Everything Blows with Ross and Nick #17 – Goodnight Grape

Everything Blows with Ross and Nick

Ross Campbell and Nick Marino

Show Notes:

Ross begins by talking about the devastating unsweetened soy milk shortage at Wegmans supermarkets. Then we segue into a conversation about tea including Ross’s love for Americanized chai, his un-love for green tea, and we award a backdoor 2013 AudioShocker YOU DON’T SUCK Award for Best Tea to Celestial Seasonings’s Sleepytime Kids Goodnight Grape Herbal Tea.

We celebrate the completion of Ross’s artwork for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Northampton story arc and he teases a super secret upcoming TMNT project. Plus, how do casual TMNT fans perceive the new movie designs? We try to suss it out.

Next up, Ross airs some grievances about his living situation and talks about how he’s mulling a move to a different part of the Rochester area.

Following the end theme mid-theme, Nick drops a bomb: he’s done with podcasting. After six and a half years, he’s gotten what he wants from sharing his conversations and he’s ready to move on. Is this the end of the AudioShocker?!?

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  • Maggie Lynn Negrete’s Adventuring Princesses Volume 0 has just surpassed its funding goal with one day to go. Help her reach the finish line in style by backing this kickass project.

Next Episode:
Wait… will there even be a next episode?!?!?

21 Responses to “Everything Blows with Ross and Nick #17 – Goodnight Grape”

  1. 1 Backflipsimmons

    Shredder’s cape is made out of blades… :(

  2. 2 Jason K Averill

    @Nick, while I’d love to know what you think about Gunnm overall (at the end of volume nine anyway), it would be a special kind of cruel to get right up there and just stop, all Sword of Doom style. ;-P

    And while I would miss the Audioshocker immensely, I’m pretty much with Ross. This is your baby, and you put a crazy amount of work into it. So if you’re done, then that’s what’s what.

  3. 3 Francisco Gruel

    I agree and think that if Nick is finished then the Audioshocker should be finished too.

    It is a nice gesture to offer the hosts a farewell podcast.

    I found Sequential Underground to be very valuable. I came late to that podcast but listened to all of them in the last three weeks. The conversation with Ed Piskar was awesome!

    I am honored that my Julia Child drawing made it into Project Basement.

    @Ross, I hope that the Super Haters thing Nick and I are working on reads as satire for most people. I also understand the seriousness of eating disorders. While I was never hospitalized or clinically diagnosed, I had body image issues, depression and suicidal thoughts which caused me to self medicate with alcohol and skip meals to the point that I was 6ft tall but 115 pounds through most of my twenties.

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  5. 4 B. Douglas DeRocher

    Nick, The Audioshocker is pretty important to me. I have learned a lot listening to your shows. I will miss the shows especially Sequential Underground and Vacant Bits. These shows fill a void in the podcasting. Shows about making comics from a ground floor level are the shows I enjoy more then the more pop culture podcasts on this network [I enjoy them as well.]. You work very hard on this network and I appreciate it. If it was me I would just scale back and let the other show promote the network and their shows. Then if you want to come back for a few shows you can do it. You can quit the shows you are on and if the other hosts want to continue with a new co-host that could be cool. You created a network not just a show If you are done maybe the network could keep on going. It’s like a band that breaks up and then in a few years they get back together. If the band just say they need a break and record their own stuff and when the time is right come back to the band.

  6. 5 zach

    I’ll just chime in to voice my agreement with most of the sentiment above.

    i was never a big podcast fan prior to listening to the audioshocker, but to me your podcasts are unique in that they’re much more about the personalities and interaction between the hosts than what’s being discussed, which i really enjoy. so that you can do podcasts about unsweetened soy milk and quiche, and it’s still pretty riveting and entertaining. i’ll miss listening to everything each week, but i totally agree with ross that it just sounds like this absolute mountain of work, and i can’t imagine tackling that when you’re not 10000% psyched to do it.

    regarding maybe keeping the network “alive” without you at the helm, to me audioshocker is nick marino and if you’re done, i think it’s good to just shutter it than let it live on, or to have a lingering and possibly never-ending “hiatus” or something like that. if the other podcasts want to continue on they could always find another home for the ‘casts. similarly if you ever wanted to pick the podcasting baton back up, you wouldn’t have to host that future podcast here.

