Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #21 – Unchained

Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast

A double dose of Jared Catherine continues from yesterday’s Gello Shots podcast!

Jared joins Nick Marino to share the behind-the-scene goods about their Super Haters webcomics collaboration, Mr. Magnifico Unchained!

Open the image in a new tab to read Jared’s naughty refrigerator poetry.

Jared chats about the difference between his more detailed writing style (as seen in Incrediman Comix) versus Nick’s super-succinct style used in the script for this story. That conversation evolves into a discussion about Jared’s artistic process and how his colored pages ended up being black and white in the final version.

Jared and Nick also dish about some of the hidden jokes in their tale that you can only see by reading a hi-res version (like the one here on deviantART). And Nick shares about his favorite step in the process of creating a Super Haters story — tweaking the character dialogue to be tighter and funnier once the art is complete.

Don’t forget to listen to Jared on Nick’s favorite podcast, Comic Book Pitt.

UPDATE: Jared’s posted all of his process art for this story, from character sketches all the way to the colors (that eventually became gray tones!).

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