A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #159 – Uncanny Valley

A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick

Kaylie McDougal and Nick Marino begin with a look back at the monumental career of Cliff Foenander and The Fabulous Echoes, who (as we all know by now) became household names in South Asia thanks to their cover of A Little Bit Of Soap.

ALF poke!

Then it’s time to BARF up our feelings about two solid episodes of ALF featuring Kate’s mom, Dorothy. In ALF s1 e13, Dorothy comes to visit and pisses off ALF in the process. In ALF s1 e14, ALF gets back at Dorothy by turning her life into a script for a soap opera. Kaylie made screencaps and Nick made screencaps.

Russ speaks for all of us

After a brief diversion into ALF erotica and Willie’s sordid past, we face off against the most confounding and repetitive b-movie ever… An Easter Bunny Puppy.

From David DeCoteau — the creative force behind A Talking Cat!?! comes a tale packed full of mystery, teen hormones, painfully long montages, and nonsensical plot developments. Kaylie got screencaps and Nick got screencaps.

Yes, he is. He's staring at your ass.

Next: ALF wants Dorothy to get laid in ALF s1 e15 and he befriends a confused boy in ALF s1 e18 (note that we’re skipping episodes e16-17 because they’re clip shows!!). And we continue our DeCoteau marathon with Christmas Puppy.

9 Responses to “A Podcast with Kaylie and Nick #159 – Uncanny Valley”

  1. 1 Jason A

    Oh gods, An Easter Bunny Puppy. So bad. I can’t wait for Christmas Puppy next week! These puppy movies remind me so hard of Godfrey Ho movies. Just, you know, less coherent. And no ninjas.

    “Deal with”

  2. 2 kim

    you guys are terrible, you made me look up alf porn.
    another great podcast anyway! I really like these two episodes of alf mostly because of the interactions between alf and Dorothy, I especially love the scene were dorothy is poking alf. I agree that alf is probably one of the easier sitcoms to watch because of simple the plots are which I think was good thing for alf.

    futhermore, oh my god, the easter bunny puppy sounds like the most terrible movie in the history of bad movies by the way you guys were describing it. just from the screenshots alone the movie does make any sense to me. one of those movies I will diffidently not watch because it might be too painful.

  3. 3 zach

    hahaha oh my god, i was losing it with this one, so funny. just listening to you guys talk about an easter puppy, like you’d get a little ways into discussing something and then it’d be like: “oh but we forgot THIS” like the movie just has so many flaws you can’t even keep track of them all. love the fact that the easter movie was shot clearly in the fall, hahahahaha.

    for nick’s last screencap of an easter puppy i keep imagining sunglasses dropping down, and “DEAL WITH” popping up.

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  5. 4 nick marino

    @Jason: XMAS PUPPY WILL BE EPIC (I hope)!!

    @Kim: Sorry about the naked ALF.

    An Easter Bunny Puppy is borderline painful, which is why I like it. It’s sort of like a student film gone really REALLY wrong.

    @Zach: It’s impossible to describe everything that’s fucked up about An Easter Bunny Puppy!!! If A Talking Cat!?! is akin to The Room, then An Easter Bunny Puppy is akin to Plan 9 From Outer Space.

  6. 5 Jason A

    But Nick, these animal movies can’t come near the acting amazement of Bela Lugosi, or Vampira, or Gregory Walcott, or TOR JOHNSON! Though I do think the “town of 8 people” in Easter Bunny Puppy’s egg hunt is kinda reminisce of Plan 9’s four person LAPD.

    Oh! And Nick, the captcha anti-spam thing, it didn’t work on my phone. Just an FYI.

  7. 6 nick marino

    I scrapped the image CAPTCHA and went back to a standard one. Either it wasn’t working for people or they were still ignoring it. I’m tired of combing through the spam comments!

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  9. 7 Jason K Averill

    Ugh, I’m sorry Nick. I loved the image CAPTCHA when I was on my lappy.

    And, just FYI, I’m pretty excited for the new line-up! So Happy Kaylie & Nick will stay weekly. :)

  10. 8 Smars

    dude… foenander is a pretty awesome name XD

    the best clip show was on the show community, episode 21 of the second season “Paradigms of Human Memory”
    what’s so great about it, is it’s a clip show made up entirely of scenes from new scenes. it’s all new content, presented in a mocking flashback form. it was pretty awesome. and there’s a nod to a specific fan of the series in the episode too.
    that show was in its prime back then. not so much now.

    easter bunny puppy? i don’t know how awful this film really is, but listening to you guys talk about it made it sound amazingly hilarious. (which i’m sure it’s not)
    wow… they put out so many of them back to back. what the hell is going on in hollywood? why is all this money being thrown around like this?
    really makes me wish i could make a movie since they’re just handing out money to anyone who wants to make a movie.
    maybe they owed a favor to someones relative.
    hrm… i think kaylie might be right, this is a money laundering scheme. hehe

  11. 9 nick marino

    Easter Bunny Puppy probably isn’t as funny to other people as it is to me. but it’s pretty fucking hilarious to me!

    my guess is that the money for these movies is coming from DeCoteau and close friends, though i could be wrong. i assume the goal is microbudget financing with a small return, enough of a return to call it an obvious profit but small enough that they have to produce a few of these a year.

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