically acclaimed solo series (shamelessly stolen from Hulk), and from the looks of things, he’s going to be in Mighty Avengers after Secret Invasion. After smashing the shit out of Clor in the final issue of Civil War, Herc has been on the fast-track to fandom. He’s been the star of some of the best event tie-in stories of the past few years, and if things keep going the way they are right now, Hercules will be one of Marvel’s biggest stars in the upcoming decade.

6. Luke Cage – Carl Lucas was the breakout star of New Avengers following Avengers Disassembled. But following Civil War, Luke took leadership of the team and became this top selling title’s lead character. Luke is now a bonafide staple of the Marvel Universe after languishing on the sidelines for decades. Need proof? Cage gets name-checked by Q-Tip in his new album Renaissance on the track “Dance On Glass,” where Q-Tip calls himself the “Luke Cage of the loose leaf page.”

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