Sequential Underground #80 – Stripped Down

Sequential Underground

Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino

Show Notes:
Shawn recently assisted cartoonist Rick Stromoski, creator of Soup to Nutz, at the Steel City Con and that got him thinking about comic strips. See, Shawn’s comics foundation is in creating comic books. Here’s some of his early Gello Apocalypse work:

But Nick’s foundation is in comic strips. Most of his early comics were three, four, or six panel gags. Here’s one of the comic strips he did for his college newspaper:

In this episode, we share our experiences with comic strips. We discuss the differences in writing, drawing, pacing, and distributing comic strips vs. comic books (or whatever you wanna call comics made up of pages!).

Shawn and Nick have even collaborated on comics strips in the past. Shawn wrote and Nick arted a seven-part series of Super Haters comic strips in 2011:

We’d love to hear your experiences creating comic strips, so make sure to comment with your thoughts on the comic strip creation process and we’ll read your comments on the next episode.

And finally, after the end theme… more Culinary Underground!

At the time of this recording, the Love & Monsters Kickstarter campaign (featuring comics by Shawn and music by Nick) hadn’t been funded. But in the past 24 hours, thanks to the generosity and support of our listeners and friends, the project has reach it’s funding goal. THANKS!

8 Responses to “Sequential Underground #80 – Stripped Down”

  1. 1 Carrie

    Strips definitely need to be planned out carefully to fit everything in and get the timing right. I’m just finishing up a 6 panel strip and it took me longer to plan it out than to actually draw it. Don’t know how much I can speak to drawing a book since I’m only attempting my first one now and am already losing steam, but guess that’s one advantage to doing strips! You can get to the satisfying part of finishing them sooner.

    Just one question though… (and you may have answered this in the podcast, but I kept getting interrupted while listening). How do you see something that is, say, 2-3 pages long? Is that a long strip or a short book?

  2. 2 Carrie

    …oh and Nick, that’s not where the swab goes ;-P

  3. 3 nick marino

    I KNOW THAT’S NOT WHERE THE SWAB GOES!! But I didn’t at the time. Unfortunately, I found out where the swab goes years later and damn it I wish I never did because it’s a horrible, horrible pain.

    We didn’t really discuss short stories much in this episode. I don’t have a name reserved for them. I think I just call them short stories or short comics or “a 5-page comic” if I’m being specific. I wouldn’t use the term “long strip” because I personally think that refers to the number of panels on the same page, not the number of pages in the story. But that’s just me.

    What would you call it?

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    The Illiterate Badger webcomics

  5. 4 Brian John Mitchell

    I thought I’d left a comment about it in the relevant episode, but maybe I forgot. But my “vegetarian cheese steak” is made with Morningstar Farms Riblets on a hoagie roll with sliced cheddar cheese.

  6. 5 Carrie

    Hahaha… I’m sorry you had to experience that pain. I’ve always left that particular procedure up to the doctors (‘cause that’s why they get paid the big bucks!)

    I guess “5 page comic” makes sense. I tried to think of a funny term for it, but all that came to mind was “stomic” and “crip”. XD

  7. 6 nick marino

    @Brian: You told me about the riblets veggie cheesesteak somewhere, but it may not have been on Facebook or something. It sounds tasty as hell… but how could it be a cheesesteak with all that BBQ sauce?!?!? I think you should call it “Brian’s Cheesy BBQ Surprise”.

    @Carrie: Hahahaha STOMIC!!!! What about short + comic… shomic!

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  9. 7 Carrie

    If I ever make a short comic, I’m totally going to tag it with “#shomic”!

  10. 8 nick marino

    if we all dedicate ourselves to the passionate pursuit of shomics, i’m sure it’ll catch on. in fact, Shawn just emailed me the pages from a shomic that we’re working on together. SHOMIC POWER!!!!

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