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The Top 9 Netflix Watch Instantly Horror Films

9. Thankskilling
8. MoH: Pro-Life
7. Teeth
6. Candyman
5. MoH: Cigarette Burns
4. Phone
3. Misery
2. Perfect Blue
1. Three… Extremes

Why the Top 9? Because 10 is too many and 9 is better. 3 X 3 = Awesome.

The Top 9 Horror / Psychological Anime – Part Two

It was way back in The Top 9 Horror / Psychological Anime – Part One when I wrote about The Top #9-5 Horror / Psychological Anime… but it feels like only nanoseconds ago! Oh well, time flies when you’re watching anime. Here’s the rest:

4. Paranoia Agent [Buy it on DVD] Satoshi Kon strikes again. This psychological mind fuck had me addicted from the first episode. No more words…go watch this one.

3. Requiem from the Darkness [Buy it on DVD] Scariest anime and above all most disturbing media form I have ever experienced. There is violence from the start and the last few episodes were really horrifying. I’m still in the process of rewatching, slowly inching my way toward what I know will only disgust me, though I’m probably a little numb to the horror by now. Great anime! A must see for both horror and anime fans alike.

2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni & Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai [Buy it on DVD] How could I possibly follow up that last choice…with a delicious little twist called When the Cicadas Cry! It seems like your normal cheesy harem anime, but right from the start you know there’s something wrong. It’s either the foreshadowed murders at the beginning of each arc or the actual conclusion at the end. Watch the first four episodes. If you’re not hooked then turn it off.

1. Doomed Megalopolis [Buy it on DVD] My absolute favorite. Twisted in its own way, I fell in love with the first episode. I won’t offer any spoilers or character peeks or anything like that. Just watch this supernatural thriller and prepare to be haunted.

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Why the Top 9? Because 10 is too many and 9 is better. 3 X 3 = Awesome. Now that’s what I call math.

The Top 9 Horror / Psychological Anime – Part One

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9. Wicked City [Buy it on DVD] This only made the list because I enjoy movies that have spider-women with fanged vaginas. In all seriousness though, this movie is a great find though definitely for adults. I want to talk about the characters because that’s where the amusement begins. There’s the tall, dark and handsome secret agent man for our world, the pale and beautiful yet secretly monstrous Black World woman, and the horny old man that helps to keep a truce between their worlds. Its even got a woman deep throating a tentacle of sort! It’s honestly a really bad neo-noir and altogether awesome movie. I like it cause it doesn’t take itself too seriously while balancing a weak story with a lot of general anime horror.

8. Le Portrait de Petit Cossette [Buy it on DVD] Oh man…this has a place in my heart. I knew I was going to like this OVA when i first heard the theme song. Beautiful violins. Not for everyone by any means, this anime is dark in many different ways. The imagery and artistic style is a bit jarring at first but I very much appreciated it upon repeated viewings. My advice: just bear with it…even if you don’t like it, there’s still an interesting twist worth seeing. I mean, it’s only three episodes right?

7. Boogiepop Phantom [Buy it on DVD] Hmmm…took me FOREVER to find and watch this one. I think this one is more interesting than horrific (which is what i like) but it has a Serial Experiments Lain feel to it: not giving away too much in one episode but still making you watch it for its climax. The animation style is wonderful, the colors dark and gray. I can’t rave enough about this OVA. I absolutely love it. The stories are so well done that i still have them vividly imprinted on my mind even now. Boogiepop Phantom, though about as dated as Wicked City, has a much darker and more mysterious feel and if you’re into that sort of thing…check it out. It’s worth it.

6. Ninja Scroll [Buy it on DVD] A giant grin crosses my face when I think of this movie. I remember laying in bed with Nick one night and trying to get him to watch it. Early on in the movie, probably the first fifteen minutes, a monsters blade flashes on the screen and about a dozen men were sliced. Before their bodies hit the ground it was raining blood. Morbid huh? Needless to say, I had to turn it off so my snookims didn’t get nightmares. When I watched it in its entirety, I thought it was magnificent. The characters are amazing, ranging from a woman who can not be poisoned to a man whose own body can generate enough electricity to kill. Great movie, great characters, great animation style. Definitely deserves its reputation.

5. Perfect Blue [Buy it on DVD] Satoshi Kon is one of my favorite creators and this movie is none short of genius. More psychological than horror, it bends the mind’s perceptions of what is real and what is not. Just like most of Kon’s films, you can dig out any meaning you want and still enjoy the film. I’ve only seen the dubbed version but, like Akira, that was enough for me. Just watch this one. Saying anything else would ruin the surprise.

To be continued in seven short days… (you CAN wait, right?)

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Why the Top 9? Because 10 is too many and 9 is better. 3 X 3 = Awesome. Now that’s what I call math.

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