A Podcast with Ross and Nick #145 – Oyster Loaf

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Is it actually Paul Giamatti’s dream to play the Rhino? Does J.J. Abrams have any chops as a director? WHY DO WE EVEN CARE? We don’t wanna see these movies anyway, yet we still take the time to complain.

Then get ready to celebrate the holidays with Ross Campbell and Nick Marino as we endure an EXTREMEly awful Morlock adventure in X-Men: The Animated Series episode #62 (s4 e12 on Netflix). And here be thine gifts: screencaps!!!

What’s that??? You heard we’re giving out some awards? YOU’RE RIGHT!!

AudioShocker’s 2012 YOU DON’T SUCK Awards:

If you’re a YDS 2012 winner, you can sport this nifty (and well designed!) banner on your website or blog (click on it for a bigger version):

Finally, after the end theme we lament the loss of PonyGasm. And Nick gives Ross a special gift… Funky Monkey!

Next: X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #6364 (s4 e8-9 on Netflix).

12 Responses to “A Podcast with Ross and Nick #145 – Oyster Loaf”

  1. 1 Brandon!

    YUSS!!!! I really like Blue Exorcist, so I’m glad it got that W even if it was because of a coincidence. I actually like the manga better, which flows a different story, but since the anime is only streaming I thought it was a good candidate. So Shura Kirigakure (the boob girl) actually pulls the sword out of the tattoo on her chest which is a portal seal… Idk if that makes it less cool or not.

    I saw the Last Stand and it was pretty good, I kinda felt like the director and writer were inexperienced, there was a lot of weird timing and kinda two plots happening, and they set up a bunch of plot points that ended up going unused… It’s Schwarzenegger so I’m showing up!
    Stallone’s new flick Bullet To The Head looks like it will be more fun and awesome!

    Ross I would so go see Thor 2 with you if I lived near you, definitely have a man crush on Hemsworth! I still need to see the Red Dawn remake he’s in with that kid from that Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh.

    I think I figured out the X-men X-mas episode… It was all just a crazy trip, Xavier took some bad acid and trapped the X-men in a crazy Christmas mind world.
    Maybe that explains the whole series…

    I wanna say I’m totally bummed about PonyGasm and I really hope Kaylie takes Nick up on his offer!

    Nick I’m posting this comment fresh from my iPad, so hopefully I don’t have any problems…

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Brandon: YESSSSS!! I AGREE! KAYLIE SHOULD DO THIS!!! hehehe

    I’m a little bummed to hear that Last Stand has so many issues… guess I’ll wait until it’s online.

    I dunno much about Bullet. Seems okay enough, though!

    Now Justique is watching Rosario + Vampire, which is so ridiculous. So many panty shots.

    And I love your X-Men theory!!! This entire series is some twisted delusion Xavier has forced on his students.

  3. 3 Jason K Averill

    Ugh, none of my nominations won. :(


    Just for the fyi, the Beat Bee Sessions is Food One (aka Jim Mahfood) and Jane Dope spinning tunes and telling stories. You should totally check it out!

    Ross, are you gonna use that banner on Wet Moon 7? That’s be near as awesome as your pull-quotes on volumes one & two.

    Nick, I *FINALLY* got my copy of Freelancers #1. So when I get it read I’ll head back and post my oh so valued opinion. ;)

    . . . Oh, and my name. You can pronounce it either way, though I say it “Ay-verill.” With the long a. (I think? My English skills are rather bad.)

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Wet Moon comics

  5. 4 Marques

    @Nick & Ross: I accept your invalidation on the tea I chose (I just really love peach tea).

    The Bugle is a podcast hosted by John Oliver of “The Daily Show” and Andy Zaltzman. They take some of the News reported in the week and make fun of it.

    My name is spelled M.a.r.q.u.e.s but is pronounced(Marcus), my parents are weird!

    Also is it confirmed that Street Sharks is going to be the next series you guys + (insert guest(s)) reviews?

  6. 5 nick marino

    @Jason: Beat Bee Sessions sounds good!!!!

