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A Podcast with Justique and Nick #183 – You Could Be My Whilce

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

Justique Woolridge and Nick Marino… but not Kaylie, because she’s sick :(

Show Notes:
After Nick plays his latest demo track as the opening theme and Justique talks about her new batch of pumpkin bread, we dive into an extensive review of The Image Revolution. It’s a new documentary film from the Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, who funded the movie through Kickstarter.

The film tells the story of Image Comics, from its formation in 1992 and going (almost) all of the way into the present.

It’s a fascinating documentary with a raw edge that parallels its subject in many ways. The interviews are in depth and there’s an authentic charm to the movie, which makes generous use of comics themselves to tell the story of the company.

The film also worked well on two levels. Nick has heavily researched the history of Image Comics and he found that the movie still provided new information and some surprises along the way.

Justique, on the other hand, was only vaguely aware of Image Comics before the film and she gained a lot from watching the personalities of Todd, Rob, Marc, Jim, Erik, (the other) Jim, and (sorta) Whilce play out on screen.

Next Episode:
If Kaylie’s back, we’ll talk about how Trevor Ochmonek lives with the Tanners in ALF s3 e3 and we get another goddamn fantasy episode with ALF s3 e4… plus, Sailor Moon episodes 12-13. But if Kaylie needs another week off, then Stique will be back for another surprise topic!

A Podcast with Ross and Nick #21 – Paranormal Backrubs

Ross Campbell wasn’t scared by Paranormal Activity. Nick Marino gives Ross a Shadoweyes pep talk via a poorly told story about The Quest by Jean-Claude Van Damme and Frank Dux. Then he tells an awful story about backrubs, which somehow segues into the Nickelodeon purchase of the TMNT… and Ross knows what it means for Tales of the TMNT and Mirage Studios (sorta)! After dropping knowledge, the conversation drifts to Images Comics, WildCATS, Youngblood, and comic shops (wherein Nick says something stupid about Wonderland Comics in Rochester).

There Should Be More Mini Marvels…

Elephant Steve… in the back of Marvel Adventures comic books. I’m not just saying that because Chris Giarrusso is a friend of the AudioShocker (or because I have a weird infatuation with Elephant Steve). I want more Mini Marvels because they’re fun, exciting, and they make my day better.

Problem is, there are significantly less Mini Marvels coming out these days. This concerns me. If you want to read more Mini Marvels comic strips in your monthly comics (or even in digest form), then you should email adventures@marvel.com and tell them. I did.

P.S. While we’re on the topic of Mini Marvels, I should mention that Chris G has a new digest out from Image Comics called G-Man: Learning to Fly.

P.P.S. I love you, Elephant Steve.

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AudioShocker Podcast #71 – Chris G on G-Man. Big Stan, Watchmen, Wonder Woman Up Next

Doc Manhattan and his large resting lengthCartoonist Chris Giarrusso talks about G-Man from Image Comics. He also talks about Peanuts, Art Baltazar, Mini Marvels, Team Cannon Fodder, and Star Wars.

Then Justique, Neal, and Nick talk movies, anime, TV, and comics. Neal watched Watchmen. He likey. Especially the large resting length. Justique and Nick watched Big Stan. They likey Rob Schneider. They also watched Wonder Woman. No likey. Also: SNL movies, Hannah Slutana, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, Jigoku Shoujo a.k.a. Hell Girl, Dollhouse, Disaster Movie, Thanos Quest, Armor Wars, and more.

AudioShocker Podcast #70 – Chris G on Mini Marvels, Secret Invasion and Chun-Li Eat Our Brains

Chris Giarrusso talks about Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion and his work with Marvel Comics. We discuss writing one-page gags vs. continuous stories, working solo vs. working with collaborators, Hawkeye, Skrulls, Thor, and tons more. And be back next week when Chris talks about his creator owned work with Image Comics, G-Man!

Then Justique, Neal, and Nick talk about Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Street Fighter IV, The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian, famous film names re-titled to be porn movies, Jigoku Shoujo anime a.k.a. Hell Girl, the Watchmen movie, Secret Invasion hardcover collection by Bendis and Lenil Yu, and Iron Man: Armor Wars.