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HyperComboCast #39 – Justice League Task Force

HyperComboCast Podcast

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! The Hairicane has arrived to help Nick get a handle on Justice League Task Force. Released in 1995 for Sega Genesis and SNES, this weird fighter features some of DC Comics most famous heavy-hitters.

NOTE: In this episode, we share our non-expert opinions on the Genesis version, which is pretty different from its SNES counterpart.

ALSO NOTE: All of the incredible ass shots we caught in our screencaps.

Unlike the Marvelous competition produced by Capcom, JLTF is a relatively obscure video game…

…and after playing it for two hours, it’s pretty obvious why this this Condor, Sunsoft, and Acclaim production isn’t often cited in the annals of fighting game history.

Still, we enjoyed the shit out of it, especially the music by Matt Uelmen.

JLTF is highly recommend to players who like retro gaming and a good laugh.

And mullets.

A Podcast with Ross and Nick #10 – Massive Geek Out

Ross Campbell tells Nick Marino all about meeting Leonard Nimoy at SDCC because his friend was dressed up as a character from The Abandoned, which somehow leads to a massive LeVar Burton geek out (which reasonably leads to a somewhat massive Star Trek geek out). Talk returns to Comic-Con, specifically Shadoweyes and the Oni panel, which somehow leads to Ross forcing Nick to justify his affinity for Aquaman… which leads Nick into a massive Aquaman geek out. The guys talk Peter David and the hook hand, Will Pfeifer and the magical water hand, and science vs. magic stories. All this somehow leads to a massive WALL*E hate fest (you thought we were gonna say geek out, didn’t you?), which spins into a geek out over realistic conflicts in superhero comics (and a final bit of cosplay).

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There Should Be More Mermen…

… in comic books. That’s one type of mythological creature / monster that never seems to get any comic book exposure.

I think I’ve only seen a merman in a comic once. An issue of Peter David’s Aquaman, I think. Obviously it wasn’t THAT memorable, a clear sign that we need more mermen in comics in general.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t have more mermaids. I just don’t think the need is as great as the need for mermen. Mermaids traditionally have a much higher profile than their male counterparts. We should still have more of them too. Just not at the expense of the mermen.

Where could the mermen show up? Obviously, in any superhero title dealing with the seas. But Aquaman and Namor don’t have solo series right now, so that makes it a bit tougher. But anywhere really. I’m not picky.

Some merman fight scenes could fit nicely into any comic. Maybe New Avengers? Or possibly in JLA? Anywhere is fine with me.

P.S. What if Wolverine teamed up with a badass, cigar-smoking merman who carries a machine gun? That could be sweet.

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AudioShocker Podcast #79 – Podcast Crossover! Wolverine! Free Comics!

Our first ever podcast crossover event! AudioShocker vs. Comic Book Pitt! Nick vs. Duke, DanG, and Link! Titans collide and then unite against a common enemy: the villainous Ed Piskor! Live from Phantom of the Attic Comics on Free Comic Book Day 2009… can they stop evil Ed in time?

When it all ends, Neal and Nick talk X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Straight up? Neal hated it. Nick liked it. They argue the pros and cons of the Hugh Jackman solo flick including Will.I.Am, Emma Frost, Gambit, Deadpool, and more. Then Nick delivers his report on the Death Note: L, Change the WorLd one-night-only subtitled presentation. Then pure media mayhem erupts into Nick of Time, Must Love Dogs, Darkstalkers, Free Comic Book Day 2009 comics, Collage, Carlitta Durand, The Clipse, Kanye, KRS-One, Eminem and the Punisher, and tons more.

The Top 9 DC Comics Movies Warner Bros. Should Be Making Right Now

For some reason, Neal was under the impression that this Top 9 list would be about Texas. He was wrong! This is a WAKE UP CALL for Warner Bros. and some REEL TALK (get it? “reel”???) for the film producers behind any future DC Comics properties.

