Sequential Underground #57 – Death, Divorce, and Instagram

Sequential Underground

Dan Greenwald and Shawn Atkins share an intimate conversation about death and divorce in comics, approaching the topic as both fans and creators.

Dan talks about teasing the death of the title character in his Blue Wraith webcomic, while Shawn discloses his secret desire to kill off all of the main characters in Explorers of the Unknown.

After that, Shawn chats about Gello Shots and his positive experience podcasting about his webcomics.

Finally, Dan and Shawn wrap things by describing how Instagram, hashtagging, and photo sharing can be beneficial promotional tools for comics creators.

3 Responses to “Sequential Underground #57 – Death, Divorce, and Instagram”

  1. 1 Smars

    hm… this ep felt a little short. or maybe it was so good it went by before i knew it.
    you guys have to come back to the topics of streaming work, social networks, and different ways to communicate and interact with your readership. it’s a good topic of discussion, that’s always evolving.

    i personally don’t have a problem with killing my characters in my stories, or having relationships fall apart. for me that’s actually the plan. my comics while fantasy, are supposed to be an approximation of life on a different planet. so just like in real life, people die, people break up, people exist under most of the same conditions we do.
    something like death has to be approached lightly in your comic, because readers can become attached to certain characters, or in the case of divorce they become attached to certain couples.

    but i believe in permanent death in comics.
    even for marvel and dc
    i feel like those characters should be legacy characters
    batman needs to pass down the cape to his robins. this would give writers a new challenge and explain the sometimes variations of his personality. if he’s just a new person he has been trained by the first, but has his own way of doing things. he’s honourable, but maybe he would tackle situations differently. the same could be said for a ton of those characters. xmen spiderman blah blah blah.
    not superman… they could just make it so that he ages waaaaay slower than we do
    and then maybe give him a son for our great grand kids to read comics about.

    anyhoo… no. death isn’t hard for me to commit to in my comics.
    i look forward to breaking my readers hearts on occasion. to elicit such a powerful emotion and reaction from them would only do one of two things. push them away or draw them in closer. because mortality is something that is deeply a part of all of us.
    and besides, if you plan the death right from the beginning of your series then you can always have set up a character or two who can fill that void left by the dead character. you can’t just kill a character and have nothing in place to fill that void. its not fair to the readers.

  2. 2 nick marino

    I guess I’m an example of that writer we can’t stand… the one who’s always bringing characters back to life and making death feel cheap in comics.

    In fact, ALL of my webcomics have featured at least one character who’s died for shock effect and then later brought back to life in one way or another.

    Zombie Palin = both Palin AND McCain (McCain being the cheapest one because he was supposed to stay dead).

    Time Log = Nick

    Super Haters = Destruct-O-Tron

    Stick Cats = Steve

    Soooo…. feel free to hate on me and my kind all you want ;D

  3. 3 Shawn Atkins

    I’m always bad at commenting on this page. I agree with ya Smars death and break ups should mean something maybe that’s why tip toe around the issue in my comics, then again I don’t have to many married couples in my comic and I do have plan to kill some characters but it wont be for awhile.

    I big hang up on the subjects is will I execute properly or fuck it all up. Oh well heres to trial and error!

    Good call on the mainstream legacy characters

    and I can’t hate on you Nick…maybe I can a little. HATE!

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