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Zombie Palin #11 – It’s a Zombie Hat

Previously in Zombie Palin: Yeah, in the Zombiepalinverse it’s 2009, but in the real world today is Christmas. That’s why we made this comic about President Sarah Palin and the undead decapitated floating zombie head of John McCain wearing santa hats zombie hats.

Zombie hats keep your brains warm!

Zombie Palin #10 – Tastes Like a Lame Duck

Previously in Zombie Palin: You know what it is – 2009, Sarah Palin is President of the USA (and a zombie), John McCain is an undead head, and Palin’s aide is always uptight. Join them as they tackle their latest obstacle…

Tastes fine to McCain!

Zombie Palin #9 – Brains! Kissinger!

Previously in Zombie Palin: By this point, you know the drill. It’s 2009. Sarah Palin is a zombie president. John McCain is a floating, decapitated zombie head. Palin’s aide is the straight man / comic foil. Blah blah blah yada yada. Hilarity ensues.

Great minds taste alike

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Zombie Palin #8 – Great Minds

Previously in Zombie Palin: It’s 2009. President Sarah Palin is a zombie and former President John McCain is an undead head. Palin’s aide is trying to get his boss to select the members of her new Cabinet, but the President is a bit distracted.

Great minds taste alike

Zombie Palin #7 – The Mac is Back!

Previously in Zombie Palin: It’s 2009. President Sarah Palin is a zombie. Recently, she’s survived an intense rush of White House attacks, zombie detection kits, beauty queens, and inaugurations. Now it’s time for a visit from an old friend…

John McCain is back... as an undead zombie head!