A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #173 – Hello… Guys?

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

Join Ki-Ki and Ni-Ni as they take you on a wild ride full of talking about things like, ummmmmmmmm, things!

Nick’s favorite episode is ALF s2 e16 and he’s thrilled to tell you why he loves it so much. Kaylie isn’t as keen on it but she dutifully soldiers on, even through the fairly stupid ALF s2 e17 (which is the beginning of a two-part neighborhood watch plot). Kaylie cappyscreened ’em and Nick cappyscreened ’em.

After a Nick tries to stall by making Kaylie by give a comics update, the conversation turns towards David DeCoteau‘s unambitious 1313: Bermuda Triangle. Dave’s recent storytelling innovations are abandoned in what may be the most conventional and unsatisfying 1313 film yet. Kaylie capped it and Nick capped it.

Next: The neighborhood watch two-parter concludes with ALF s2 e18 and Jody returns in ALF s2 e19. And we take a break from DeCoteau to watch Munchie, a 1992 movie about a creepy pizza-loving puppet who befriends a suicidal kid.

5 Responses to “A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #173 – Hello… Guys?”

  1. 1 Smars

    yah, sometimes naps can really mess you up.
    my older sister is really into those makeup tutorials on YT.
    heh… not the one’s where people look like they’ve been in a car accident tho. just regular ones.

    you know… i feel like you guys should just change it up from time to time, to keep yourselves from getting bored. instead of doing alf every week (which i would imagine is a bit hard to do unless you’re really into alf) do alf reviews like once or twice a month and the rest of the podcast eps could be other stuff you guys come across. yah? like mr belvedere. i dunno.

    put the call out on the interwebs for obscure, bad films, or oddly funny films. see what pings back and you guys watch and talk about those. oh wait… you found Munchie. that… looks creepy good/bad. can’t wait.


  2. 2 Jason K Averill

    You want to do a “bad, but not soul crushingly so” flick, and you chose MUNCHIE?! You should’a done the first one: Munchies! It’s less . . . “soul crushing” (from what I remember) while still being quite bad, and it’s got THE Robert Picardo, of the Howling, Gremlins 2 and ST: Voyager fame!

  3. 3 kim

    I actually have that ALF sticker book and I do agree the 3D stuff in it is very weird, unfortunately I lost the 3D glasses to it. :( I never got the ALF backpack because I do agree ALF looked really awful on it.
    I have seen the cartoon, to me it is okay, but I agree they don’t keep ALF very consistent with the cartoon vs the sitcom. and just to clarify the pink haired character is rhonda, but it is really weird because she is looks completely different in the sitcom.
    ep 16 in season 2 of ALF is pretty much my favorite too. I loved that you made gifs of willie and alf fussing with the tent equipment and alf trying to play with the paddle ball. XD

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Wet Moon comics

  5. 4 nick marino

    @Smars: I like that idea!!! It’s something Kaylie and I should talk about and determine if we really wanna discuss ALF and DeCoteau every week. In fact, I think we should talk about it on the next podcast!

    Maybe we could take a little break after ALF Season 2 and just go freestyle for a month.

    @Jason: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Picardo!!! That makes Munchies pretty tantalizing.

    But then there’s this on the Muchie wikipedia page:

    “Munchie is a 1992 comedy film… It claimed itself to be a sequel to the 1987 comedy horror film Munchies, a film inspired by Gremlins, though it has no relation whatsoever.”

    hahahahahaha there’s nothing I love more than an unrelated, nigh unofficial sequel. I feel good about watching Munchie first :D

    @Kim: I was looking at it again and I think it isn’t technically 3D… it’s more supposed to be a “motion” book or something like that where you look at the image in blue and ALF’s doing one thing, and then you look at it in red and he’s doing the next thing. A weird little book.

    WHOA… I can’t believe that’s actually Rhonda! Shows you how much I paid attention to the cartoon.

    And YAY!!!! Kim, you’re my barometer for the taste of an ALF superfan and I’m so stoked that you agree with me about s2e16!!!!!!!!

  6. 5 ross

    haha, i love your DeCoteau breakdown! XD

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