A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #161 – Softcore

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

We kick things off with an apology regarding last week’s commenting problem. And then we debut a new theme song! It’s a snippet of the currently unreleased PonyGasm pt 1 (which will drop this summer on the new Nik Furious album). But ya know what’s out right now? The PonyGasm digital comic, a kickass erotic adventure!!!

x-ray ALF

Next up, Kaylie McDougal and Nick Marino BARF with glee as they review ALF s1 e19 and ALF s1 e20, two especially twisted ALF tales featuring psychotic breaks and psychological analysis. Kaylie made screencaps and Nick made screencaps.

Tender is the Fart

After Nick drops a brief review of After Earth, we get cozy with Kaylie’s secret movie: Tender is the Heart (a.k.a. Killer Sex). It’s a 2001 softcore porn that’s heavy on plot and low on logic. Kaylie got tasteful screencaps and Nick got NSFW screencaps.

maybe a little bush...

Next: A Rear Window parody in ALF s1 e21 and some asparagus in ALF s1 e22. Also, Nick’s dad might be our special guest! Watch should we watch with him???

14 Responses to “A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #161 – Softcore”

  1. 1 Nick O'G

    How bout you call it “Jesus: The Bible Part 2”

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Nick: That’s an awesome suggestion!!! Thx :D

  3. 3 Jason K Averill

    Ooh! Ooh! ‘The New Testament: Neo’!

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Shadoweyes webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    hahahaha nice! i wish i could share all of the names we’re considering cuz they’re so fun, but i’m keepin’ ’em under wraps!

  6. 5 kim

    another good podcast. I heard the story of one of the screenwriters that worked on alf being a crack addict and made this movie based on in life with alf. I agree these two episodes of alf are both kind of creepy and funny at the same time, I like episode 19, but yeah, episode 20 not so much. I kind of like darker more psychotic alf, but I think that episode could have been a whole lot more sinister then what it was. it is kind of creepy how alf impersonates the tanner’s voices in that episode. I agree ep 20 is kind of sad, the only funny parts in is when alf puts the box on his head and alf and willie impersonate each other and I also find it really creepy in the ending scene where alf is in the bedroom and staring at willie at night and also the fact willie is okay with that.

  7. 6 Jason A

    Oh crap, I wanted to pass this on:

    That’s a review of ANOTHER movie apparently written by Jerry Stahl. Seems it’s an artsy-surrealist-prono.

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  9. 7 nick marino

    @Kim: Yeah, it’s so confusing! So Willie’s compromise is that ALF can stare at him while he sleeps? WHAT??? I mean, if the compromise was that ALF can leave a mess in the kitchen, then I get it. But letting him watch you sleep is just a little too surreal for me.

    With that said, I still love the ending, regardless of how creepy it is. Actually, I think I love it BECAUSE of how creepy and implausible it is!

    You should check out Permanent Midnight since you’re such a big ALF fan! I dunno how accurate it was, but it was interesting to see the supposed process behind writing an ALF script. Jerry Stahl and his heroin addiction take up most of the movie, but there’s just enough ALF stuff in there to make it intriguing.

    But it’s not like he wrote the whole series. He’s only credited on three episodes. Three out of a hundred. So a pretty small contribution overall, unless he ghosted some of the other scripts.

    @Jason: Oh mannnnnnnnnn that movie might be too much for me. I have my limits!!!

  10. 8 Fawndolyn

    I think you guys should stick with Kristine DeBell and watch Bill Osco’s Alice in Wonderland. It’s a muuuusicalll :D

  11. 9 zach

    hahaha killer sex!! i love that she brought this plant to make a bush joke, but couldn’t pick a plant that’s even REMOTELY a bush?? Like it’s just a regular flower or whatever. Turns this potentially ice-breaking double-entendre into just a confusing single-entendre.

    As for movies, when I think about my dad, I think about a stack of movies he buys from bargain bins but then doesn’t watch. Things like “Devil in a Blue Dress.” The Room is a good idea but I can’t help but feel there’s a more perfect choice out there. Although maybe that’s just because I feel like “eveyone” has seen the room, but maybe not in his generation?

  12. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  13. 10 nick marino


    @Zach: Hahahahaha yeah we didn’t even get into that, how the producers were too lazy to buy a bush to fucking make the joke work.

    I totally agree about The Room. It’s almost too easy to pick it. He gets in tonight so I’ll spring the idea on him then. Maybe he’ll have a good suggestion.

  14. 11 Jason A

    O. M. G.

    I just staggered face-first into this film: The Minis.


    Is it on the Netflix? I have no idea what this is like, but it sounds . . . Like a thing.

  15. 12 nick marino

    hahaha that looks atrocious! i wanna see it.

    BTW we’ve picked our movie for next week…

    …Abbott & Costello: Africa Screams

  16. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Nik Furious instrumental music

  17. 13 ross

    i love the Ponygasm theme!!

    Kaylie, the anthology you’re thinking of is Smut Peddler put together by Spike Trotman. :) she is great!

    dad movie, hmmmm… Vigilante is great, i love that one. Fred Williamson! if your dad doesn’t want the Vigilante blu ray, i’ll take it off his hands.

    damn, sucks about Bible 2!!! ugh. what’s a better title than that!? :( i’m brainstorming.

    @Kaylie: that’s awesome about people commenting on Dinogeddon and everything!! well-deserved. i hope you keep doing it, too, but i got to the point where i felt like i was badgering you not to give up. :\ when do you stop doing that at the risk of being overbearing or irritating, you know? i don’t know. can’t wait to see more Lupe!!! ;D

  18. 14 nick marino

    thx for the theme love!!!

    speaking of my dad having a character named after him in Vigilante, last night Justique discovered there’s a character with my name in the movie Easy Money… Joe Pesci plays Nick Marino! or at least that’s what he’s called in the movie. but then in the credits he’s listed as Nick Cerone. confusing.

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