Nick Marino

Nick Marino is a podcaster, musician, cartoonist, and writer living in Long Beach, CA. He’s the managing editor of the AudioShocker and co-hosts A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick, Everything Blows, Sequential Underground, and more.

Nick is the creator of a superhero satire webcomic, Super Haters, which began on the AudioShocker but now lives at He’s also the co-creator of Zombie Palin and Time Log, two more AudioShocker webcomics.

Find out more about Nick and his art on his personal blog,, which is also home to Stick Cats (his lo-fi stick figure webcomic), a ton of free eBooks (written and/or drawn by Nick), and his original instrumental music made as Nik Furious (all of our podcast themes are Nik Furious originals).

Before you get mad at his recommendations, read Nick’s Movie Taste Disclaimer.




Nick Marino

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