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Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #27 - Battle Angel Alita: The End

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program

Hank 300, Jason 241, and Nick 17

Show Notes:

We smush the final three volumes of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita -- Angel of Chaos (v7), Fallen Angel (v8), and Angel's Ascension (v9) -- into this sloppy and juicy wrap up episode.

Nick was underwhelmed by the end of the series, Hank was highly confused by it, and Jason absolutely loves it (he may have even cried a little bit).

After the end theme, Hank makes a jarring announcement. Due to improprieties and severe mismanagement (certainly in large part related to the inappropriate content covered in this podcast series) the Auditing Committee has decided the future of the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program and it's not good.

Next Episode:
Our last episode. The one you've been waiting for... ATCRP #27!

Podcast Vérité #18 - Put Us In The Coffin

Podcast Vérité

Welcome to Podcast Vérité. The concept is simple -- 3 topics, 20 minutes 32 minutes. Neal picks a topic, Nick Mike picks a topic, and you pick a topic.

Our guest for this final episode of Podcast Vérité is Mike Sorg, the host and producer of the Sorgatron Media podcasts, including the AwesomeCast (where Neal and Nick recently did a guest spot).

1. Can you just roll down to the Home Depot and pick up some day laborers? Neal's been looking to buy some real estate instead of renting, but every place he looks at needs a lot of work. But hiring a contractor seems like a pain in the ass, so now he's evaluating his other options.

2. Why are the action figures in the toy aisles the same characters we had 25 years ago? Mike ponders the stagnation of the action figure market, wondering why he's still seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers instead of new intellectual properties.

A snippet from the 2009 Lights press pack.

3. What are the worst ideas people have pitched to you? Jason Averill delivers our last listener topic, asking us to spill the beans about the most confusing collaborations and business propositions we've been offered over the years. Among many others, Neal and Nick talk about the time publicists tried to get the AudioShocker to promote the pop star, Lights.

Neal and Nick will be back on April 9th with their final episode, the AudioShocker Podcast #245. See you then!

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #189 - JTT 4 LIFE

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

Kaylie McDougal and Nick Marino

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Kaylie's Magic Puppy screencaps and Nick's double dose of Magic Puppy and Eric Roberts screencaps.

Show Notes:
The first of three final episodes of A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick! It's been a month, so we catch up on life stuff. Kaylie's health is getting better and she's back at the drawing board. Meanwhile, Nick finally sent "The Graphic Novel Formerly Known as The Bible 2" out to publishers and it's been rejected five times so far!

Then we return to our roots and review David DeCoteau's A Magic Puppy a.k.a. The Magic Puppy a.k.a. A Halloween Puppy (it's unclear which one is the actual title).

Eric Roberts dazzles as Ted, the hapless boyfriend who gets turned into a slobbery dog by his girlfriend's Halloween-obsessed son and his best friend. Sadly, this flick isn't legendary like some of DeCoteau's other Mary Crawford films.

After some other personal conversation and a shoutout to Kim for her new Psychedlic ALF art, we make a massive announcement... the ALF Fanart Contest!

We wanna see your radical renditions of the infamous Melmacian. All levels of artistic ability accepted! Enter by leaving a link to your ALF fanart here in the comments by no later than Monday, March 31st, 2014. The winner gets their choice of ALF Season 3 or ALF Season 4 on DVD. The runner up gets the leftovers.

UPDATE: To be safe, you should probably email me a link to your submission as well. Sometimes our spam filter makes mistakes! :D

Next Episode:
In two weeks, we resurrect the BARF marathon and review Superstition (ALF s3 e18) and Hooked on a Feeling (ALF s4 e6).

*PLEASE NOTE: There's nothing official about these rules.

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Read 'A Podcast with Kaylie and Ross and Nick #124'!

Two years ago, Ross Campbell and Kaylie McDougal joined me to review one of the creepiest and most perplexing kids movies of all-time... Mac and Me.

So when I received a generous offer from Margo at to have one of our podcasts transcribed, I knew it had to be A Podcast with Kaylie and Ross and Nick #124, our infamous Mac and Me episode.

Download the PDF transcript (Online transcription provided by

Not only did we laugh our asses off talking about this horrible ET knockoff, but we also dove into the world of zoophilia. All in all, it was a wild podcast.

Thanks to my co-hosts of this episode for going on this adventure with me, thanks Margo and Rev for the transcript, and thanks to all of you for making the AudioShocker such a kickass podcasting experience!

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program #27 - This Allegheny Life

Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program

Hank 300 and Nick Marino

Show Notes:
Nick's selfie that he took at 8:55 into the episode.

In light of the AudioShocker's impending retirement, the kids at the Allegheny Teen Center have brainstormed a list of questions about art, comics, life, and other stuff. AND WE ANSWER THEM!

We debate... message boards vs. tumblr!

The teens ask:

  • Do you have any pop cultural phases that you totally regret?
  • What are we missing out on by only reading comics collected in trades?
  • Coloring books versus paint-by-numbers?
  • If someone has an idea for a webcomic, can they make it up as they go along or do they need to write it all out first?

Also, we ask the teens some questions! Why do they like stupid stuff? What's the deal with Adventure Time? And many more.

Plus, we briefly the discuss the new audit Teen Center is undergoing in light of some troubling events that have occurred recently. And of course, after the end theme we name the Teen of the Week.

Next Episode:
Our final Battle Angel Alita podcast! Strap on your reading caps for vols 7-9.