Sequential Underground #72 – Cartoon College

Sequential Underground

First up we announce the winners of our Sabertooth Swordsman giveaway from last episode!!! JoBeth Butcher takes home the 2nd Place prize for her crazy villain names, and Ryan King snags 1st Place for his insanely creative alliteration.

On this episode, Ross Campbell joins Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino to review Cartoon College, a recently released documentary film that follows the lives of students at The Center for Cartoon Studies.


One lucky listener will win a DVD screener of Cartoon College and an 11×17 movie poster! To enter, hit up the comments and tell us the title of the crazy second year thesis comic book you would create if you were a student The Center for Cartoon Studies. Entry deadline is Thursday, August 8th.

We discuss the movie’s narrative, a winding path which takes us down the hard road of cartoonists studying in White River Junction, Vermont. The film chronicles the ups and downs of the self-publishing process for these comics creators.

This documentary gives us a glimpse inside of the CCS classrooms and studios while detailing the process behind the creation of minicomics and graphic novels.

12 Responses to “Sequential Underground #72 – Cartoon College”

  1. 1 nick marino

    My CCS comics thesis would be a story I’ve been dying to do for a couple of years! It’s a cosmic epic that ties in with my upcoming Nik Furious album. The title is “7 Star Sky Flash Kick” (or maybe just “★★★★★★★” which somehow seems cooler because it’s a pain the butt to say or type it).

  2. 2 JoBeth Butcher

    My CCS comics I would create would be “Veronica Innocent” she wouldn’t be innocent at all. She only looks innocent but underneath her 10 year old child like experience lives the wisdom and life experience of a 2000 year old vampire. She looks like a child and easily moves from family to family who unknowingly help her and take her in. Then she meets a family that understand her all to well because they are vampires to. Will they become one big happy family or one blood sucking nightmare

  3. 3 JoBeth Butcher

    I am just submitting this over so I can check the box for email updates so I can read everyones ideas

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  5. 4 Brandon!

    All the manga/anime kids always get left out… I’m really interested in seeing this movie, but the trailer comes of as pretentious to me. I might just be jaded by a lot of the hipster zine comic kids I know from my area.

    @Nick ★★★★★★★ sounds awesome!

    My CCS thesis: Dragon Fist the story is about two marital arts rivals of the school of Ryū-ken who’s intense rivalry suddenly turns to romance! However Master Dragon disapproves of their love! Now their only chance to keep their love and their lives is to master the Dragon Fist technique. Ryū-ken is life and death!!!

  6. 5 nick marino

    @JoBeth: Awesome story idea!!! I’m hoping for “blood sucking nightmare” as the inevitable ending.

    @Brandon: It’s not a pretentious film in my opinion. But the focus is really specific, favoring artists who create handmade minicomics and the professional artists who tend to be big inspirations to that crowd.

    I love the Dragon Fist idea!!!!!! My brain has already pre-ordered it pledged to the the Kickstarter campaign.

  7. 6 Brandon!

    @Nick I’m glad it’s not pretentious, it just kinda came off that way from the trailer, but I still wanna see it.

    Thanks!!! I really dig the idea too! I just came up with it on the spot, which I’m normally really bad at! I might have to do a sketch or to and file it for later!

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  9. 7 Brian John Mitchell

    My CCS thesis: The text boxes for every panel is made from a line of Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee. But instead of it being a direct interpretation of the poem, the narrative of the comic tells the story of an astronaut trapped in isolation trying to keep his sanity. It appeals to three groups of folks (Poe fans, Sci Fi Fans, art comic fans) to be potentially salable. If I win the DVD, I may actually make the comic….

  10. 8 nick marino

    Sounds like a great comic!

  11. 9 ryan king

    oh, crap! almost forgot to enter this.

    my ccs thesis: “Masturbation: A Fairy Tale!” This comic would interweave personal stories about masturbation from friends, family, and myself wrapped around a fairy tale-esque narrative about sexual awakening. Think American Born Chinese, but with dongs and lips (instead of race and chimps). Nothing pornographic, just challenging cultural taboos in a cumming of age story.

    yo, nick! What’s yours about? More details, please.

  12. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Free eBooks by Nick Marino

  13. 10 nick marino

    @Ryan: hehehe cumming of age. BRILLIANT!!! (also, family masturbation stories… that’s scandalous!)

    My story keeps changing but the basic premise is that there’s something Nik Furious (who will be renamed for this comic) has to spread to 7 different star systems. Originally it was to be the skeleton of the grim reaper, but that’s too close to this spec script I wrote off of somebody else’s idea a long time ago and I want to be more original. So anyway, he has to take these seven pieces of whatever around the universe and each star system presents different obstacles. Furious has to use his music (a.k.a. the 13 tracks from the album 7 Star Sky Flash Kick) to overcome the obstacles.

  14. 11 ryan king

    @Nick: Damn, how do you not steal that “skeleton of the grim reaper” idea? Combining music and space odyssey is a cool concept rarely done. Reminds me of Captain EO. LONG LIVE CAPTAIN EO!!

  15. 12 nick marino

    hahahaha yeah this is basically a Captain EO sequel!!!

    okay, not really. but i wish it was.

    the grim reaper idea… i know, it’s so fucking good. the concept he pitched me was that the grim reaper wants to die, so he goes to see this all-powerful Shaolin monk. he pleads with the monk to kill him. so the monk separates the reaper into seven different pieces and spreads them to the corners of the Earth. it’s a killer idea. frankly, i dunno if he got it form somewhere else or what, but i thought it was super cool. i wrote this really weird Starlin-esque intro where the monk and the reaper have this existential conversation and then the monk disassembles him.

    like i said, i don’t wanna steal the idea, so i’m gonna do something fundamentally different with it. but i like the basis of having to scatter something (or someone) to far apart places so they can’t reform.

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    Dinogeddon webcomics

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