Sequential Underground #75 – Lettering

Sequential Underground

Nick Marino and Shawn Atkins share their thoughts about the most overlooked aspect of comics creation: lettering.

Nick Marino’s awkward lettering from Zombie Palin (2008) vs. his more refined lettering from Super Haters (2013, art by Brandon Williams)

Both Shawn and Nick agree that it’s fine to break the rules of lettering if it looks good and reads clearly. But it still helps to understand the rules before you break them! Check out some of these awesome comics lettering resources:

Shawn Atkins uses hand-drawn word balloons with both digital and hand-lettering for this Cathy parody sequence in Gello Apocalypse (2012)

We discuss Shawn’s experimental blend of lettering techniques in Phoenix 9. Plus, shoutouts to Ed Piskor for meticulously lettering his pages by hand and Ross Campbell for blending digital techniques with hand-drawn personality.

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And check out Nick’s “The Top 9 Things I Wish Somebody Told Me Before I Exhibited At New York Comic Con” if you’ll be exhibiting at NYCC for the first time.

4 Responses to “Sequential Underground #75 – Lettering”

  1. 1 Daniel Arruda Massa

    great episode! I really think lettering is an under appreciated art. Many times I come across comics that I want to like, but are impossible to read.

    One thing you didn’t touch upon is the problem that some people don’t leave enough space between the text and the “walls” of the balloons. This is in my opinion one of the worst things you can do.

    I myself hand letter or “tablet” letter most of my stuff, just because I feel it works well with my art style. If I don’t hand letter I pretty much always use a BlamBot font.

    Can’t wait for the coloring episode

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Danny: Glad you liked it! We definitely forgot to talk about good centering and not making the balloons too tight around the letters. There are so many things like that I could’ve gone on about for hours.

    Did we say we’re doing a coloring episode?!? I kinda suck at coloring. But you don’t!!! You should join us for that one.

  3. 3 Daniel Arruda Massa

    Sure! I’d love to talk to you guys about that!

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