  7. 6 Carrie

    But… but… I wanted to be on an Audioshwocker pwodcast when I growed up! ;-)

    Seriously though, I agree with Ross that this is a lot of work if your heart isn’t in it. You need to do what’s best for you and not take responsibility for everyone else. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care, but you definitely don’t want to be sitting here 10 years from now looking back at your life regretting what you didn’t do. You have to trust that everyone else will find a way to adjust. (from personal experience… this is something I’ve had to learn the hard way)

    Speaking as a fan and late-comer, I’ve really enjoyed listening to these and have learned a lot from them. Definitely plan to start digging through the other 7 years’ worth of podcasts!

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  9. 7 nick marino

    Okay, first of I just want to say how much I appreciate the kind AudioShocker stuff everyone said. It means a lot to me! :D

    @Jason: Ohhhhhhh man it would be so cruel to just stop with Vol 6 and cut off the Alita reviews!!! I’m not in such a rush that I want to cut out before we finish. We’ve only got three volumes to go, so I think we could manage to finish up before I decide to “retire”.

    @Francisco: I’m so glad that Sequential Underground has been valuable to you!! In particular, that show was the perfect companion to my artistic process. And realizing that I don’t need it as a part of my artistic process anymore was really what made me think that I might be done with my podcasting mission.

    I fucking love your Julia Child drawing!!! Probably my favorite PB submission.

    Also, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with body image issues, alcohol, and eating disorders.

    To be specific about what I’ve gone through, it started for me as body image issues when I was an adolescent. Around 11, I started having a lot of anorexic thoughts and body image issues. It never got so bad that I was harming myself, but I really struggled with body image for the next few years.

    Ironically, around the time I started to except my body, my high school girlfriend opened up to me about her eating disorders. She was struggling with bulimia, anorexia, and exercise addiction. I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty scary and confusing when you’re a dumb 16-year-old kid and the person you’re in love with shows you a bowl full of puke and tells you about how she uses the bowl when she pukes everyday.

    Since that time, I’ve had other people really close to me struggle with some pretty big body image issues and eating disorders, but I’d rather keep that stuff private right now.

    Point is, I’m not going into this Super Haters story as someone who thinks eating disorders are actually funny… I’m going into it as some who sees satire as a great way of dealing with trauma and generating discussion.

  10. 8 mark

    I’ll miss the audioshocker. I was honestly surprised how you kept up with it all nick. More than a full time job I think. Putting on however many hundreds of podcast episodes is a huge achievement and I guess just imagine what you’ll be able to accomplish now with your time. I’m sure it’ll be rad.

  11. 9 nick marino

    @Doug: Your suggestion is terrific and it’s something that Neal (AS co-founder) and I discussed at length right after Ross and I finished recording this episode.

    Ideally, that’s the way I’d like to move into the future, letting anyone who contributes to the AudioShocker keep contributing and I’ll just not record anymore. But there’s a TON of admin stuff that goes along with posting podcasts and promoting them, and I’d need to find out if the other hosts are open to that stuff.

    Right now, my plan is to talk to Neal again on Sunday and decide where to go from there… with input from all of our hosts and active listeners being taken into serious consideration.

    @Backflip: BLADE CAPE?!? WHAAAAA?!??

    @Zach: What you said was pretty much the same exact thing I told Justique the other day. With that said, when I told her that I was talking from a place of ego and about my “legacy” (haha) as a podcaster.

    I’d love to figuratively put the AudioShocker behind a trophy case and move on. But I’ve asked all of you — from listeners to hosts — to become part of this community and I feel like it would be foolish of me to close up shop without exploring the possibility of continuing the AudioShocker without me.

    But what you’re saying is by far the most appealing option to me!! hahahaha

    @Carrie: Normally when I end something, I like to make a clean break and move on completely. So yeah, I pretty much agree with you. If nothing else, I’d love to cut things off just to I could see everyone go out there and fill the AudioShocker void with their fresh content and podcasts!

    I think it’s awesome that you’re gonna dig into the archives but… DON’T GO TOO FAR BACK!!! Some of our oldest episodes are, at least to me, tedious and awkward. I’m talking about most of the stuff from 4+ years ago. Frankly, I think we really started to improve here in 2010, so that’s probably the best place to begin.

