AudioShocker Podcast #240 – Wash Your Feet

AudioShocker Podcast

Nick’s found a new rival for The Room! It’s called Octavia, and it’s a delightfully stupid 1984 film about a young blind woman with dirty feet who runs away from home with a wanted criminal to go on a “journey of heedless exploration.”

Neal saw Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love. While her generally likes Allen’s movies and really loved Penelope Cruz in this one, he was underwhelmed by Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page.

Then Nick talks about how he’s decided to give his original digital comics away for free as eBooks instead of selling them. Learn more about his decision here.

That turns into a conversation about how you can read Flash versions of a bunch of Kyle Baker’s comics for free online now, including classics like The Cowboy Wally Show and You Are Here. So go do it!!

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