VACANT Bits #8 – Kentucky Self-Esteem

Vacant Bits

Heather and Michelle Nunnelly are joined by Ross Campbell to continue their conversation about self-esteem. Ross has done awesome comic books like Wet Moon, Glory, and Shadoweyes.

The crew talks about their personal troubles in the art world and tries to come up with suggestions to overcome these problems. Shoutout to Neil Gaiman’s inspiring speech at University of Arts.

And apologies to anyone who gets bad-mouthed on the show.

At the beginning, Heather talks about the VACANT update (seven new pages are up starting with Issue 4 Page 18), and Michelle and Heather drop a brief commentary on the video game Kentucky Route Zero.

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  1. 1 Heather Nunnelly

    I was actually wrong. It’s $25 for ALL the acts of the game, Kentucky Route Zero. I misunderstand. I thought it was $25 per Act. Each Act is a segment of the game. It’s published like The Walking Dead video game.

  2. 2 nick marino

    Well that’s good, right???

    BTW, their website is really unusual! Unlike any other site I’ve ever been on before.

  3. 3 nick marino

    Heather, what I think you can do that nobody else can do is create a really unique a sense of mood and pacing with the combination of your storytelling and illustration. VACANT has an extremely distinct combination of quietness and action that’s really special to me. It’s a mix of all of the elements of your comics — plot, text, line art, colors — that form a unique, compelling whole.

    Michelle, what I think you can do that nobody else can do is create a fantastic feeling of personality and style with your illustration. Your linework and forms are extremely distinct. Your art has that wonderful quality where it feels like your characters come from a crazy world all their own and by looking at them, I’m somehow accessing that strange, exciting world.

    Just thought I’d mention that stuff since it can be hard to get straight feedback about that sort of thing.

    I know I was just saying that I’ve been going through self-doubt lately in my comment on VB #7, and that’s somewhat true. But I think the biggest thing I suffer from is over-confidence. I’ll put out something new online, and I think it’s the fucking next coming of awesome. I get really excited and post it everywhere online and then I sit and wait, expecting everybody else to see my art the same way.

    But in reality, people like the art but they don’t go wild about it. And that’s completely reasonable. But when I see the actual response to the work, then I start to get a big wave of self-doubt. I’m able to power through it, but the problem is that I have a really hard time tempering my initial enthusiasm. There I am the next week, putting out something new and thinking that it’s the new greatest work of all time. I hate that cycle but I feel like I’m unable to stop it.

    Oh, and Ross!!! I didn’t forget about you. You pretty much already said what you do best, but I’d like to modify it through my own subjective lens. You create really special, distinct characters that don’t feel like any characters I’ve seen anywhere else AND you place them in fascinating settings. You have a fascinating ability to make a setting feel like it has personality and charm, unlike any other stories I’ve ever read. Wet Moon, Shadoweyes, Water Baby, and even your short Resurrection story all had that fantastic quality about them, where the settings are not only integral to the story but just as compelling as the characters.

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