    Also awesome that you finally got Freelancers. I totally forgot about that book!! I’m probably two issues behind now.

    And thx for the name clarification.

    @Marques: FUCK! I thought I was going crazy and I just heard you wrong about your name. I’m so relieved that I didn’t make that up :D

    And goddamn The Bugle sounds good too!!! I didn’t do a very good job researching the nominations this year :(

    I don’t think we’re 100% sold on Street Sharks yet. It seems like an okay idea, mostly because that cheap DVD collection has all of the episodes. Do you have any suggestions for other shows?

  7. 6 Smars

    hmm… why the heck does ross hate wizards? would he just melt into a ross puddle if someone strapped him to a chair and made him watch the entire harry potter series and ralph bakshi’s wizards movie? O.O

    i love the mystery of gambit’s cooking.
    but his shirt is awesome! don’t you guys know? he’s totally rockin’ the Ness shirt from Earthbound. haha. that’s like +4 for gambit. C:

    also… i don’t know what that thing about juice and cookies is about.
    they do that crap if you donate blood. it’s like eww! koolaid and sugar cookies?! maybe there’s a medical reason why or maybe someone didn’t get the memo that milk goes with cookies.

    what was the thing you guys were talking about with kaylie and indiegogo and kickstarter?

    also… a correction. nick, dude… you can totally watch blue ex on hulu, and crunchy roll too. does online streaming count as streaming?like on your computer? or are you guys talking about on your tv like through an xbox like netflix? sorry i don’t know how that works. i literally watch everything on my computer now and i don’t actually own an xbox because im super poor. T_T

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Nik Furious instrumental music

  9. 7 nick marino

    @Smars: It can be streaming on your computer or on a device to the TV. Either way, it’s streaming video on the internet… just a different screen, ya know?

    Kaylie’s PonyGasm comic wasn’t approved by Kickstarter (too racy, I guess?) and then she had troubles with an Indiegogo campaign that was eventually taken down. I HOPE SHE DOESN’T LET IT DIE!!! I wanna run it on the AudioShocker ;D

    And thx for the correction! I don’t use Hulu or Crunchy Roll often, so I didn’t know.

    Also, I need to get caught up on Goblyn and Munch Chunky… two serious contenders for YOU DON’T SUCK Awards for 2013!!!!!!! But I’m behind now — I’ve only read old ones.

  10. 8 ross

    thanks for listening, you guys!!!

    @Brandon: i guess you’ll have to fly to Rochester when Thor 2 comes out!!

    @Jason: sorry about your nominations getting hosed!!! thanks for chiming in, though. >:D haha, i should, the You Don’t Suck seal/logo on the back of WM7 would be hilarious.

    @Marques: all you had to do was say something like Celestial Seasonings Country Peach tea (which is great btw) and you’d have been good to go!! ;)

    @Smars: i don’t know why i hate wizards so much. i don’t usually like magic in general but mostly only because it almost always goes hand in hand with a European type medieval fantasy which i don’t like. but magic can be okay in Final Fantasy or something where the setting and feel are different. depends on the context, i guess, but i usually use wizards as a shorthand for all that stuff.

  11. 9 nick marino

    @Ross: YESSSSS you should definitely put it on the back of WM7!! I’ve got a highres version ;)

    I always think of knights in armor as shorthand for European fantasy and that’s why they annoy me. I think of wizard being another word for sorcerer or magician or whatever.

  12. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  13. 10 Marques

    @Ross I’ll know better next year.

    Also, just thought I should let you know that a podcast called “11 O’Clock Comics” shouted you out on Episode 250, 33 minutes into it( Its a 3 hours long podcast). Your work on Glory and Wet Moon got a shoutout as well.

  14. 11 Brian John Mitchell

    I wonder if Ponygasm was cancelled over potential copyright infringement stuff even if it was flagged because of adult content or whatever.

  15. 12 nick marino

    @Brian: It’s possible… I can’t say for sure, though. But I’d be kinda surprised if it was because it was just a cartoon pony, not a My Little Pony.

  16. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    The Illiterate Badger webcomics

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