Sequential Underground #67 – Keep It Fresh

Sequential Underground

After Shawn Atkins recaps his experience at last weekend’s Pittsburgh Comic Arts Festival, he talks to Nick Marino about keeping long ongoing comics fresh and exciting for himself as creator.

Gello ApocalypseShawn keeps it fresh by staying flexible and experimenting with the medium.

For years, Shawn has told the story of Kat and Pryor in Gello Apocalypse. He’s kept things fresh by letting the art and storytelling of the comic grow along with him, going from short black and white stories to long multi-part tales in color. Plus, he likes to have fun and experiment, trying out new sequential tricks.

Super HatersNick couldn’t keep it fresh! He got burned out by the format of his webcomic.

Nick Marino, on the other hand, couldn’t maintain his mojo on Super Haters. While the webcomic lives on as sporadic short stories, the long-term narrative became a drag. Nick got tired of the daily grind and the comics’s constrictive format.

Explorers of the UnknownShawn kept the punch in his comics by finding a collaborator.

But burnout doesn’t have to happen to you! When Shawn needed a kick in the pants on Explorers of the Unknown, he invited his friend Seth Fronzoli to join him as a co-plotter and scripter. He maintains his excitement by asking his collaborator to surprise him with the scripts.

3 Responses to “Sequential Underground #67 – Keep It Fresh”

  1. 1 Brian John Mitchell

    I’ve done some shows where they tell me I need a table & then I find out I don’t after carrying it in. Worse is when they provide a table that is a super odd size.

    I really hate how compilations/anthologies that you contribute to come out & you find out they are out a year after they came out. I know I’ve done two or three of those jam comics at cons where each artist does one panel & I have no idea if anything happened with them.

    It sounds like for Gello, maybe Shawn could use a plotter as a collaborator rather than an actual writer.

  2. 2 Daniel Arruda Massa

    At a lot of cons I have been to they have these market stables, it looks cute but it’s impossible to draw using those tables as a surface.

  3. 3 nick marino

    @Daniel: What’s a market stable? I dunno what you mean!!

    @Brian: I hate weird tables!!! They can totally ruin a show experience.

    Anthologies are such a mixed bag. I’ve done a ton of submissions this year, but it’s been kinda confusing because some editors are on the ball while others are total slackers!! In general, it’s been fun but it’s not something I’m super stoked about doing all of the time.

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