Neal Shyam is the co-founder of the AudioShocker. He’s responsible for site maintenance and aesthetics. Formerly the co-host of the AudioShocker Podcast, Neal can now be heard every other week on Podcast Vérité. There was also a time when he wrote music video reviews.

While studying at Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Shyam was the Comics Editor of The Tartan and a book designer for the CMU Short Fiction Press. He also spent a delightful summer in the reel room at the New Haven Register printing the Sunday funnies. After college, Neal joined the Environmental Technologies group at Caterpillar  and had frequent tête-à-têtes with Captain Planet. Since leaving Caterpillar, Neal has held internships at Entertainment Weekly,, and Arnell Group. He is a 2011 graduate of the MBA program at NYU’s Stern School of Business, where he specialized in Marketing, Operations, and Entertainment/Media/Technology.

Cerebus: Guys is his favorite graphic novel and in matters of the kitchen, his culinary prowess is unparalleled. Musical interests include beats with knock, The Doors, and assorted top 40 garbage. Neal enjoys vigorous computing, CSS, and well drawn icons. He feels quite strongly that Flash is actively destroying the Internet.