A Podcast with Kelly and Ross #147 – Immortus

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

After Nick Marino rants about the Academy Awards, Kelly Thompson confesses that she hates watching TV news. Then Ross Campbell shares his enjoyment of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li before the gang dives into an EXTREME discussion about two tedious episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #6566 (s4 e10-11 on Netflix). We’ve got screencaps by Ross and screencaps by Nick.

Once the X-Men topic has wrapped (and we’ve sufficiently researched Danny Glover‘s defunct restaurant, Hollywood Fries), Ross has a question for you…

how do you feel about the AudioShocker’s unedited style of conversation? Kelly likes the intimate nature of the moments when Ross goes to get his tea, and Nick reveals the real reason for podcast vérité — he doesn’t like to edit stuff out because it’s a pain in the ass!

We also chat about the strengths of Kelly’s 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast and how it contrasts with our series.

broccoli photos shamelessly stolen from Ross’s sister’s food blog

Seriously, though… Ross wants to hear from you! Do you like raw conversation in your podcasts? Or do you prefer a more refined style of podcasting with stuff about audio problems and pee breaks taken out? Comment pleeeaazzzee!

Finally, we’re pumped to announce that A Podcast with Ross and Nick is going weekly! At least, for the rest of the Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza. So be back here in a week (Tuesday, to be exact) for #148!!

Next: X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #6768 (s5 e1-2 on Netflix).

23 Responses to “A Podcast with Kelly and Ross #147 – Immortus”

  1. 1 mark

    just wanted to let you know that it seems like there’s a problem with your tags


    only goes to the jan 30 episode

  2. 2 Julie

    I require payment for those pictures. A mega one.

  3. 3 nick marino

    Can I pay you in broccoli?

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

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  5. 4 nick marino

    @Mark: Thx for the heads up!! I tested out the link in a couple of browsers and it seems to be working fine for me. Is it still a problem for you? If not, maybe you just caught our site in a glitchy moment.

  6. 5 Julie

    Yeah, sure broccoli’s fine. And a chocolate bar.

  7. 6 zach

    guys i have to say i definitely prefer the raw podcast. sometimes i’ll be listening to the podcast and almost be startled to realize that ross isn’t like in the other room or something, it sounds so natural.

    i also have to echo mark, it’s not that the link is broken it’s that it doesn’t seem like it shows the most recent episodes? maybe it’s a caching issue on our end.

    speaking of sandwiches, i saw this best foods mayo commercial the other day. check out 0:12 of this commercial. WHO spreads their mayo like that? i’m just imagining the food photographers gluing the bacon and lettuce down to keep them from sliding all over the place as this guy splorches this mayo all over the place.

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Wet Moon comics

  9. 7 Marques

    Great podcast episode as usual guys and gals. As a former intern at a News station you guys/gals are right on point with everything you said. All they care about is sponsors and views.

    @Ross To inform you how much I like the format of this bi-monthly podcast let me just tell you I listen to each podcast episode more than once.

    @Nick I do the same for the Audioshocker podcast

    My favorite A Podcast with Ross and Nick epsiodes always have @Kelly and/or @Kaylie. These girls make this very entertaining podcast even more so.

    @Kelly from listening to your podcast (3 Chicks) you give really good interviews (at least good enough to where I thought you might have had a degree in jounalism, at least till all was revealed in this episode). You ask very good in-depth questions in my opinion.

    So, to sum it up you guys are awesome and always give me a lot to think about.

  10. 8 mark

    ahhh nick, sorry about that. could’ve been just some weird issue with my browser cache. only noticed it because that’s how I check for new episdoes.

    regarding the podcast verite. personally, I like a podcast with ross and nick the way it is. if you know that, eventually, what you’re doing is going to be put in front of an audience (no matter how small) you will inevitably end up acting kind of artificial. but I feel that you guys never really come off as phony in the way lots of other podcasts do.

    Maybe it’s because of what I listen to, but my ultimate gripe with game and movie podcasts is how, if you really pay attention, they’re little more than a bunch of doofuses self-consciously hamming it up for the mic (often under the auspices of some corporate “journalism” warehouse). the worst is when a podcast has some shitty promo bumper designed to show how much they don’t play by the rules. you know, like, “people love our inanity.” vomit

  11. 9 mark

    @zach: that reminds me of those old miracle whip commercials that try to be all punk or something, like, “we will NOT be quiet!”

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  13. 10 Marques

    @Mark Thank you man! I’ve been trying to figure out how to spell that damn word “verite” for the longest time.

