A Podcast with Kelly and Rick #151 – Reckless Eye Color

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

After Nick Marino shares his love for the kickass-super-fantastic webcomic Goblyn by Smars, it’s time for the penultimate EXTREME session with X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #7374 (s5 e11 & e13 on Netflix).

BEHOLD! Screencaps by Ross and screencaps by Nick. BEHOLD SOME MORE! Kelly Thompson‘s The Girl Who Would Be King is now on TV Tropes!

Then… drinking and doing drugs! Why has Ross Campbell never gotten drunk or high? Why did Nick quit drinking and smoking? Is going to the bar making Kelly’s life better? And can an altered state of mind forever change an artist’s expression?

Next: This is it! The final two episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series — #7576 (s5 e12 & e14 on Netflix)!!!

26 Responses to “A Podcast with Kelly and Rick #151 – Reckless Eye Color”

  1. 1 m@dreadnaut

    You should have stuck with the drums. Animal from the ‘Muppets’ was my hero. I played concert from 7-12 and marching from 9-12. No regrets there. Great episode.

  2. 2 nick marino

    Thx dude!!! Awesome to see you making the leap over to the AudioShocker for comments ;D

    I gotta say that as much as I love playing drums, I was always more fascinated by drum kits than symphony or school band style percussion. I mean, drums still = the best instrument in school band. But I think drum kits are way cooler!!!!

    I feel like this is kinda weird because I’ve never seen anyone do this but… after school I used to go to jazz band practice just to watch them play. It was like a little mini concert in the practice room everyday after school! I’ve always had a hard time reading music so I never tried out for jazz band. But I kinda wish I went and talked to the jazz band teacher and asked him if I could still play with them anyway!

  3. 3 ross

    i hope i wasn’t too off in this episode, i was pretty tired from just having got up and at one point i got distracted reading Goblyn and that’s why i wasn’t saying anything. XD

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Dead Mondays webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    reading Goblyn is the best reason to be distracted!!!!

    i don’t think you were off at all.

    i felt kinda off though because i’m not used to podcasting so early (11ish). i doubt you can hear it… but it was strange for me!!!

  6. 5 zach

    not sure how far to trust information from a site called “funmole” but here it says that the croatian fainting woman was pregnant at the time and that she was fine after fainting.


    having fainted once i can confirm it is scary as hell! i was hanging out with ross and dan, and had gone to the bathroom to pee, and then found myself on the floor with a big gash on my arm. There wasn’t like a puddle of pee anywhere so I assume I must have finished, but the thing I don’t remember is whether or not I re-zipped and stored everything away before I stumbled out of the bathroom because I was so disoriented. Ross, do you remember this at all? Was I flashing you guys when I came down to Dan’s living room????

  7. 6 ross

    @dreadnaut: thanks, man!!! also great to see you over here. :)

    @zach: i totally remember that, yeah!! you were definitely zipped up when you came downstairs, not to worry. i would’ve remembered that, you never would’ve lived that down. you’d flashed me before, anyway, so it wouldn’t have been anything i hadn’t seen before. XD

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    VACANT webcomics

  9. 7 nick marino

    @Zach: hahahahaha funmole

    and HOLY SHIT!! that’s crazy. i’ve fainted before, but nothing like that. how did you get the gash?? did you find something with blood on it later? and did you ever figure out why you fainted?????

    the funniest time i ever fainted was when i was 13 and had just started rolling my own cigarettes. nobody told me you couldn’t actually inhale pipe tobacco!!! i’d found a pack of it backstage at a theater workshop i was doing. so i took it. i bought some rolling papers, and proceed to roll my own smokes. i’m walking down the street with a friend and smoking… this was the first time i’d gone back to chicago to visit friends after i’d moved away. i wanted to be all badass and impress them with my wildness. so i’m walking and talking and smoking, acting like i do this all of the time (which i don’t). and then everything went black just like i got really tired. i opened my eyes and i’m on the ground, my friend sorta shaking me. i decided to stop rolling my own pipe tobacco cigarettes after that. haha

  10. 8 Brian John Mitchell

    Nick, you should get some Paper Jamz drums. I got a set at Walmart in the clearance toys section for about $10.

  11. 9 nick marino

    hehehe yeah I’ll look into those. them seem pretty fun. the Paper Jamz commercial I just watched was pretty dubious, though. the audio was definitely not what the guy was actually playing for about 95% of the 30 second ad, which is shady to me.

    I bought a similar product at a Goodwill over the summer. it was complete garbage. so I’m a little wary. still, if they work okay, it could be fun to keep some Paper Jamz by desk to jam whenever I want.

    the biggest thing for me, though, is that I want a kick pedal!!! my dad got me this Yamaha thing that was just a step up from Paper Jamz, and it had a foot switch, which was cool. but the sensitivity on the thing was so fucked up that I couldn’t successfully play them like regular drums under any circumstances.

