A Podcast with Kaylie and Lois #149 – Scarf Anxiety

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Kaylie McDougal. She’s here. On this podcast. She draws stuff. Good stuff. And this week she’s joining Ross Campbell and Nick Marino to chat about X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #6970 (s5 e7-8 on Netflix). Ross made stunning screencaps and Nick did his best.

Storm stars in a two-parter that sucks. We power thru the pain… it’s your gain!

Then we torture ourselves some more by reviewing an atrocious family film called Funky Monkey. It’s got a sort-of-okay-at-acting chimp, a creepy mom, a loser kid, a suspicious drifter, and Tommy Davidson.

After that we travel back in time to 1970 when Superman helped Lois Lane turn black for 24 hours. Gripping! Mesmerizing! Excruciatingly awkward!

Next: Apocalypse returns and Jubilee entraps small children in X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #7172 (s5 e9-10 on Netflix).

9 Responses to “A Podcast with Kaylie and Lois #149 – Scarf Anxiety”

  1. 1 Brandon!

    I’m commenting to let you guys know I care. Since I didn’t comment on the last Podcast, I didn’t want you guys thinking I don’t love ya!

    Honestly I can’t wait till you guys are done with X-men, I’m not even watching them with you and it’s painful to me. One thing the show always makes me think is like, the people who made this shitty show all got paid, and like it’s tough to get paid even if you draw well, so I kinda have a dream now where I want to be an animator on a shit show like this, and you know stroll in draw shit for like 2 hours then go home and work on comics,Sounds awesome ha ha ha!

    I’d marry black Lois… I think it’s weird when characters change skin color like obviously the Superman story was way out there, but like Nick Fury being black to me is weird. I would rather they create new and exciting characters who take the spot light thus inriching the world rather than… We need diversity well just make that dude black. Idk maybe it doesn’t matter, I just want new ideas and characters!

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Brandon: ONLY THREE MORE EPISODES TO GO!!! My guess is that the animation is shit on X-Men because the animation team was probably way too small and massively overworked. I doubt anyone was just doing two hours of doodling there. Still, I approve of your dream.

    The character skin change thing is always so dumb. Same with gender swap. Just make a new one!! YES!!!!!!!!!

    (Although the way they’ve shoehorned black Fury into the main Marvel 616 Universe is pretty hilarious if you ask me. They’re gonna be regretting that so bad in a few years.)

  3. 3 Smars

    kaylie what?! you’re telling me girls aren’t into chimps?!
    oh no… i gotta’ take back all these chimps i bought for my non girlfriends nonaverssary

    that movie sounds like the weirdest thing EVER!

    a podcast with kaylie and kelly would be SO weird.

    i simpathize with you nick.
    the people that live above me think they live in a house or on the first floor
    cause they stomp all the time, vacuum at 11:30 at night, and they have a kid who clearly jumps off furniture and has a tricycle up there. it’s madness!
    i thought the lady up there was the one with the heels clopping around all the time, but then one day i met the person and it was the husband in dress shoes. I mean he just doesn’t take them off! DX

    ive taken a pee test for a friend before.
    i actually thought about going into the business of selling my pee to people so they could pass drug tests. but i’m just not that good a businessman. :/

    the reading of the black lois lane issue was GREAT! XD
    i haven’t laughed that hard in a while.
    this was a damn good morning listening to this. :3

    does nickelodeon own the rights to the ninja turtles now?
    i know they’re showing the cartoon now, but i didn’t realize they maybe owned it.

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    Free eBooks by Nick Marino

  5. 4 Marques

    Sorry guys but the X-men TAS has some crossover episodes with the Spider-Man TAS titled The Mutant Agenda and Mutants’ Revenge so you’ve got 4 more podcast episodes to do on it, not 3 more.

    You guys bring up Chevy Chase and nobody mentions the movie “Nothing But Trouble,” I guess I’m the only one who likes that movie (sad face)

    @Brandon and @Nick could not agree with you more.
    Speaking of Superman, IMO both Captain Marvel(Billy) and Icon are more interesting characters to read about and their similarities to Superman are almost identical if not copyright infringing.

  6. 5 nick marino

    @Smars: Nickelodeon outright owns the TMNT now. Kevin Eastman sold his stake to Peter Laird back in the 00s, and Peter sold the entire thing to Nickeldeon a couple of years ago.

    You’ve been listening to us long enough to hear the episodes that Kaylie and Kelly were on together, right? If not, I’ll post the links. They’ve just never done an episode by themselves. ;)

    FUCK! Your upstairs neighbors sound like morons. Who just wears their dress shoes around the apt? WTF???

    @Marques: NOT DOING IT!!!!! The X-Men might be in those episodes, but they’re not crossover episodes that relate directly back to the X-Men series so I’M NOT DOOOOING IIITTTTTT!!!!

    Also, I’m not sure if I hate the Spider-Man show more than the X-Men show. In some ways it’s funnier because Peter Parker is such a schlub, but I don’t remember the animation and storytelling being nearly as sloppy (and funny) as X-Men. BUT… back when I was a kid, I’d go home from school almost every day and call up my friend and we’d sit around adding MST3K dialogue while watching Spider-Man, so at least I got a kick out of it back then.

    Around the time that I convinced Ross to do the EXTREME Challenge, I tried to convince Neal to do the same thing with the Spider-Man cartoon on the AudioShocker Podcast because Neal absolutely loathes Spidey. He refused to do it.

    As for Cap Marvel/Shazam being a knockoff of Superman, do you know about this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Comics_Publications_v._Fawcett_Publications Classic shady comic book history right there!

    And I like Nothing But Trouble too. It’s got that Digital Underground dream sequence!!!! I hated the flick as a kid but rewatched it a couple of years ago and really dug it. It’s just not my top Chevy Chase movie. Fletch Lives is probably my favorite.

  7. 6 Marques

    @Nick totally understand man, to be honest I tried to re-watch the X-men and Spider-Man 90’s cartoons and couldn’t do it(I can re-watch the 60’s cartoons though). If I recall X-men was the more exciting of the two (probably because Peter Parker had to narrate every episode).

    I’ve heard about the lawsuit with Cap. Marvel and I’ve seen the Fletch movies …. Nick that’s good Chevy Chase.

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  9. 7 nick marino

    Yeah it’s weird how the 60s Spider-Man holds up way better despite how wacky and wonky it is. I feel like Steve Ditko doesn’t get enough credit for the appeal of that cartoon — they basically copied his art style for the animation!

    And Fletch… I kinda hated it when I was younger but now it totally vibes with me. Plus, I love that theme song.

  10. 8 Kenny / Riot.EXE

    Honestly, I feel like My podcast is the misfit podcast of Audioshocker, hahaha!

    Dope ass episode, though! One of my roommates walks SO HARD ALL THE TIME so I can’t tell if she’s just moving around, or if she’s actually upset about something.

  11. 9 nick marino

    Hahahaha hard walkin’! I don’t understand why people would wanna stomp around. So annoying.

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