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AudioShocker Podcast #245 – Real Shit

AudioShocker Podcast

Neal Shyam and Nick Marino

Justique Woolridge

Show Notes:
It’s the end. The final episode. After six and a half years of honest conversation, weird jokes, technical problems, and eating noises, we’ve decided to hang up our filth-soaked hand towel and retire the AudioShocker.

On this, our 788th podcast (recorded live in Neal’s Brooklyn apartment!), we talk about whatever the hell we wanna talk about. That means goofy NSFW stories and a little bit of AudioShocker nostalgia.

Nick also shares a personal recap of the 2014 MoCCA Arts Fest, with shoutouts to AudioShocker listeners and exhibitors Doug DeRocher and Delia Gable.

Finally, Justique delivers a live disclaimer over the end theme, and we play listener messages from Carrie Howarth and Michael a.k.a. dreadnaut.

AudioShocker Podcast #244 – Crazy Pants Man

AudioShocker Podcast

Neal‘s got a new web app and he wants you to treat him like a pirate.

Nick‘s bummed because his computer crashed and WordPress didn’t save his blog post and now he’s feeling like a crazy pants man.

Jean-Claude Van Damme - Luxury Meets Justice

Also, Nick’s become aware of a new Jean-Claude Van Damme project with FashionTV called Luxury Meets Justice, which is being introduced today at Cannes!

AudioShocker Podcast #243 – Burn All Your Stuff

AudioShocker Podcast

After some false starts and bad segues, Nick talks about the mid-00s b-movie, Throttle. It’s a fantastic parking garage horror thriller in the vein of P2.

Believe it or not, there are multiple parking garage horror movies out there.

Neal follows up on our previous episode and recaps his spirit quest… but not before he complains about ruining nice pants by spilling blueberry juice all over them.

Tsk, tsk. Another pair of $500 pants down the drain.

ALSO: Nick watched the bus-based thriller, Exit Speed, and Neal walked through a Taylor Momsen photo shoot in SoHo.

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AudioShocker Podcast #242 – Spirit Quest

AudioShocker Podcast

Neal’s on a spirit quest at Lake Las Vegas! What’s he doing there? How is he striving for enlightenment? And what deep spiritual answers does he seek?

Meanwhile, Nick watched the movie White Dog, an odd 80s parable about a wannabe Hollywood actress, her racist dog, and the dog trainer that’s determined to reverse the dog’s hateful training.

Finally, a miracle happens — Neal and Nick agree on something! They both enjoyed the movie Safety Not Guaranteed, a mumblecore sci-fi dramedy about blossoming romance and the prospect of time travel.

AudioShocker Podcast #241 – Maniacs

AudioShocker Podcast

Nick’s an Eleniak maniac!! He’s been watching thrillers (some awkwardly erotic, some awkwardly un-erotic) starring Erika Eleniak… Second to Die and Betrayal.

Neal’s a BBC maniac!! He finished watching the 8th season (series?) of Peep Show on Hulu. And then he binged on Top Gear, a show which apparently made jeans uncool in the UK for two decades.

Finally, Nick takes it back to Elekiak for a bit before Neal ends things with a brief discussion of the French Foreign Legion (Legionnaire! Lionheart!).

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