Animatic Attack #5 – Operation Winged Freedom

Animatic Attack

Fawndolyn Valentine, Justique Woolridge, and Nick Marino

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Show Notes:
The Legend of Korra: Book 2: Spirits has concluded and we’re discussing the final five episodes — A New Spiritual Age, Night of a Thousand Stars, Harmonic Convergence, Darkness Falls, and Light in the Dark!

We journey with Korra and Jinora into the Spirit World as they try to stop Unalaq and we encounter a ton of surprises along the way! (For example, the guy pouring the tea in the image above).

These episodes also tie up a lot of romantic loose ends, leaving Book 3: Change to begin anew when it comes to love in the world of the Avatar!

Long story short, Korra finally gets her shit together and kicks some ass. She also makes a HUGE decision at the end of Book 2 which will have radical ramifications for this series moving forward.

Next Episode:
ParaNorman and episodes 3-4 (for real this time) of Welcome to the NHK!

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