  14. 11 Smars

    i like an unedited podcast
    most of the ones i listen to are unedited.
    that way it’s more like a real conversation.
    it’s cool.
    kind of like this hulk stan lee thor image
    –> http://seanhowe.tumblr.com/image/34156386688

    i mean… i like those edited podcasts that stick in bumpers and stuff, but only certain ones. they tend to be more basic not super high production. i’ve only done one animation podcast with some friends and edited it and it was hell.

    btw… i TOTALLY want to read Shazaam and the outlaws, Dr. Funny pants reeeeeally sounds pleasing to me. :3

    i hate that i don’t comment on the 3chicks podcast even tho i listen to every episode everything comes in through my google feed thingy. that last episode with the orson scott card argument was bonkers. i like the interviews tho.
    i like the structure of 3 chicks, but i like how free form this podcast is. it’s fun.

  15. 12 nick marino

    @Julie: You got it. Chocolate + broccoli = the unexpected team-up you never knew you wanted but now you can’t get enough of it!!

    @Zach: This commercial, right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVZV4kVrC6Y

    WTF???? That bacon would be on the floor if I tried to spread mayo on it like that! I wonder how many takes they did before they got it right…

    Also, who in the fuck spreads mayo anywhere but the bread? Ketchup and mustard, whatever. They come in squeeze bottles and clumps aren’t that bad. But I think mayo requires an even spread and that wouldn’t happen if you’re rubbing it on some crinkly bacon.

    For the record, I think mayo is generally nasty. It’s okay in super-small doses like coleslaw and some burgers. But my cousins put it on their chessesteaks which I think is unconscionable.

    @Mark and Zach: Yeah, it’s gotta be a cache thing. I run two cache services here on the blog, as recommended by my webhost to increase the load time of the site. I’m not crazy about running two of them, but they make a difference. I noticed that one of them was acting up yesterday (Cloud Flare) so that must be what was happening. For the future, you might wanna try this link for new episodes:


    Then you can click directly to the latest blog post.

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  17. 13 nick marino

    @Marques: You’ve got the top spot as my favorite AudioShocker fan. You know just what to say to warm the cackles of my cold, cold podcaster heart. I’m glad some of our episodes hold up to double listens :D

    I agree — I think the Kelly and Kaylie guest episodes of this series are the best.

    @Kelly: Like Marques, I thought you had a journalism background too. Your blog posts are so put together and journalistic-ish, and your interviews have a professional aspect to them that doesn’t sound false like a lot of other podcast interviews.

    @Mark (again): YES! I fucking hate those “look how wacky we are!” clips.

    Who’s even worse to me are the podcasters that aren’t working for one of those corporate media warehouses, yet they still try to imitate the corporate style with overproduced conversation and musical interludes and polished segment announcements and all that kind of shit. Who are they trying to fool?? Just record the fucking conversation.

    Related, a friend of mine on Facebook said that he likes to edit his podcasts (which, for the record, are podcasts that I really enjoy) so he can wind up with a blooper reel afterwards. I realized that we could never have a blooper reel on the AudioShocker because you can’t do anything wrong. We’re not announcing stuff or trying to say things a certain way. It’s just real conversation. And if we stumble over our words, we correct them.

    @Smars: Hahaha that’s a great pic. I feel like it’s Stan Lee at his best and worst, like he’s worked so hard to get to a point where he can stand next to cheesy makeup-ed and costumed actors playing Marvel characters, yet such a huge part of those characters and their costumes and iconic qualities were created by Jack Kirby. Yet Kirby’s nowhere to be seen while Stan cheeses for the cameras with these really campy, corny heroes.

    I think the thing I wanna know most about Shazam and the Outlaws is why a group of adult superheroes would let Shazam lead them around. He’s just a little kid! He’s gonna get them killed!!!

  18. 14 zach

    hahah i’m such an idiot, forgot to put the link in!!!! thanks nick for tracking down my stupid mayo commercial haha. i completely agree with mayo being pretty gross, except in the specific context of BLTs. But I recently had a BLT with avocado in place of the mayo and i think that is the way I will be going from now on.

  19. 15 nick marino

    yeah, avocado rules!!! my favorite sandwich is an ATM (avocado, tomato, mustard).

  20. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Nik Furious instrumental music

  21. 16 ross

    wow, thanks for the great comments, you guys!!! i’m so glad we got you to come out of the woodwork, Zach. ;D

    haha! Nick, you used Julie’s broccoli picture?! it’s cool you gave a shout-out to her blog.