    I’ve played legit digital kits a few times before and they’re so fucking cool!!! so I kinda want one. I’m going to this Guitar Center Expo here in Long Beach in a week or so, and maybe I’ll find some crazy deal there!! hahaha or win some drums somehow.

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    Shadoweyes webcomics

  13. 10 Brian John Mitchell

    You might want to try something with a Guitar Hero/Rock Band kit if you have a game system. Or this just inspired me to get a USB roll up drum pad from Hong Kong on ebay for $15….

  14. 11 nick marino

    NOOOOO!!! those cheapo roll up drums are the worst! that’s what i bought at Goodwill.

  15. 12 mark

    My favorite thing Burton-related is how zach always points when he feels something is just ‘burton-by-numbers’. Gets me every time.

    It is also kind of weird how alice in wonderland is up with titanic and avatar among the highest grossing movies in history. Holds a special place with me solely because of the circumstances I saw it under, but I don’t get why it’s so popular.

    About dogtown and z boys: I recall it being in pretty heavy rotation on ifc a few years ago. Think I even sat around like an idiot watching it a second time even though I thought it was pretty dumb the first. It’s a very good example of one particular way a documentary goes wrong these days. Sadly, documentaries these days aren’t made to be informative but exist for polemic or as a pretext for a bunch of over-the-hill folks you’ve never heard of to pontificate about how whatever dumb thing they used to be involved with was like the second coming or whatever. Skateboarding, moreover, is indefensible since it’s always been the crassest kind of money-making enterprise. The reason people do tricks is because they destroy your shoes and your board, requiring you to replace them all the time. No accident that that style of riding has all the marketing behind it.

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    The Illiterate Badger webcomics

  17. 13 nick marino

    Yeah, that’s fucked up that Alice in Wonderland was that lucrative. I sorta don’t believe it… but then again I think it’s the first live-action adaptation of that story made for movie theaters, right?

    I love the athleticism of skateboard tricks and vert. I think it’s super awesome to see skaters flying through the air and landing crazy stunts. I used to think that trick skating was really the only thing people did, and I felt sorta like a reject back east for using my skateboard as transportation.

    But now I have a totally different view of it out here in Cali. Almost every kid skates. No joke. It’s everywhere!! And they’re using their boards as transportation. In fact, I’ve only seen two people doing tricks in the past four months. But I’ve seen probably at 100 kids skating around, to and from school and other places. Not just kids but also guys from the ages of 20-30. Not that many women, though, which I think is a little weird.

  18. 14 ross

    mark = awesome

  19. 15 mark

    @nick: I think alice in wonderland just happened to catch the wave of 3d perfectly. the material has pretty broad appeal and at the time I think everybody was just like, “what’s the deal with these new 3d movies?”

    When I was into skateboarding when I was a teenager boards were basically completely impractical for riding, i.e. small hard wheels. That’s cool that people in cali keep it alive for transportation though. I wouldn’t have thought that. Maybe it’s the beach culture. Here it doesn’t work I don’t think. I know whenever I see somebody on campus on a board I immediately label them as ‘trying too hard.’

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  21. 16 Brandon!

    I didn’t want this episode to end I found it strangely captivating even tho nothing particularly deep was being talked about.

    So speaking of being weird when your at home alone, I listened to this episode while wearing Angela’s pink bath robe over my hoodie with my hood up. It’s cold and snowing here and our space heater caught fire recently, and our kitten Goku was laying on all the blankets.
    I also make Dragonball Z hand montions and sound f/x when I’m alone Ka Ma Hama Ha!!!… Which brings me to what I would do if I changed carrers (career paths rather) I think it’d be cool to do sound design mainly sound f/x for movies or video games whatever. I’m always making sound effects with my mouth like when Im reading comics or something, and I did it a lot as a kid too.
    It kinda sucks how we all can’t just do what we want to do with our lives. I was justing thinking about this since I’ve been job hunting, but most days Im just sitting at home working on a comic my friend and I want to pitch. It’s like fuck I’m doing what makes me happy everyday, but I have to go to these interviews and pretend I want to work for them and bullshit.
    Okay this comment is long enough Ill stop now…

    One last thing you guys should check out Machine by Native Instruments it’s like a drum machine music production thing but I think it’s smoothest easy rythem building machine out there and it it’s very visual so I think it would be easy for visual people to use and learn on… http://www.musiciansfriend.com/keyboards-midi/native-instruments-maschine-groove-production-studio
    I’ve wanted one since they first came out

  22. 17 Kelly

    I feel like if Mark and I watched Dogtown & Z Boys together we would then turn it off and have a brutal battle to the death over it.

