AudioShocker Podcast #241 – Maniacs

AudioShocker Podcast

Nick’s an Eleniak maniac!! He’s been watching thrillers (some awkwardly erotic, some awkwardly un-erotic) starring Erika Eleniak… Second to Die and Betrayal.

Neal’s a BBC maniac!! He finished watching the 8th season (series?) of Peep Show on Hulu. And then he binged on Top Gear, a show which apparently made jeans uncool in the UK for two decades.

Finally, Nick takes it back to Elekiak for a bit before Neal ends things with a brief discussion of the French Foreign Legion (Legionnaire! Lionheart!).

6 Responses to “AudioShocker Podcast #241 – Maniacs”

  1. 1 Marques

    I guess I know which Corey you like Neal,LOL.Seriously though nobodies ever a Feldman fan.

  2. 2 nick marino

    I’m a Feldman fan!!!! Don’t get me wrong… Corey Haim has his moments, but I’m pretty much indifferent to him. But Corey Feldman makes almost any movie a must watch for me!!

  3. 3 neeeeaalllll

    also, corey is totally an 80s name. who would name their kid that now?

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  5. 4 nick marino

    that’s what i was planning on naming my first child…

    …Corey Neal Marino.

  6. 5 ross

    the guy on the right in that Legionnaire picture looks like he’s made out of rubber. that totally looks like a rubber face.

  7. 6 nick marino

    It’s in Van Damme’s contract. He always does his emotional scenes next to rubber faces.

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