Podcast Vérité #1 – Instant Blitz

Podcast Vérité

Welcome to Podcast Vérité, a new series hosted by the founders of the AudioShocker! The concept is simple — 3 topics, 20 minutes. Neal picks a topic, Nick picks a topic, and you pick a topic.

1. The death of instant messaging. Neal eulogizes the instant messaging services that used to be such a big part of his life. Part of him misses the mischief and part of him is burned out by constant texting. He wonders if Snapchat will occupy the social space once held by IMing. Nick just thinks he misses telling people “BRB!”

2. What’s a modern friendship? Our listener topic comes from Marques, who asked us to talk about friendship. Nowadays, Neal feels like he only has time and energy for close friends that he can really count on. But Nick considers pretty much anybody he talks to (in person OR online) to be his friend.

Bejeweled Blitz

3. Do I have a video game addiction? Nick is concerned that his Bejeweled Blitz habit has gone from use to abuse. He’s obsessed with maintaining his high score, but is that just a different way of getting high? To test the limits of his addiction, Nick decides to go cold turkey until Podcast Vérité #2.

We need your topic for our next episode! Leave your ideas in the comments below before June 23nd and we’ll pick our favorite suggestion.

12 Responses to “Podcast Vérité #1 – Instant Blitz”

  1. 1 Heather Nunnelly

    Hold on I have to think of a good topic…uhmm uhhmm….

    What do you think of 3D movies? Do you think it enhances or stalls storytelling? is there a 3D movie that you think works? Is there one that especially doesn’t?

  2. 2 Daniel Arruda Massa

    My girlfriend also has these layers of friends, but in a way that she says that she has like 10 best friends… she can’t explain how that works. I on the other hand kind of see every one that is nice to me and I like as a friend but I am only really close to like 2 people.

    When I grew up there was always this thing were the ‘adults’ were always talking about that you need to be careful with picking your friends and all this stuff about true friendship. Like friendship is this magical thing. But I figured out that, that is crap.

  3. 3 neeeeaalllll

    heather: 3d movies is a solid idea – i have plenty to say about that, and i’m sure nick does too.

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  5. 4 nick marino

    @Heather and Neal: YES! Awesome topic suggestion. But now I feel like I need to see a new one because it’s been 3 or 4 years since I watched a 3D movie (which is especially ironic if you know me well).

    @Daniel: Your childhood experience is interesting to me because I never noticed adults saying stuff like that to me. In fact, I always felt like I was too stingy in regards to friendship growing up.

    I kinda understand what your girlfriend means with 10 best friends because I feel like I’m similar. For me, it’s a bunch of friends that I know from different times in life but they’re all equally my best friends in different ways.

    I have a childhood best friend and a college best friend and Neal (who’s like later college and then after college and AudioShocker best friend) and a Pittsburgh best friend and then my two cousins who are my cousins best also my best friends, each in their own way.

    In fact, this is such a problem for me that I was thinking when I get married I might turn my bachelor party into “THE FIGHT FOR BEST MAN!” and have it be some kind of competition event because I don’t think I could choose one person like that!

  6. 5 Jason A

    But Nick, isn’t your Best Man supposed to plan the bachelor party???

    I don’t know if I miss IM though, cause I still kind of have it. Just not there’s not so much a separate client I go to, but I get the IM/Chat feature in my other apps, like Steam or facebook or . . . Well, really just those two. That I use anyway.

    Love the 3D topic!

  7. 6 zach

    first, i love the podcast verite format. i like how bite-sized it is. but yes you are addicted to bejeweled. i think casual games are the most insidious things in the universe. i think their only real goal is to keep you coming back by any means possible so they can keep getting pageviews and ad revenue. so they just find these crazy and manipulative ways to keep you pressing buttons. i went cold turkey from a game called hex empire and it was tough but i have to say i’m really glad to not feel the need to play flash games as my “default” activity.

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  9. 7 ross

    awesome first episode, i loved the friendship topic. i think i’m pretty loose with how i define friendship or how i throw around the term, hmm…

    man, i don’t know how i feel about the flash game thing, i’m kind of uncomfortable with video gaming in general but these casual games seem totally insidious to me, like Zach is saying above. my mom plays them sometimes, she used to play Bejewelled but i think her main one now is Bubblez or something like that? anyway i was at my parents’ house at one point watching my mom play this thing, and she didn’t really look like she was having fun or into the game much at all, so i asked her if she was even having fun and she said she didn’t know. i feel like i’ve mentioned this anecdote on our own podcast before but whatever. anyway it really struck me and i think a lot of people play these games for reasons other than fun or it turns into something un-fun or SOMETHING… like a drug addict who’s far enough along that they do the drug just out of mechanical habit and they aren’t getting high anymore but they can’t stop. i don’t know. seems bad. i hope you get things under control, Nick. :(

    my topic suggestion is sharks.

  10. 8 nick marino

    @Jason: Yeah, the best man would hypothetically be in charge of the bachelor party but honestly I wanna plan my own bachelor party! So that part is taken care of and they can just worry about competing… TO THE DEATH!

    @Zach: I’m glad you dig the format! My problem is that I can go cold turkey from the game but then six months later when I have to be on a plane for four hours I’ll play it again and then I get sucked back in.

    @Ross: So far it’s under control!! I don’t miss the game but I DO really really miss the competitive aspect of it.

    In the past few years I’ve found that I’ve become a really competitive person. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. But I feel this really strong desire to compete and beat other people at stuff.

    I think that’s why the AudioShocker is such a passion of mine, like I’m somehow competing with other podcast producers. That’s why Super Haters was daily. I figured if I couldn’t compete with art at least I could compete with quantity and writing.

    I dunno. I guess it’s a black hole. Like, if I actually do begin to win, then I’ll just keep competing until there’s nothing left.

    And great topic suggestion!!!!!

  11. 9 neeeeaalllll

    @nick, really? your bachelor party would be the antithesis of a bachelor party. no strippers, no booze, no red meat. it’d just be a fancy tea party with booker t playing in the background.


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  13. 10 nick marino

    hahahah I never said it would have no strippers or booze or meat! i just said part of it would be a battle for best man supremacy.

  14. 11 Dan

    Great first episode guys. Although, I have to admit a little bit of sadness with the passing of the original Audioshocker show. Either way, you two always have some great conversations, so I’m looking forward to more Podcast Vérité!

    Here’s a suggested topic of conversation; web browsers. So many to choose from. Best? Worst? Your personal choice?

    Hugs & Kisses from Pittsburgh

  15. 12 nick marino

    Thx Dan!!! And I LOVE your topic suggestion. Granted, I haven’t done much experimentation in the past couple of years… but I used to use three browsers simultaneously so I could be logged into multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time!

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