Everything Blows with Ross and Kelly #6 – Italian Milk

Everything Blows with Ross and Nick

Kelly Thompson returns to Everything Blows to help Ross Campbell and Nick Marino wrap their heads around Red Lanterns, the DC Comics series about a bunch of angry energy-blood-vomiting alien monsters.

Then we review Showdown in Little Tokyo starring Brandon Lee, Dolph Lundgren, and Tia Carrere (thx to James Ross for the suggestion!). It’s a 1991 martial arts film about a brave white detective who teams up with an apathetic half-Asian rookie cop to take down the Los Angeles Yakuza. Nick made some screencaps.

After some Star Trek Voyager conversation, we dig into the Twilight audiobook chapters 13-18. Ross loves the budding romance while Nick thinks it’s the worst installment yet. Wisely, Kelly didn’t listen to it.

Next: Twilight chapters 19-Epilogue and our audiobook giveaway!

11 Responses to “Everything Blows with Ross and Kelly #6 – Italian Milk”

  1. 1 Smars

    poop lines…
    i originally typed a bunch of stuff but i deleted it. and now i’m gonna type something else. yay.

    i like ross’ explanation of why he liked kess’ hair and hair in general on star trek. makes sense. haha

    also… will there ever be an audiobook version of kelly’s book?
    i pretty much only read on the toilet nowadays, and instead work on art while listening to audiobooks and i would love to listen to it as an audiobook.
    i wonder.

    do you guys listen to watch the storyboard?
    –> http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7atuZxmT957LDLBa4uMnJc8k6m5I1ZBz

    it’s a show hosted by Patrick Rothfuss, it’s interesting.
    just thought i would post that cause you guys are talking about prose. i wanna write prose fiction, because i know everything i do can’t be translated into a comic or animation. mn… i dunno’ i’m afraid i write too many details.

    and yes… i’m tired of the whole “geek” thing, but everything gets a turn in the spotlight when its population reaches critical mass. and the internet really linked the global “geek” community like the biggest convention ever. it’s not a bad thing… just a thing. rock and roll started as a thing, the hippy movement was a thing, this thing is a part of contemporary people. we’re living through it, at an age where we can make it relevant and exploit it both so we notice it and can get annoyed by it too.
    i get what kelly is saying, the upswing in attention keeps us all out of the poor house to a degree. so long as we find our audience, so i don’t mind so much, i lived a sad lonely life as a geeky black guy in mostly very ungeeky atlanta too long. now i have people to talk to. yay.

    finally… nick. nick… my mom makes the BEST vegan lasagna dude.
    you gotta’ come to atlanta and i’ll get her to make it for you sometime. haha

  2. 2 zach

    hahah the red lanterns stuff was so good. when you guys are talking about how DC is publishing it seriously, and nick says: “JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THEY COULDN’T GET ANY BLOODIER!–” and kelly replies: “Because they can’t!” responding to the idea that DC should publish it tongue in cheek I thought she was responding like “No the red lanterns can’t BE any bloodier!”

    anyway re: star trek: voyager, i am definitely enjoying it although i can’t say it really holds a candle to ds9. in many ways i think voyager is the “purest” star trek. like every other star trek is a mixture of exploration, military stuff, visits from admirals and dignitaries, etc. but voyager is basically pure exploration (with some battles of course). but there’s literally no possibility for complex politics or hard core military strategy. at least in the first season, so many episodes are just “we encountered a living nebula,” which i like.

    regarding characters, i do like kes, i like how she’s 1 year old, but in many ways is the most “level” character intellectually and emotionally. i also really like tuvok. i like how even though he’s vulcan he’s not the stereotypical vulcan science officer. like he’s chief of security, he doesn’t have the solution to every problem the way spock did, and it’s kind of hinted (or i think it’s hinted anyway) that he’s not the best vulcan. like it seems like he twists logic to suit what he wants to do which i think is kind of interesting.

    i love the discussion about eating off of people. i do say i have to agree with nick, i would much rather eat food that had been on a clean body than drink a glass of milk with lasagna (or in any context other than on cereal). i think everybody has their own weird hangups regarding food and sex. mine is that i cannot CANNOT stand having someone else feed me. someone tried to do that to me in a “sexy” way several years ago and i was trying to be game about it, but i started feeling really nauseous, like that feeling where the vomit is right at the door. blughghgh.

  3. 3 Backflipsimmons

    I’d gladly dabate/shoot the shit on ‘The Wolverine’

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  5. 4 mark

    fantastic episode. a great sendoff for nick.

    I’m equally fed up with all the overabundance of ‘geek’ stuff. Most of what drives it seems to be people’s transparent attempts to be popular on social media (like all the papercraft BS that gets posted to boing boing). The most annoying aspect of it all, however, is that geeks who are social misfits (even to a small degree) are shown no quarter. It’s always about not being ‘that’ kind of geek. Thankfully, with respect to geek chic, this generation seems to be approaching an emperor has no clothes moment. I personally, I predict the gross mid-life crises triggered by Episode VII will be the turning point.

  6. 5 Kelly Thompson (@79SemiFinalist)

    Man, I talked WAY too much. I apologize again folks. Next time I’ll know not to do a cast if I have cabin fever! :)

    @Smars: There could be an audiobook version of TGWWBK…but I think it’s a ways off. In part because I would really want to get the perfect audio actresses to read the parts (I have in mind who those actresses would be…but no ability to actually get that done)! Nick did find some way to audio-ize (making up words!) TGWWBK – so maybe he can weigh in with how that works?

    And it’s good to hear that the upswing in “geek acceptance/geek as trendy” has had an actual and positive impact in your life. It has for me too, for sure, even though I understand the burnout and frustration with it (and feel some of that myself as well).