    @Marques: wow, you rule, DOUBLE listens?!?! that blows me away. like Nick said, you know how to warm my cold, dead heart. thanks so much, man. Marques = #1

    i agree that Kelly is super-professional, she’s just got her shit together! even her random blog posts and even tweets or whatever are so striking.

    @Zach: maybe there ARE people who spread mayo like this… it’s possible, right? like maybe we just don’t get it, maybe this ad is targeting a subset of kind of high-income bro-type macho guys who do this, like they see this ad and they’re all like “ohhh yeah, the REAL way to make a BLT! Best Foods is the real deal!” and they’re all spreading it on the bacon. maybe.

    @Mark: sometimes i even feel kind of self-conscious or “artificial” on our own podcast, but it might be all in my head or not so much the audience aspect but the knowledge that i’m being recorded, even if nobody listened to it. most of the time i think i’m fine, though.

  22. 17 mark

    @zach, nick: in my view, the reason you don’t want to spread mayo like that is because the bacon grease would get all over the knife. and if you wanted to put on more mayo, the grease and vegetable stuff would end up in the mayonnaise jar which is just fucking gross.

    @nick: I updated our blog to point that alternative link, instead of the tag.

    And yeah, those wannabe podcasters are definitely high up on my shitlist. they’re like those podcasts that get like one sponsor and are all like, “you know I don’t want to come off as a shill but, honestly, this is a really useful whatever”

    @ross: I’ll have to listen more carefully to the future episodes and watch carefully for any sign of pretension. seriously, though, if you want podcast verite I can dig up unedited rs podcasts which probably have like 10 min stretches of silence, hehe.

  23. 18 nick marino

    @Ross: hahaha that’s how you enter the secret society of bros — you spread mayo on your bacon. “FUCK THE BREAD! that’s pussy shit. real bros spread their white goop all over the meat.”

    @Mark: oh i fucking hate that line too!! it’s not like these podcasters are really sponsored either. most of the time, they barely get any incentive to mention the companies. it’s like the podcasters just want to sound corporate, like it somehow legitimizes what they do if they say they’re “sponsored.”

    in the comics podcasting community, it’s really popular to have a sponsorship from the discount comic book service (DCBS). wanna know what they give most podcasters to name-drop them every episode? a 5% discount on their orders. seriously. no actual payment, just a few pennies or dollars off of an order. that’s insane!!

  24. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  25. 19 Kelly

    Thanks for all the compliments everyone. You’re all super nice and my head size is now too large to fit out my front door.

    Also, look for an Audioshocker/fans of Audioshocker (Podcast with Ross & Nick) shoutout on 3 Chicks Monday. :)

  26. 20 nick marino

    I’m listening now!

  27. 21 Julie

    I just finally finished listening to this. I loved it! Guess I have a lot of back listening to do…

    So re: the whole podcast vérité, I like it a lot…just based on the one episode I’ve listened to. But then, all of the podcasts I regularly listen to are unedited. The only things I like edited out are audio issues that blast my fucking eardrums. Compress, goddamit, at least.

    You guys are all wrong on mayonnaise. It’s so wonderful. Good mayonnaise, homemade mayo. Not thickened soybean oil spread.

  28. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  29. 22 kaylie

    wow so many good comments!

    yeah, i agree with the general consensus that podcast verite = good. i was trying to think of why i like it, and i think Kelly hit the nail on the head when she was talking about how it makes you guys seem much more relateable and friendly. Audioshocker podcasts are the only ones i listen to, mostly because i don’t have the time to listen to a lot, but also because i’ve tried listening to other podcasts and i find them really boring, or i get turned off by how overly engineered it all is. maybe i’m biased because we’re friends though, heh.

    i also kind of have a weird sense of humor i think, and i usually find a lot of amusement in just listening/observing people interact. like Ross’ casual potty humor and Nick’s offhand zaniness. like in this cast, i lost it when Nick made the joke about praying with and kissing Danny Glover, and what made it all the funnier is how NO ONE reacted to it at all, haha, like “oh, that’s just Nick!” stuff like that kills me.

  30. 23 nick marino

    @Julie: So glad you liked it!!! Now you have to go through all of our old episodes and try to find the the other times we’ve talked about you ;)

    I’ve never had homemade mayo. Maybe I’d really like it. The ingredients seem super gross to me but I imagine it tastes pretty good.

    Oh, and even though I don’t edit much stuff, I always edit out ear-blasting audio malfunctions. Those are just obnoxious.

    @Kaylie: Danny’s a very spiritual guy and my time with him was extremely rewarding.

    I miss him so much.

    So much.

  1. 1 3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 052 | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources
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