Animatic Attack #1 – I’ll Be The Cup

Animatic Attack

Fawn, Justique, and Nick unite for a new AudioShocker series all about animation! We kick off this podcast with a popular topic that’s sure to be on every Animatic Attack episode for the foreseeable future — The Legend of Korra: Book 2: Spirits!

We tear apart the first two episodes of Book 2, Rebel Spirit and The Southern Lights, searching for clues about the direction of the ongoing story. Is Korra’s Uncle Unalaq manipulating her for an evil purpose? Or are the show’s writers simply trying to trick us by making him seem so suspect?

Then we take a break from our Korra conversation to review From Up On Poppy Hill, a 2011 Studio Ghibli film that’s finally on DVD in America! Directed by Goro Miyazaki (with a screenplay by his legendary daddy, Hayao), it’s a beautiful movie with elegant animation and a challenging plot involving kinky teen incest forbidden love.

We wanna give you the From Up On Poppy Hill DVD! To enter our giveaway, leave a comment below telling us your favorite Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki movie and why you love it so much. The deadline is Tuesday, October 8th. We’ll announce the winner on Animatic Attack #2.

Then it’s back to Legend of Korra as we analyze the third episode of Book 2, Civil Wars Pt. 1. We dig the drama going on with Korra, but we’re more delighted by the dynamic between Aang and Katara’s kids — Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin. Also, Fawn drops a crazy theory about Jinora and the potential existence of TWO Avatars!

NEXT: We’ll return in two weeks with The Legend of Korra: Book 2 episodes 4-5 and the deliciously trippy Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure.

9 Responses to “Animatic Attack #1 – I’ll Be The Cup”

  1. 1 Fawndolyn

    I’m going to forgo entry, but share my favourite Miyazaki film anyway: Spirited Away. Because my favourite voice actor, Jason Marsden (the one who looks just like YOU, Nick) plays Haku, and the little actions of Chihiro (the way she trips all over herself, throws her hands up when she’s running down the stairs, and fidgets around like she has to pee when she’s trying to get her parents to not go through the tunnel). Runner up is Princess Mononoke.

    I also have to admit that I really love the English dubs of his films. I know it’s taboo to get screen actors to do VOs, but I always liked most of Ghibli’s choices, because they always had pretty good actors, PLUS really good, prolific voice actors in the mix.

    Also, I forgot to mention one thing about my prediction of an impending Korra/Mako breakup: Bolin asks Mako for dating advice and is relieved to hear that he can just break up with Eska, and Bolin says “I’m lucky you’re so good at breaking girls’ hearts. Korra better watch out!”

  2. 2 Smars

    i watched pinwheel in atlanta.
    herbert and lulu the hobo-bugs
    and plus and minus! so many twins on that show
    a lot of that early nickelodeon stuff was imported from canada.

    to justique, ganguro and its spin offs, the japanese girls with dark makeup is a thing often mistaken as a weirdly japanese take blackface or imitating black culture to some extent, but it is in fact a cultural reference to an old folktale about a magical mountain witch who had skin that was literally black and bright hair and ice breath. she was also a singer. this is obviously me slightly paraphrasing.

    hmmm, some interesting ideas and questions being thrown around in this cast

    mn… my favourite miyazaki film is nausicaa, but my favourite ghibli film is laputa. (i’m a bit of an animation snob that way)
    but nausicaa has a lot of what has always captured my imagination. it has the lost world storyline where civilization has been around so long they’ve moved back to a time near medieval times. there are traces of very advanced technology around and it’s all very old and falling into disrepair. (a lot like the original star wars movie) but beyond that it has this strong idea of hope, while still excepting the adversities of life (which you get a lot in miyazaki films)the music is amazing as well, i own the soundtrack, it has this fantastic sweeping and rolling haunting feel to it constantly. it has something to do with music from that era a lot like my fondness for anime from that time. it just has a roundness to it you don’t get much anymore. very tezuka like. and then nausicaa was a long time mysterious film for me, that when my friend and i were in the 7th grade he saw the ooooold american dub of it that miyazaki hated “warriors of the wind” and when i finally discovered the true version of the film i fell in love. i also love the comic series which expands on the movie a million times over. X3

    and laputa is pretty much the same thing but in a wonderful flying broken down castle, based on a small chunk from gullivers travels. these movies are a big part of my creative foundation. they resonated with me big time.
    but… i don’t think i would want FUOPH. i watched it and it was interesting, but it’s not a keeper. not a ghibli film i would watch over and over again years later. something about later life miyazaki films… they make me understand why quentin tarantino doesn’t want to keep making films into his old age. it’s quality, but it just feels too much like an old man thinking back to his past nostalgically. i don’t expect fire from him forever, but i dunno’…

    anyways… 2 avatars or split avatar duties eh?
    hrm… very interesting.
    good first episode. yah.

  3. 3 nick marino

    @Fawn: I don’t have a problem with English dubs. There are some I like. But I hate when dubs change the intent of a scene.

