A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #164 – Hole Sweet Hole

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

Kaylie McDougal and Nick Marino have reached the end of ALF Season One! To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of it on DVD. Here’s how to win:

Tell us your favorite ALF memory in the comments by Sunday, July 7th! It can be about the show itself, an awesome ALF toy, a freaky ALF dream, or even your fav moment from our ALF review podcasts. We’ll read your responses on next week’s podcast and announce the winner.

You could win ALF Season 1!If you play your cards right, this DVD set of the ol’ ALFer could be yours.

Okay, enough about the contest. On with the BARF!! We review ALF s1 e25 and ALF s1 e26, two decent episodes of ALF featuring big bugs and crazy neighbors. Kaylie made screencaps of s1 e25 and s1 e26, and Nick (despite being naked in a hot closet and suffering from multiple bodily injuries) made some too.

Next up, Kaylie and Nick review Disco Worms, an odd animated film from Denmark that’s streaming on Netflix. It’s about Barry, a persecuted earthworm who dreams of becoming a famous disco singer. Kaylie made ‘caps and Nick made ‘caps.

After the end theme, Skipper Martin joins us for a follow up to last week’s discussion of his story, The More They Stay Insane, from Outlaw Territory Vol. 3.

Next: We’re taking a week off from ALF! But we’ll still be here to announce the winner of ALF S1 on DVD and talk about other stupid stuff.

23 Responses to “A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #164 – Hole Sweet Hole”

  1. 1 Jared

    I don’t remember which season it’s from, but my favorite ALF memory is from an episode where ALF digs a pond in the back yard. There’s a scene where Willie walks into the back yard and falls into it. He starts yelling at ALF and ALF replies “I made a boo boo”. Willie retorts “a boo-boo?”. It isn’t so much the line that stuck out but the delivery of the line by Max Wright. I recall myself and my whole family losing it at that moment. For years after we would often recite the line and laugh all over again.

  2. 2 Jason K Averill

    OMC, Disco Worms!

    If you liked those captions, you should check out this YouTube WTF:

  3. 3 nick marino

    @Jared: Awesome!! I forget that episode… now I’m looking forward to rewatching it.

    @Jason: That movie looks bonkers!!!

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  5. 4 Jason A

    Nick, it’s pretty “typical” space adventure, but SO 70s. Which is 110% all good in my book. But whoever did that cut, I think they added some absolutely batshit captions. Nothing quite as sublime as MAD TV’s [Undecipherable James Brown Noises], but still, “bonkers” is pretty apt.

    Also, the ‘Hoff.

  6. 5 Lisa Neutel

    I love how ALF always is trying to get the cat to eat it…aww the funny things ALF does..this show is so good….

  7. 6 kim

    another great podcast.:) I really like these two episodes of alf, though for some reason ep 25 scared the hell out of me as kid, but it does not bother me now. the screencap you got o alf and willie hugging is surprisingly adorable. I consider ep 26 among the best just because of the talking toaster. XD
    my best alf memory would have to be when me and my mom used to watch Alf on saturday mornings and we would both laugh to death at the best parts of Alf.

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  9. 7 nick marino

    @Kim: I wish the talking toaster was a recurring character!!!

    @Lisa: Thx for sharing your ALF memory :D

    @Jason: BONKERSSSSS!

  10. 8 Daniel Arruda Massa

    welll… The country I am from is called “The Netherlands”(Also knows as Holland) and the people from The Netherlands are called “Dutch”. Denmark is Denmark and they are called Danish. Scandinavia is a collection af counties namely Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden(maybe greenland aswel, but I’m not even sure if greenland actually exists.)


  11. 9 Daniel Arruda Massa

    Iceland not Greenland. whoopsie

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  13. 10 kaylie

    thanks for sharing your ALF memories, everyone! keep ’em coming!!!

    @Daniel: thanks so much for clearing that up! i feel bad, i’m super ignorant about that part of Europe myself, so i was of no help to Nick! XD

  14. 11 nick marino

    last i checked, Greeenland does not exist. it’s been retconned out of Earth’s continuity.

  15. 12 Daniel Arruda Massa

    @Nick That sounds about right.

    The only ALF memory I have is seeing like a poster of ALF and being super confused. For years I wondered what that creature was supposed to be. Because of these podcasts I finally know that he is an alien. Thank you.

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    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  17. 13 nick marino

    hehehehe i dunno why but that memory is super funny to me. i guess because ALF is basically an acronym telling you that he’s an alien.

  18. 14 John

    Omg the episode where Kate is havin a baby and alf keeps calling her fat over and over :) every time I see it I’m like alf is a little jerk Hahahahaha :)I could watch it all day

  19. 15 nick marino

    @John: hahahaha yeah that’s a good one. ALF is such an asshole!

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    The Illiterate Badger webcomics

  21. 16 Daniel Arruda Massa

    I have one other ALF related memory… kind of. One day not to long ago my girlfriend said to me: “Baby, if we ever get a son I want to call him Alvie”. I showed her a picture of ALF and I said “No”.

    (ALF sounds like Alvie)

  22. 17 nick marino

    WHAT?!?!? Don’t deny your child a bright and bold future with a name that sounds like ALF. It’ll only help him live a more fulfilling life.

  23. 18 Chris D

    Alf used to be one of the shows I looked forward to during 8th grade. I’d try to get my homework done before it came on. It wasn’t a good year either behaviorally or scholastically, so Alf motivated me a bit. Favorite line I still quote today comes from the episode Alf is forced to live in the garage when relatives visit. They bring him Chinese food and Alf asks what it is. “Twice cooked pork.” Alf replied, “Looks more like twice eaten pork!” Ha! This show kills me 20 years later.

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    Dinogeddon webcomics

  25. 19 nick marino

    @Chris D: Motivational ALF!!! I love it.

  26. 20 Brandon!

    Sorry I’m WAY late to this one, but…

    Disco Worms actually has some pretty awesome concept art

  27. 21 nick marino

    those character designs kick ass!!!! i wish this was a 2D movie with art like that.

    still, worm boobs seem like an odd choice to me…

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    Dead Mondays webcomics

  29. 22 Brandon!

    90% of the time I prefer 2D animation with some 3D elements like cars and stuff… I was just impressed with the amount of life in concept draws.

    The boobs on the worms are just… weird and kinda wrong.

  30. 23 nick marino

    i understand why the boobs are there from a shorthand standpoint (this character = woman, this character = man), but they’re just awkward! the clothes and the voices and everything else are already so gendered that the boobs just become unnecessary. if anything, it’s a bit over the top and over-gendered.

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