Gello Shots #11 – Dare to Dream

Gello Shots

A double-dose of Jared Catherine begins! The cartoonist behind Incrediman Comix and co-host of the Comic Book Pitt podcast joins Shawn Atkins to talk about comics, art, and life.

The guys share funny stories about their shitty restaurant jobs, Jared explains his last name (KA-THUR-EEN, not KATH-RIN!), and Shawn complains about OBGYN visits.

Jared and Shawn also discuss their Santoro Con 2 experience at Copacetic Comics in Pittsburgh where shop owner Bill Boichel talked about romance comics. NAMES GET DROPPED! COMICS GET CONVERSED!

Then Shawn spins the tale of how Gello Apocalypse evolved out of his art school rebellion. And Jared reminisces about how he struggled with painting in college, and how that led him down a circular path to film and eventually creating comics (which he wanted to do in the first place).

ALSO: Young artists with mad skills! Jared digs Jason!

And be back tomorrow for more Jared Catherine as he talks about his new Super Haters story on Destruct-O-Cast #21!

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