AudioShocker Podcast #238 – Edible Complex

AudioShocker Podcast

Neal plays hooky to pitch Nick some fantastic ideas for new startups. Then he reminisces about the glory days of RnB group Jagged Edge, who were more interested in settling down and raising your children than having a one night stand.

Top Gear

Neal wonders how the BBC’s Top Gear is able to rustle up a production budget so massive that they’re able to casually drive a car up the side of an active volcano. This deep thought was inspired by Nick’s rediscovery of streaming video on Crackle, most notably Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

A Haunted House

ALSO: Nick couldn’t handle the excessive product placement in Young Adult, Neal almost cried after watching Microsoft’s shameless 90s retro commercial, and Nick jumps the shark by declaring A Haunted House the best movie of 2013.

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