Podcast Vérité #13 - Grilled Yogurt

Podcast Vérité

Welcome to Podcast Vérité. The concept is simple -- 3 topics, 20 minutes. Neal picks a topic, Nick picks pick a topic, and you pick two topics.

1. Were kids movies in the 80s darker than they were in other decades? Chris Parlon delivers this topic, to which we respond with a resounding "YES!" The Goonies, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Ernest Goes to Camp, and more.

2. Have you ever had a really weird karaoke experience? Inspired by his recent midtown Manhattan bar adventure, Neal talks about how awful it was watching the Jersey bridge and tunnel crowd sing a bunch of terrible songs.

Neal and Nick sing a rousing, crowd-pleasing duet together in 2006.

3. What's the worst part of moving? Our final topic comes from HyperComboCast host Kenny Riot. Neal and Nick talk about what they hate most about moving to a new city, state, or country (something we've both done a butt-load of times).

Here's Nick in driving a moving truck in 2004. He wasn't actually moving.

We need your topics for our show. Leave your ideas in the comments by Monday, December 30th and we'll discuss our favorite suggestion when we record our next episode together live(!) in Long Beach!

2 Responses to “Podcast Vérité #13 - Grilled Yogurt”

  1. 1 Kenny/Riot.EXE

    Popped collars didn't stop. I'm sorry.

  2. 2 nick marino

    I occasionally pop mine just so I can feel like I'm 22 all over again.

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