Sequential Underground #71 – Sabertooth Swordsman

Sequential Underground

Nick Marino talks to Aaron Conley (artist), Damon Gentry (writer), and Brendan Wright (editor) about Sabertooth Swordsman. It’s a new genre-defying story published by Dark Horse Comics, currently serialized as six $0.99 digital comics that will become a hardcover graphic novel this November.


In honor of the story’s antagonist, the Mastodon Mathematician, we want to hear your best alliterative villain name. Leave it in a comment by July 25th. The runner-up will get all six digital issues of Sabertooth Swordsman. The grand prize winner will get all six issues PLUS an awesome sketch by Aaron Conley!

But enough about giveaways! From pitching to printing, we discuss each and every step of the Sabertooth Swordsman production process on this profound podcast. (See, that’s the magic of alliteration right there.)

We take a bite out of some big issues, from the story’s use of female characters to tale’s cultural background to Aaron’s visual influences to Damon’s bright and punchy dialogue. Also, keep an eye out for September’s Dark Horse Presents #28, featuring a lush Sabertooth Swordsman short story in full color!

19 Responses to “Sequential Underground #71 – Sabertooth Swordsman”

  1. 1 nick marino

    alright, imma get the ball rolling on some kickass alliterative villain names!

    Deadly Doctor Delirium
    Obstinate Orangutan
    The Lady of Lurk Lake

  2. 2 Brian John Mitchell

    Huge Handed Harold
    The Gristled Grizzly
    Blue Eyed Blonde
    Gorgon Gourmet

  3. 3 nick marino

    hahahaha Huge Handed Harold is my new favorite supervillain

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

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  5. 4 JoBeth Butcher

    Warlow the Waterwalking Walrus
    Grizzly Gorilla
    Stretch Super Strong
    Luscious Laser Lady
    All guy names but 1 we need some girly ones
    Long Legged Lillian
    Lexi the Leaping Lady
    What about:
    Evil DR Ergo
    Lance the LoungeLizard

  6. 5 nick marino

    Luscious Laser Lady sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is she made out of lasers or does she have sweet laser cannons?

  7. 6 Ricardo Guajardo

    Another interesting name instead of Mastodon Mathematician would be Tyrant Tamas Tusks. It keeps up with the middle eastern theme which Tamas translates to Darkness in Indian names.

    Of course, a silly name like I would prefer would be Eugene the Enormously Evil Egghead Elephant. :p

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    Dead Mondays webcomics

  9. 7 ryan king

    Here goes nuttin:

    Mummified Milkman Moe
    Dogmatic Disco Dog
    Ding-Dong Daddy-Death
    Ambivalently Androgynous American Ape
    The Torrential Torment of Taj’s Take-out
    Soft-spoken Speargun Sally
    Kosko, the Killer Kaiju Klown
    Ringworm Rufus, the Red Reared, Rump Rubbing Rottweiler

  10. 8 nick marino

    @Ricardo: Dude, I love your villain names!! Super rad.

    But Middle Eastern and Indian… two totally different things!

    (Granted, this comic really blurs the lines between the cultures and sorta spits out this new mishmash of them plus lots of other semi-historical-ish but not-at-all-real stuff.)

    @Ryan: KILLER LIST!! Ringworm Rufus, the Red Reared, Rump Rubbing Rottweiler is amazing.

  11. 9 shawn atkins

    the purple penguin pulverizer
    death dealing dolly dogs of doom
    Francis the frantic fan folder
    russel the raving radioactive radical

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    Shadoweyes webcomics

  13. 10 tyson elmer

    here we go, some villains:

    Obsessive Ollie, the Obese-Obliterating Owl from the Odourless Orange Orbital Observatory

    Crispy Craig the Calculating Cannibalistic Cabbage

    Ancient Abby, the Abnormal Alien Abusing Aardvark

  14. 11 James Whynot

    Linda the loathsome lesbian librarian.

  15. 12 JoBeth Butcher

    she can have the cannons nothing wrong with a sexy lazy lady

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    Free eBooks by Nick Marino

  17. 13 nick marino

    hahaha everyone is coming up with the craziest fucking names!! i love it.

  18. 14 JoBeth Butcher

    What about Veronica the Vivacious Violent Vixen

  19. 15 JoBeth Butcher

    Arimus the Attacking Aqua Alligator
    Bethany the b###h Borrowing Biting Bunny

  20. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Nik Furious instrumental music

  21. 16 nick marino

    JoBeth and Ryan, you’re our winners! I’ve just emailed both of you about it.

  22. 17 JoBeth Butcher

    Thank u I really liked this it was fun you should do some more of these kind of interactive posts if just for fun

  23. 18 Ryan King

    BIG THANKS! I second JoBeth. This was really fun and engaging. Definitely earns my favorite moment from Tremors:

  24. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  25. 19 nick marino

    hahahaha that guy in the yellow shirt fist pumping his hat. i love it.

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