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The AudioShocker Podcast Network is officially retired! From October 2, 2007 to April 9, 2014 we released nearly 800 podcasts covering comics, movies, TV, video games, and tons of other fun weird shit.

All of our episodes and blog posts are still available. But there’s really no point in emailing the AudioShocker because we’re not producing any new content!

You can tweet us instead: @nealrs, @nickmarino, @mooncalfe1, @kayliesaurusrex, @workshop13, @kenny_riot, @79semifinalist, @oraculardream, @imaginetending

Read ‘A Podcast with Kaylie and Ross and Nick #124’!

Two years ago, Ross Campbell and Kaylie McDougal joined me to review one of the creepiest and most perplexing kids movies of all-time… Mac and Me.

So when I received a generous offer from Margo at to have one of our podcasts transcribed, I knew it had to be A Podcast with Kaylie and Ross and Nick #124, our infamous Mac and Me episode.

Download the PDF transcript (Online transcription provided by

Not only did we laugh our asses off talking about this horrible ET knockoff, but we also dove into the world of zoophilia. All in all, it was a wild podcast.

Thanks to my co-hosts of this episode for going on this adventure with me, thanks Margo and Rev for the transcript, and thanks to all of you for making the AudioShocker such a kickass podcasting experience!

Bon Voyage! Podcasts to go bye-bye in April.

AHOY MATEYS! The Good Ship AudioShocker is set to sail off into the sunset on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014.

Why? Because I’ve accomplished what I wanted to with the AudioShocker.

Obviously this site isn’t just about me. It’s about the kickass community we’ve created together including all of our compelling hosts and fantastic listeners. But as the person who’s worked to build and maintain this community nearly every day for the past six and a half years, I’m ready to retire from podcasting.

Neal and I talked about this decision extensively. We explored a lot of options, from a reduced schedule to finding a new site manager. In the end, we decided to cease operations completely, preserving the blog as is so you can continue to access our library of nearly 800 episodes for as long as you want.

Over the next month and a half, we’ll be winding things down. Two of our series, Sequential Underground and Everything Blows, have already shared their final episodes. But others will be released right up until the end. The Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program, for example, has three more episodes planned.

Some of our series will continue on their own sites after the AudioShocker has closed up shop. For example, VACANT Bits will continue on the VACANT website.

Our final episode will be the AudioShocker Podcast #245 on April 9th. Neal and I will raise the sails for one last time and send off the site the way it started: idiots sharing ridiculous opinions about things that nobody cares about.

And that’s just how we like it.

Click here to visit the AudioShocker Store!

Our Podcasts Return Tomorrow And We Wanna Give You Stuff

The AudioShocker hiatus ends tomorrow!

To show you how much I appreciate all of you for being patient during my one month break, I’m announcing out latest giveaway a week early.

Ross Campbell and I are raffling off a copy of the Twilight audiobook on CD with a secret sketch by Ross hidden somewhere on the audiobook!

So how do you enter?

It’s simple… I want you to be our Bella and pick your side! In the spirit of Twilight fans who passionately pitted Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you’re on Team Ross or Team Nick! Our favorite (i.e. funniest) answer wins the Twilight audiobook with the secret Ross sketch.

We’ll name the winner on next Wednesday’s Everything Blows #7, which means you need to enter the contest no later than Monday, September 16th.

Summer Vacation!!!

Basically, the AudioShocker is going on a one month hiatus from Thurs August 15th to Tues September 10th while I take little breaky-poo from the daily grind!

That means this week’s Everything Blows #6 will be our last episode of August. Posting will resume with Podcast Vérité #6 on September 11th.

I apologize for the short notice! If you want more details about why the hiatus happening, check out this week’s podcasts — Sequential Underground #73, A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #170, and Everything Blows #6 — where I’ll be flapping my gums about this announcement.

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