Gello Shots #9 – Pinned Up

Gello Shots

Shawn Atkins sits at the mic with pen in hand and coffee in mug to catch you up on the latest and greatest goings on in the webcomics world of Gello Apocalypse, including this new bodacious pin up by Jared Catherine:


  • Shawn broke a Facebook spambot (Editor’s note: from Nigeria, not Nicaragua)
  • Shout out to Heather Nunnelly’s Vacant and Vacant Bits (Editor’s note: we’ve got a BIG Vacant announcement coming soon!)
  • And PBS on YouTube (Editor’s note: 1 2 3)

Finally, Shawn reviews Richard Stark’s Parker, Vol. 2: The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke. Verdict? He loves it!

3 Responses to “Gello Shots #9 – Pinned Up”

  1. 1 Heather Nunnelly

    Thanks for the shout out and you’re welcome!

    VACANT Space. I like that title. Like Office Space but with Aliens. I can see it now: Hayze goes into his day or work having to file taxes for The Eye.

    Also, I have the same problem with faces/ names. Always forget and feel like a jack ass.

  2. 2 Jesse Acosta

    PBS Online is really great. So glad they share so much for free online. When I’m actually looking to spend time watching tv, I feel satisfied that I actually learned something from them. That Idea Channel is also really great.

  3. 3 shawn atkins

    My bad to for not responding I always give nick the podcast file and completely forget about it
    @jesse Acosta I can’t get enough of PBS youtube ( course I probably said that on the cast) any who thanks for listening.
    @heather Nunnelly I wish there was a way to remeber peoples name via the Matrix.

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    Dinogeddon webcomics

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