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***** Our comics info is super out-of-date! But it’s gonna stick around for the sake of posterity. For up-to-date info and free digital comics, visit Nick’s Comics Page and eBooks Page. *****

Learn about the AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic card! It’s a first-of-its-kind adaptation of Dropcards technology to sell hi-res PDF comics, audio commentary, process art, and more!

The following individual issues are currently available from AudioShocker Comics. For pricing and ordering info, email

Time Log one-shot (comic book)
By Pete Borrebach, Nick Marino, and Shawn Atkins
Sci-fi comedy – 24 b&w pages w/ color cover

Two best friends on a time travel misadventure into folk music’s shady past. Prequel to the ongoing Time Log webcomic.
GO DIGITAL! Download Time Log online:
Amazon Kindle ($2.99)   – DriveThruComics ($1.99)

Zombie Palin (ashcan)
By Pete Borrebach and Nick Marino
Presidential parody – MATURE READERS – 16 b&w pages

Now in its scintillating second editon, this ashcan collects the pithy ZP webcomic that took Sarah Palin from undead to the head of the United States!

Super Haters v1 (ashcan)
By Nick Marino
Superhero satire – MATURE READERS – 28 b&w pages

Collecting Super Haters #1-26.
Destruct-O-Tron and Mind’s Eye make their hilarious debut in this unique over-sized vertical ashcan.

Super Haters v2 (ashcan)
By Nick Marino
Superhero satire – MATURE READERS – 16 b&w pages

Collecting Super Haters #27-40.
A new six-panel format ushers in a weird era of Haters humor with some decidedly strange shenanigans.

Super Haters: Special Edition (CD)
By Nick Marino
Superhero satire – MATURE READERS – 64 color comic strips

Here it is… the entire run of Super Haters in one kick-ass digital package, along with over 50 minutes of behind-the-scenes audio commentary. 64 PNGs, 12 PDFs, 12 MP3s, and extras!

Project Basement volume 1 (ashcan)
Edited by Nick Marino
Sketchbook – 16 color and b&w pages (50/50 split)

Twelve diverse artists deliver 16 sketches of their favorite characters to create the first volume of the Project Basement blog series. Featuring art by Ross Campbell, Shawn Atkins, Kaylie McDougal, Aimee Cummings, and many more.

Poetree (ashcan)
By Nick Marino
Poetry and sketches – 12 original poems

Venture into Nick’s heretofore unseen sensitive side as he takes you on a journey to poetryland with “Captain Crunch,” “Visions of Ecstasy in Eternal Velvet,” “Brutal Endings,” and more.


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