Sequential Underground #74 – SPX and PGH Zine Fair

Sequential Underground

Shawn Atkins, Jared Catherine, and Cynthia Lee share about their experiences at two different indie comics festivals that went down this month.

Shawn tries to cram his comics into a wee 1/6 of the table at SPX.

The three amigos split a half-table at the 2013 Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. They had a wonderful time meeting new cartoonists, interacting with attendees, and heckling people who walked past their table.

Shawn and Jared also teamed up for the 2013 Pittsburgh Zine Fair. It had a distinctly different vibe from SPX but it was just as rewarding as they peddled their comics and interacted with cartoonists (and zinesters!) in their local community.

Shawn publicly tortures his reluctant intern Bruce at the PGH Zine Fair.

For more about these two indie comic conventions, check out last year’s Sequential Underground #50 where we pitted SPX vs. the PGH Zine Fair in a battle for 2012 indie con supremacy!

2 Responses to “Sequential Underground #74 – SPX and PGH Zine Fair”

  1. 1 Smars

    that was weird what cynthia said about SPX and people not reading comics but being there. I’m aware of the idea behind why prints sell, i’m even able to sell original prints at a show. so long as it’s interesting looking they want to collect it. and more so (i think i’ve said this before) you get the crowd that wants what’s familiar in prints because it’s comfortable while the other group want stuff to hang on the wall that’s something their friends don’t have that will make people ooh and ahh when they come over.

    i think there is just a glut of art and artists out there and it overwhelms con goers, they don’t know what to pick because they’re afraid of getting burned and they don’t want to spend money in one place and not another and it all just cancels out each other. it’s weird.

    i think over all you have to know your show, you have to know that your work fits with the over all theme of that show. it’s like i do very few western comic book conventions and do more anime conventions, simply because my work while not anime/manga somehow appeals to them more. style can sometime dictate how well you do at what show. at certain shows certain things off my table sell. sometimes its all my stickers. it just depends. heh.

  2. 2 nick marino

    for me, Cynthia just worded it in a way that really clicked. it’s not that i didn’t know some of the thought process that goes on with people at cons who are trying to decide what to buy, but i never thought about it in terms of safety.

    to me, “getting burned” would mean getting an offensive or unintelligible product that appeared good before i bought it. otherwise, i’m just interested to go on the journey with the artist. but i can see how other people want art AND want it to be art that somehow represents or reaffirms the way that they think.

    while i’ve never bought a print in my entire life, framing it in terms of safety helps me see why lots of con-goers would rather go home with a print and then just read my comics online.

    i wish i’d understood this kind of thing years ago!! woulda saved me a lot of headaches.

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