VACANT Bits #34 – Nice and Clean

Vacant Bits

Heather Nunnelly and Michelle Nunnelly

Show Notes:
We announce that Volume 1 of VACANT is finally done! Also, the online comics school we’re opening will be up soon.

Heather asks Michelle about her favorite chick flicks. Then we talk about why some chick flicks work while others don’t. Sweet Home Alabama gets on the list of movies “we’re not sure why we watch” along with Legally Blonde. Mean Girls and When Harry Met Sally get honorary mentions.

And then we briefly talk about Orange Is The New Black, My Mad Fat Diary, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

This is the final AudioShocker episode of VACANT Bits, but it’s not the end! Follow Heather and Michelle as they continue VACANT Bits on the VACANT blog.

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