    @Zach: I’m with you on zero tolerance for someone feeding me. TERRIBLE. I think I’d gag just reading a scene that depicted that (and probably have gagged seeing it in TV or film).

    But for me, as discussed on the cast, anything “sexy” tied to food is a no go for me. Including these times where I see a “Lady in the Tramp” riff where people are both eating the same noodle or whatever and then meet in the middle. BARF (on so many levels – it’s somehow both saccharine AND disgusting).

    Ross and I came down really hard as anti-sex+food, and I stand by that, but I did want to say that I’m not judging anyone that IS into it (Nick included). It’s a pretty common and accepted fetish. Like most fetishes a lot of people are really into it (and that’s fine) and a lot of people really can’t get on board (me and Ross!) But to each their own!

    Re: Red Lanterns – haha – it’s great that both interpretations work so well/accurately.

    @Mark: You make good points. The stuff you refer to is definitely the stuff that makes me tired, but I can’t deny that comics/geeks/superheroes/what have you, has helped me to gain traction as a writer. So I gotta be thankful at the same time that I give it the serious side-eye. :)

  7. 6 mark

    @kelly: I think you’d be selling yourself short if you ascribe too much of the success of your book to nerd ascendancy. I mean, you seemed to work really hard to promote it. Maybe it would be more ambiguous if there was some reference to zombies in the title or something…

    And, I have to agree about the lady and the tramp thing. But that’s just because Spaghetti is just such a gross food to begin with.

    @zach, etc. regarding the sexy food thing: I was a little surprised how extreme everybody’s reaction was. It’s not something I’d personally care for, but I can understand that it’s more for the extravagance as opposed to simply making a meal of it, if that makes sense.

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  9. 7 nick marino

    @smars: I’m booking my ticket to Atlanta right now!! How about Oct 3 – Nov 14?

    @zach: holy shit! That would’ve been so great if you puked on the person who was sexy feeding you!!!!

    I think things change a lot with Voyager in regards to the political and military strategy stuff starting with season 2. In season 1, they’re mostly just flying around and seeing new stuff. But that changes when the ship starts to run into some really territorial species and the political thing makes for some of the best mid-series episodes. Especially because a lot of species have really irrational rules.

    @backflip: so does that mean you did or didn’t like it?

    @mark: good point. It’s like “geeks are okay… As long as they meet our social standards” or some bullshit like that. Personally, I appreciate that people are interested in “geeky” stuff to a degree, but I do think a lot of it is this fake or feigned interest in an attempt to seem hip. The whole thing about being a geek is that you’re supposed to be an expert on things that take effort to be appreciated… they’re interactive interests, like video games and comics and so on. Just referencing it doesn’t mean you’ve actually taken time to get absorbed in the interest. And the whole geek culture fad right now seems like it’s all based on references, like NES controller underwear or iron man hats or whatever. As someone who’s had a passion for many of these things for decades, it feels kind of cheap to me to see these things being appreciated only on a superficial level for cool points. I’m not saying people can’t appreciate these things on whatever level they want, because I think they can… this is just the reason I can’t wait for the fad to be over.

  10. 8 kaylie

    i guess i’m with Nick on this stuff XD the idea of eating sushi off someone grosses me out, but more because of the act itself, how dehumanizing it is, reducing a person to furniture, etc., than the food thing…although when i think of fresh sushi, i think of it being cold or cool, and the idea of it getting warmed up on a warm, naked body kinda grosses me out, haha XD most of the time when i’ve seen that sushi-on-a-naked-lady thing, the sushi is placed on leaves that are strategically covering parts of her body. maybe that’s just something they do for censors or whatever, but that seems a lot less gross to me. as for the lasagna and milk thing, i admit it kinda grosses me out, but it has less to do with the ricotta/milk combo and more with the tomato sauce/milk combo. for some reason the idea of marinara or tomato sauce together with milk is absolutely disgusting to me! maybe i should try it though, because tomato-based stuff gives me unbearable heartburn, and the milk might actually help with that, haha.

  11. 9 Fawndolyn

    Awww! You guys called out to me right away!! I suck for not keeping up with this podcast :(

    I didn’t like Feed because it really didn’t have anything I could connect to, or WANTED to connect to. It seemed like a techno kid (not like, little kid) version of Brave New World -not totally, but in a lot of the themes… And it’s similarity to BNW isn’t why I didn’t like it, but those themes in both- the whole being fed stuff at birth, being trained to love or hate or buy stuff at an early age, and having it always in your face- that’s the part I didn’t want to admit was happening to me, to all of us, with the whole internet in your pocket, and not having to actually REMEMBER what you learn, since you can now rely on looking anything up on a whim… And you have to see the adverts no matter what you’re looking at now…. It reminds me of the google glasses (in reality) video: http://youtu.be/t3TAOYXT840

    Then there’s the slang- I have never been a fan of internet slang, or ‘tumblr talk’ (as I’ve recently heard it called) and it just made me that more disconnected from the characters.

    I did a mini comic (my very first!) many years ago in lieu of a final paper for my Sci-Fi lit class, and I featured all the books we read- one of them being Feed, which I did not paint in a very flattering light ;)

    However, like all books I didn’t like, it’s on my Try-Again-Someday list, so maybe I’ll give it another shot if you guys decide to cover it.

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  13. 10 Fawndolyn

    Oh yeah, here’s the comic- really shitty, old, probably copied some other artists’ character designs in the last panel, but never let it be said I didn’t make a comic more than 5 pages once in my life.

  14. 11 nick marino

    Probably the coolest final paper ever.

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