    For example, in Ponyo Tina Fey’s character has a wildly different tone from the mother in the Japanese language version. Fey is sassy and almost snarky, while the mother in the Japanese version is very nurturing and patient.

    I respect the dub director’s prerogative to change things for cultural translation… but to me those Ponyo changes were more than a slight alteration. They created a whole different character for which the art was not intended.

    @Smars: I’ve never heard about that folktale!!! Sounds interesting.

    The way you passionately describe Nausicca and Laputa makes me want to rewatch them, but the first time I tried each of them I just couldn’t get into them. Wonderfully done and interesting, but a bit slow and confusing to me too.

    I like Spirited Away (though I can’t watch it in a single viewing) and I respect Mononoke. I really enjoy Ponyo, in fact I think it gets better with repeat viewings. But Kiki’s Delivery Service is my favorite Ghibli film. The characters are charming and the pace is brisk even though a lot of the plot beats are sort of mundane since she’s just working in a real-ish world and not fighting in some crazy fantasy world war or anything.

    I love the two Avatars theory. I think it’s definitely on the right path in terms of what will happen later in Book 2.

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  5. 4 Hannah

    My favorite Studio Ghibli film is Spirited Away! Spirited Away was my first Ghibli movie so it has a special place in my heart. The animation is stunning and the characters are so interesting and symbolic. Overall this movie is the perfect combination of everything I want to see in an animated movie. Of course, I love all of Miyazaki’s work, however Spirited Away is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie.

  6. 5 Link

    I’ll chime in for the favorite Ghibli movie.

    This might be a little cliche, but I’ve always been a huge fan of My Neighbor Totoro. Maybe it’s because I enjoyed it during a time where I wasn’t really sure what anime was, or because I was just getting into the “scene”, but my younger sister and I were renting everything we could from Blockbuster that was Anime. Between all the confusing OVAs without context like Tenchi in Tokyo, the WTF of Akira, the bloodshed of Vampire Hunter D, the nudity of Ninja Scroll and the raunchy spider vagina melting breast sex of Wicked City there was this charming little tale of a girl and her siblings moving into a new home and discovering this magical forest creatures who live nearby. It was a refreshing change of pace and despite how much it was “for kids” there was this vibe of “this is refined animation, it’s not just a cartoon” maybe that’s just the anime snobbery from the ’90s talking, but it just felt like it was speaking to us on a different level instead of treating us as kids.

    Despite it being a favorite of mine, it’s kind of funny that I don’t remember specific plot details, just all the awesome scenes. Chasing the dust bunnies around the house, sleeping on the giant Totoro, the infamous Cat Bus. It was just an all around great movie.

    Honorable mentions to Mononoke though, because that always gave me this cool sense of “Anime is totes legit now”, I tried to get everyone to pre-order copies when I worked at Suncoast Video. I don’t think I realized that anime still had a loooooong way to go (and still kind of does) to ever gain a “mainstream” theater kind of respect.

  7. 6 Angela

    My favorite Studio Ghibli film is MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO! Mostly because Totoro is adorable and there is a freaking cat bus in it! What more could you want?! (Howl’s Moving Castle is a close second)

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  9. 7 Angela Capel

    I’m seriously having a hard time picking just one. They all have their own charm. My top three are Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo.
    I’m gonna pick Spirited Away, mainly because it seems to me that the lesson learned is to always be polite and helpful and you will be able to make your way in the world (no matter how strange the world might be). I feel that this is a great message, especially for my children, as it seems that many American children’s films have heroes that win out on stubbornness.

  10. 8 Rob Powell

    Gotta say my favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m the odd one out, it seems.

  11. 9 nick marino

    @Hannah: I can’t think of any better reasons to love Spirited Away! Of the Miyazaki films I’ve seen, I definitely agree it has the most interesting characters.

    @Link: Blockbuster was my exposure to anime too!! I rented Akira from there when I was a wee lad (maybe 10 or 11?) and I was blown away / confused / impressed / shell shocked by it.

    BTW I love Wicked City. But if you know me well, then I don’t think that comes as a surprise.

    Mononoke also has that legit context to me because the first time I saw it was when I took an animation summer class at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia when I was 15. They played it in the background while we were drawing our our pencil tests.

    @Angela G: DAAAAAAAMN between you and Link loving Totoro so much, I really gotta see this movie now!!

    @Angela C: Wow, I never thought about Spirited Away like that!!! Now I totally get why Justique loves it so much because that’s pretty much her M.O. in life, trying to treat other people well. Meanwhile, I’m more like some American animated movie asshole just trying to be stubborn until other people give up hahaha.

    @Rob: C’mon…………. you gotta give me more than that! Why do you love it?

    Also, I’ve never seen Howl’s Moving Castle (and this is kind of embarrassing so stick with me here…) because I always confused it with Castle In The Sky! I just now figured out that they’re two different films. EEEEOOOOOOOPPSS! Majorly embarrassing.

    But in my defense, I mean c’mon the same director made two different films about fantasy castles. That’s a little confusing, right??!?!?

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