9. Green Arrow. Supermax, eh? What a fucking stupid idea. Why would you introduce Green Arrow to the film audience through a prison breakout movie? Play this one close to the vest and tell the tale of a spoiled rich kid that turns into a modern Robin Hood. It’s that easy. Get some imaginative director to envision fun archery antics (including a slo-mo Matrix style arrow shot, of course) and you’ve got another superhero blockbuster on your hands, Warner Bros.

8. Metropolis. This is an unusual suggestion that could work out unusually well – take the highly successful Smallville TV series and spin it off into a blockbuster film where everything we know about the TV show changes. Let Clark Kent grow up and make the transition that we knew he was always going to make. Bring back familiar cast members – Lex, Lana, and more – while solidifying Clark’s status in the big city. Show Kal-El taking hold of the Superman mantle and growing into his infamous role.

7. Arkham Asylum. A horror movie where the spotlight is on the Batman’s rogues gallery. People already know the cast of characters well… so now give them a freaky thriller where every villain gets the same sort of hyper-serious treatment that Heath Ledger and company gave to the Joker. The story could focus on one frightening night when the prisoners of Arkham get loose inside the building and attempt to escape from the asylum. Tell the story from the viewpoint of a psychiatrist working there. People would love this.

6. Green Lantern. Supposedly, this movie is going to get made soon. But Warner Bros., you’re like the “the film studio that cried wolf” when it comes to superhero movies. I’ll believe that you’re actually making this when I see some production stills or photos from the set. And it’s probably best to go with the John Stewart version of the character – that’s who the public is mostly familiar nowadays. Plus, the DCU film universe could use a bit of diversity.

5. The Daily Planet. A film about the most famous fictional newspaper in the world. Redefine Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White for the masses. Show what it’s like to cover news in a world where the unbelievable happens on a regular basis. On the whole, this should be largely devoid of Superman (maybe just a little foreshadowing). However, this movie must be developed with the notion that relaunching the Superman franchise as a sequel is a given. As a tease, have the final scene feature a young Clark Kent being introduced to Lois Lane for the very first time.

4. Flash. The character is truly iconic. That’s what he has in spades over most other superheroes. His name alone gives you everything you need to know: it’s all about speed. Plus, the Flash logo makes for incredible merchandising. The marketing potential for this property is tremendous. To top it off, this legacy character has more than one classic iteration. Therefore, you can kill off Barry in the second film (for unparalleled dramatic superhero tension) and have Wally rise to the challenge.

3. Aquaman. As a huge Aquaman fan, I may be a bit biased. But this character is known across the world and beloved by many who grew up on Super Friends. Those two things alone make it the perfect time for an Aquaman movie, which would be a lavish underwater epic. Still need more proof that this should get made? Entourage has already done the viral promotion for the film! Warner Bros., if you wait too damn long then you’ll never be able to capitalize on that free publicity!!!

2. Superman Begins. Yeah, we already have five modern Superman movies, not to mention countless hours of animated film and TV shows, and then there’s Smallville… and a WHOLE LOT MORE. But the Superman film franchise is in the crapper right now. Warner Bros., just admit that Superman Returns didn’t turn out like you expected and relaunch the whole franchise from the beginning. Keep it simple and go with the “Begins” motif that worked wonders for your Batman franchise.

1. Wonder Woman. Seriously, why is there no Wonder Woman movie yet? I know the story blah blah blah Whedon blah blah blah wrote a script blah blah. WHO CARES!?! Just make the damn movie already!!! This is one of the most famous superheroes in the world and all she has right now is a dated (albeit awesome) 70s TV series and a (LAME!) direct-to-DVD animated film. Stop making excuses, Warner Bros., and make a goddamn Wonder Woman movie!

More: The Top 9 WORST Actors in Live-Action Superhero Films.

Why the Top 9? Because 10 is too many and 9 is better. 3 X 3 = Awesome. Now that’s what I call math.

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