    Time will tell I suppose!

  23. 18 nick marino

    @Brandon: That drum machine looks sweet!!!

    My drum machine (http://www.proaudiomusic.com/images/mrt-3.jpg) is super cool and I love it so much. It’s great because barely anybody else uses it, so my drums tend to sound fairly unique to my music. But the buttons are starting to get sticky and the AC adapter input died a few years back so now it only runs on batteries. I could probably get a few years out of it, but it’ll eventually break.

    When it’s time to move on, I think I’d like to switch to something that gives me the option to program it (like mine now) but also perform on it (like a digital drum kit). I know they’re out there and I’ve played a few of them…

    I love your SFX thing. That’s so funny and it’s totally the type of thing I’m talking about, acting weird when nobody’s around. I used to wear Justique’s bathrobe a lot. It was really comfy and smelled like Justique. It was a win/win situation.

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    Wet Moon comics

  25. 19 Julie

    Re: drinking, it used to bother me a lot when people would drink or do drugs. It still does to a degree, but less so, and I think it what helps me get over it is the fact that alcohol is so olde tymey. Like majorly so. And I’m real into olde tymey crap. I’m also a fan of fermenting things in general and I definitely like the taste of alcoholic stuff, so I do enjoy good beer, wine, cider, whatevs. Plus, squirrels get drunk off of fermented berries and I guess I kinda trust animal instincts. I wish I had instincts.

    I still haven’t gone back to watching Cops after I saw one episode with these two homeless people huffing spray paint in some alley way and just being completely out of their mind. Can’t handle that. Makes me too depressed.

  26. 20 nick marino


  27. 21 Smars

    i finally got to listen to this episode!
    so awesome! i’m glad goblyn is making a somewhat good first impression.

    aw… i had no idea that the arrow key controls would wig out like that if you went to another tab or if you use the up and down keys.
    corpse bride isn’t 100% bad
    it’s very… rushed in the story department.
    like you can tell the story was much much bigger and got trimmed to hell.

    hunh… ross’ answers on why he doesn’t drink are interesting.
    i just don’t like the taste of most alcohol.
    but i also have a high tolerance, and so i’ve never gotten drunk.
    i got bored with the taste of alcohol before i could even get a buzz.
    plus when i was around the age most kids get into smoking drinking and drugs, my circle of friends left me out. I still don’t know why… but they all did that stuff together, and i sat at home reading and drawing comics.
    i missed that boat, but i’m okay i suppose.

    hully hell, your subway drinking story was hilarious!

    XD i find ross’ only catalyse for doing drugs to be somewhat flawed.
    crack?! haha
    that the drug equivalent of jumping the shark.

    i’m weird. the only way i define it is based on what non artist tend to perceive. around other artists i seem to be just fine. sometimes a little eccentric, but mostly perfectly normal.

    i wouldn’t retire from making comics unless i just couldn’t make them anymore, like i can’t hold the pencil anymore… then i would maybe fine an apprentice and just write the stories. but i want to die an old man drawing stories. YAARRR!

    nick… were you dennis the menace?
    also… it’s okay… i can’t ollie either. :C
    so i just ride a longboard. those things are great!
    my friend AJ is a carpenter, and also an artist and he makes some awesome stuff sometimes when the two converge.
    check it out —> http://hatesnack.com/

  28. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

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  29. 22 nick marino

    Smars: FUUUUUUUUUCK! AJ’s mouth/tongue wall shelf is amazing.

    Nahhh, I wasn’t like Dennis the Menace. He’s a total brat and spends most of his time with an old guy that lives next door. Kind of odd, if you ask me.

    I definitely had my share of getting ditched by my crew of friends as a kid. And in multiple places because I moved a few times!

    But I’ve also been on the other side as the ditcher. It’s kind of complex in a way that I can’t describe. Sometimes you just don’t want to hang out with Ron anymore and you don’t know how to tell him. So you don’t call him, ya know?

    It’s always a horrible feeling when it happens to me, but at the same time it’s such an organic and not thought out experience for me as a ditcher, so it’s hard for me to hold a grudge about it.

  30. 23 nick marino

    Check out this screencap of a crazy email I got because we were talking about roll up drums here in the comments thread:


  31. 24 Brandon

    Whoooa that’s cool!!!

  32. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  33. 25 Brian John Mitchell

    That’s kind of incredible that their robots are smart enough to find you & send you that message. I imagine they tried to comment but failed the captcha code.

  34. 26 nick marino

    It might not even be a robot. They might just have a Google Alert for “roll up drums” or some phrase like that.

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