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  13. 10 ross

    thanks so much, everyone!! :D

    Nick, i actually totally remember now that you told me about that girl you dated before, i should have remembered. and i’m sorry to hear about your own issues. :( i’m really sorry again for assuming what your project might be or how you were going to approach it, i guess when i think of you i assume you’re going to have a certain brand of humor and yeah i was a jerk about it.

  14. 11 Carrie

    @Nick: I’ve listened to a couple of the older episodes and think they have their own charm… so I’m listening to those too whether you like it or not! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Besides, it’s always interesting to see how things like this develop over time.

    BTW, I think it’s brave of you to open up about your body image issues as a kid. Eating disorders are one of those hidden things that no one ever wants to talk about. I was a chubby, awkward little kid and ended up with some issues because of it. In high school, I got to the point I wouldn’t eat for days and would do about 6 hours of martial arts training every day just to not be fat. It’s probably more common than most people realize. I for one hope your comic brings LOTS of discussion about it. :-)

  15. 12 Daniel Arruda Massa

    Do what you gotta do. (I was going to write more, but all the long messages made me insecure.)

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  17. 13 Brian John Mitchell

    I can’t remember if I talked to you about it last year before I took my Silber hiatus or not. It took me three months to get everything set up finishing up what I had promised to do & then I spent three months coming to the realization. I would rather do the work than not do it. In my case the relaunch is with much lower expectations & me just not bothering with the work I personally find tedious. I know what you do is a lot of work & I appreciate it. But you know what, Rimbaud gave up poetry to work as a pirate or whatever so I say strike what is hot for you.

  18. 14 nick marino

    @Mark: THANKS!!! It will be rad!!!!!! haha

    According to my calculations, this episode is our 775th podcast (that excludes our old music podcast, the Beatcast). Pretty excellent!

    @Ross: You weren’t a jerk!!!! Seriously, I think you had a valid concern and I’m glad you expressed it because it gave us a chance to talk about it.

    @Carrie: You’re right… I can’t stop you! So, in that case, enjoy. :D

    Thx for sharing your own experiences with eating problems and body image stuff. I really appreciate it!!!

    I think it’ll generate a lot of discussion… hell, we’ve barely started working on it and it’s already got a lot of conversation going on.

    @DAM: What I gotta do is get us a publisher. And make more comics.

    @BJM: We didn’t talk much about your hiatus. I imagine it would take us a couple of months to wrap up everything here at the AudioShocker. When I took that one month hiatus last year, I thought I’d feel the way that you described… but I didn’t miss it at all really. But I still had something I needed to say through the podcasts when I came. What’s different now is that I don’t feel like I need this medium the way I did before.

    But regardless, pirate sounds like the way to go. I’m in.

  19. 15 neallllllll

    wow nick, way to suck all the air out of the room.

    but realtalk – what’s left to say? it hit me like a ton of bricks when i got the call – but nick is & has always been the heart of the audioshocker. however it goes down, i’m on board.

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  21. 16 nick marino

    Neal, I was thinking we could just turn the AudioShocker into a porn site. And now that you’ve given me the unconditional green light, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

    Let’s kick things off with some Betty White porn:

  22. 17 Christopher Ness

    I would miss the audioshocker but if you are done you are done. I’ve worked on things that I was ready to be over with and regretted continuing those projects. In the end, do what ever is best for you. I definitely want to know where to get updates on all of your projects like your book formerly know as the bible 2.

  23. 18 nick marino

    @Chris: That’s the main thing I want to avoid… regretting continuing the AudioShocker. I always want to look back on it fondly and never with any bad feelings.

    I post about all of my projects on my website: http://www.nickmarino.net

    And I always blab about projects on my personal Twitter account:

    Thx for asking!!!

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  25. 19 Hank 300

    Is that Betty White? Awesome.

  26. 20 Heather Nunnelly

    Michelle and I were just going to post the rest of Vacant Bits on the Vacant site. All that I ask for is that you let everyone know that’s happening and link it.

    Otherwise, yeah, I don’t see anything wrong with stopping the podcasts.

  27. 21 nick marino

    Yeah, I’ll definitely let everyone know what’s going down and tell them how to get the new episodes. Official announcement tomorrow morning! Then over the next few weeks we’ll get all of those details worked out.

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