Animatic Attack #3 – Beginning to Sting

Animatic Attack

Fawn, Justique, and Nick kick things off with some listener feedback about The Legend of Korra: Book 2: Spirits from Brandon Williams, Aaron Wagner, and Shaun Noel. Thanks to everyone for all of your awesome comments and opinions about The Legend of Korra! Keep ’em coming!!!

After that we dive into our reviews of the latest Korra episodes — The Sting, Beginnings Pt. 1, and Beginnings Pt. 2. And Fawn got some kickass screencaps!

Everyone was pretty stoked about The Sting, including the double-cross at the end. Fawn and Justique totally loved the origin of Avatar Wan in the two Beginnings episodes. But Nick feels torn about Beginnings — he appreciates the awesome art style but he’s not feeling the “light vs. dark” theme of the story.

Next up we review La Leyenda de la Llorona, a 2011 animated film from Mexico. It centers on the Latin American folktale of La Llorona and uses that to send its characters on a Halloween-ish adventure. Fawn got screencaps.

After the end theme, we switch back to Korra and make some predictions about the future of the plot!

NEXT: The Legend of Korra: Book 2 episode 9 (The Guide) and the first two episodes of Welcome to the NHK.

5 Responses to “Animatic Attack #3 – Beginning to Sting”

  1. 1 Smars

    that was a really good point in there…
    we have the ability to just look up any odd reference we don’t get dropped in a show. these mainstream translation crews don’t seem to understand that. by changing the reference it losing something culturally that could have been helpful in bridging a greater tolerance for other cultures. them changing it is showing their own intolerance. sad.
    i like it when independent subber groups actually make notes in the corners that if you pause what you’re watching will give you definitions to the things being referenced. those are rare tho.

    it’s a generational disconnect. the guys who did the localization more than likely are older out of touch guys who don’t even know about the subber communities out there or understand internet culture at all.

    i know silver hawks. i loved it as a kid. i won’t watch anything more than the intros to those old shows now.
    thundercats and tiger sharks were all part of that animal people universe. believe it or not, the guys who went on to make studio ghibli (including miyazaki) did the intro animations and interior animation work for all three of those shows.

  2. 2 nick marino

    HOLY SHIT!!!! that’s so sweet that the Ghibli animators did those intros! i always loved the Thundercats intro but HATED the actual animation of the show. so fucking sloppy.

    i agree — it smacks of intolerance and ignorance when translators change references in the subtitles like that.

    fansubs rule. ever watched something with fansubs and loved it, but then watched it later with “official” subs and it sucks? i hate when that happens!!

    EDIT: This is the AudioShocker’s 7000th comment!

  3. 3 Justique

    I didn’t know about the intros but that’s all I remember about those shows. I was really young though. I love learning new stuff but this is why I need two brains! I keep telling Nick this one has too many song lyrics in it to properly retain and analyze the animated medium to my liking but he won’t get me another one. Maybe Christmas…

    Fan-subs were a HUGE part of how I fell so in love with anime in the first place. My favorite part of watching a fan-subbed series was re-watching an episode for all the little explanations. I know more than a few people who dislike when every sign is translated. I feel if it’s important enough to be animated, and I’m too ( insert self-deprecating remark) to learn Japanese, then all those little explanations are wonderful. It helps me connect in a way I miss with a lot of studio subs.

    And there are very few anime out there I will watch dubbed. Maybe three or four series at the most. But then again, that comes from experiencing a level of trust with fan-subs that I haven’t experienced so much since buying DVDs. Le sigh…

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Dinogeddon webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    @Justique: If you’re good, Santa will bring you a new one this year.


    I never woulda watched fansubs if it wasn’t for you, so props for that!

    I think the problem isn’t that all official dubs sucks but rather you just can’t trust them. You’ll get a good one and then five bad ones. YUCK

  6. 5 Justique

    Fuck that. Being “good” is shitty…

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