A Podcast with Ross and Nick #143 – Judy Winslow

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Discussing Ross’s favorite comics character leads us down a path of discovery as we uncover the strange case of Judy Winslow, the daughter who was inexplicably removed from Family Matters in the fifth season. We explore the mystery of Jaimee Foxworth, who went from shunned 90s sitcom actress to hardcore porn star.

But after that… never fear, EXTREME is here!!! Ross Campbell and Nick Marino launch into their reviews of X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #5859 (s4 e17 & s5 e6 on Netflix).

Ross has screencaps… including his first GIFs! And Nick has screencaps, including his sexiest GIFs yet.

Finally, we look at Gleaming the Cube (which we watched on YouTube because it’s out-of-print). It’s a late-80s skateboarding action drama starring Christian Slater.

Next: X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #6061 (s4 e13 & s3 e19 on Netflix).

7 Responses to “A Podcast with Ross and Nick #143 – Judy Winslow”

  1. 1 Smars

    haha oh wow i didn’t know you guys didn’t know about the girl from family matters. that’s a very notorious thing. i remember back in 2000 my roommate came home with a VHS tape (to tell you how long ago it was) called dirty debutantes. and like halfway through boom there she was.
    we were all in total awe at what we were seeing.
    i dunno… people have to make a living i suppose. she regrets it, but probably more because people talked about her. in public. sadface.
    also, i didn’t have an eyebrow ring, i had a nose ring. still do.

    i haven’t thought about gleaming the cube in forever! but i knew right away what that pic was from.

    dude, nick, i still can’t believe you’re making that move. wow.
    i mean, seriously what prompted it? did you have to save a ton of money to afford a place? man… i wish i could make that move. atlanta sucks, and the comic scene is pretty non existent.
    well, i hope the podcast keeps going strong once you get settled.

  2. 2 nick marino

    yeah, the Judy and Crave stuff is all new to me. it’s deliciously weird!!!

    i’ve been planning this move for a while now, years actually. but illness and recovery and death and other stuff got in the way. BUT NOW IS THE TIMEEEEE!!!! i have no idea what to expect from the comics scene in LA. i hope it rules!

  3. 3 Brandon!

    Gleaming the cube.

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Dinogeddon webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    Yes, we watched Gleaming the Cube.

    One could say that we gleamed the podcube while we discussed Gleaming the Cube.

  6. 5 ross

    @Brandon: what kind of comment is that?!???

  7. 6 Francisco

    When I was younger, “Thrashin'” was the best! Gleaming the Cube seemed too boring for a lot of parts. That cop sucked, the mafia type stuff sucked, his parents sucked and the school he went to seemed fake.

    The best parts of Gleaming the Cube, for me, was his friend Yabbo who had his room in a bomb shelter (awesome!) and when Yabbo built him that diamond plated skateboard, that probably sucked to ride but looked great on film when you’re a 12 year old boy, and when C. Slater skated under the semi-truck on the freeway to get to the Pizza Hut truck.

    Good show guys.

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Dinogeddon webcomics

  9. 7 nick marino

    The return of Francisco!!!

    I think I was too young to see the dumb things about Gleaming the Cube when it came out. It just seemed rad.

    I’ve tried to watch Thrashin a bunch of times but I can’t make it through it. But every time I start watching Gleaming the Cube, I can’t turn it off!

    Yabbo is definitely presented as the ideal skater in the film. He’s sorta like every 80s skater’s dream — eccentric, inventive, intelligent, and purely dedicated to skating.

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