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AudioShocker Podcast #240 – Wash Your Feet

AudioShocker Podcast

Nick’s found a new rival for The Room! It’s called Octavia, and it’s a delightfully stupid 1984 film about a young blind woman with dirty feet who runs away from home with a wanted criminal to go on a “journey of heedless exploration.”

Neal saw Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love. While her generally likes Allen’s movies and really loved Penelope Cruz in this one, he was underwhelmed by Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page.

Then Nick talks about how he’s decided to give his original digital comics away for free as eBooks instead of selling them. Learn more about his decision here.

That turns into a conversation about how you can read Flash versions of a bunch of Kyle Baker’s comics for free online now, including classics like The Cowboy Wally Show and You Are Here. So go do it!!

AudioShocker Podcast #239 – Here I Come, Tacoma!

AudioShocker Podcast

Neai’s juiced up on tea and wants to talk about Tommy Lee’s spinning drum kit:

After an extensive review of why Neal loves watching Tommy Lee yell “TACOMA!!” over and over again, Nick talks about how morons use his email address to sign up for shit all the time — DIRECTV, job applications, high school baseball, and so on.


Nick admits that he’s finally learned to love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But while Neal likes FX’s programming, he still stubbornly refuses to watch it.

And after the end theme, it’s PayPal vs. Venmo.

AudioShocker Podcast #238 – Edible Complex

AudioShocker Podcast

Neal plays hooky to pitch Nick some fantastic ideas for new startups. Then he reminisces about the glory days of RnB group Jagged Edge, who were more interested in settling down and raising your children than having a one night stand.

Top Gear

Neal wonders how the BBC’s Top Gear is able to rustle up a production budget so massive that they’re able to casually drive a car up the side of an active volcano. This deep thought was inspired by Nick’s rediscovery of streaming video on Crackle, most notably Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

A Haunted House

ALSO: Nick couldn’t handle the excessive product placement in Young Adult, Neal almost cried after watching Microsoft’s shameless 90s retro commercial, and Nick jumps the shark by declaring A Haunted House the best movie of 2013.

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AudioShocker Podcast #237 – Flap Action

AudioShocker Podcast

Nick is psyched that THE 99 (the superheroes, not the protest movement) finally has an animated series and it’s on Netflix and uhhhh the animators had a little too much fun with this moment:

The 99

Neal watched Lost Girl wants to know… who greenlights these bootleg multi-season sci-fi TV series?!?!?

Lost Girl

Also, Neal saw Archer Live! and it was awesome.

AudioShocker Podcast #236 – Hot Lawn Garbage

AudioShocker Podcast

It’s Xmas and the AudioShocker’s got the whole the shebang!! (But, sadly, a shebang is not a lesbian orgy.)

We kick things off with a vague discussion of Neal’s new secret web project and our mutual disappointment with the Scary Movie 5 trailer:

After that, Neal confirms that Pootie Tang still sucks and will forever be blemish on Louis C.K.’s resume (despite the evergreen bear gorilla mauling gag).

Then Nick dishes about a pair of awesome films — Spielberg’s 1971 thriller, Duel, and the classic 80s Schwarzenegger/DeVito buddy comedy, Twins.

But Neal continues his losing streak with Step Up Revolution (a.k.a. Step Up 4).

And oh yeah… Merry fucking Christmas.

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