A Podcast with Ross and Heather #140 – Booogers

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Ross Campbell and Nick Marino review the EXTREMELY awful X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #5253 (s4 e15 & s3 e18 on Netflix). Peep Nick’s screencaps and Ross’s screencaps as you follow along.

Once the X-Men conversation is done at 27:30, we’re joined by cartoonist Heather Nunnelly. We dig into her webcomic — Vacant — focusing on its fantastic pacing.

At 49:30, we launch into our massive recap of New York Comic Con 2012 including tons of shout outs!! Sales sucked for Nick and Heather, but Ross was a bona fide rockstar with a constant line at his Artist Alley table. TMNTerrific!!

Check out some awesome art Ross got at the show and his NYCC photo diary.

Plus: What’s the correct pronunciation of booger?
And: Nick can’t find his stylus. Oh, wait… there it is.

Next: X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #5455 (s4 e1-2 on Netflix).

10 Responses to “A Podcast with Ross and Heather #140 – Booogers”

  1. 1 kaylie

    you guys were in rare form in this one, it was killing me. especially the Lonestar Express. XD

    i’m sad i wasn’t able to go this year, it sounds like it was a pretty good time.

  2. 2 nick marino

    for me, it was fun and not fun if that makes any sense. like the fun parts were really fun, but i thought the shitty parts were really shitty.

  3. 3 kaylie

    yeah, i get that. i guess part of the excitement for me is that i’ve never been to NYC before, so even if i went to the con and people were dicks and i didn’t sell anything, i’d still be happy just to be there. XD i guess that’s kinda how i was at Fan Expo.

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Wet Moon comics

  5. 4 nick marino

    I UNDERSTAND!! my sister’s been living in NYC for the past 15 years and I typically visit her at least once a year (not to mention that I lived in a Brooklyn for a few months myself), so the NYC novelty isn’t quite the same as seeing it for the first time. YOU SHOULD GO NEXT YEAR! actually, i’m not even sure if i’m gonna go next year…

  6. 5 Smars

    fav line: “dress like a normal person!”
    poor nightcrawler.

    anyhoo… on to NYCC. see this is what i was talking about on the comments of S.U.
    this is why i don’t spend my money doing “big name shows” anymore. after SDCC in 2002, that was enough. because the crowds at those shows are just there for the well known stuff or familiar stuff, and the spectacle. small shows man, i’m telling yall… small shows.
    wait… were you really seated next to a massage and nail booth?
    fffff… see those guys have no respect for the artist at the show.
    that just depresses me. :C

    i fell on the floor when i saw where your stylus was
    i can’t tell you how often that happens to me

    also… i say booger like ross and nick not boooger like heather.
    tho it could have something to do with if her relatives are maybe from the UK or a UK territory.
    it was cute how frustrated she got trying to say booger not boooger

  7. 6 Heather Nunnelly

    Michelle also says booger the same way I do! I’m not the only one! I like the way I say it better than you guys.

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Nik Furious instrumental music

  9. 7 nick marino

    @Heather: I think you’re the only two people ever that say booooger. Which is fine. I’m just sayin’.

    @Smars: wait… people in the UK say boooger? Heather and Michelle might not be alone!!

    yeah, you’re right. small shows are BUTTER! i mean better, I guess. but I pronounce it butter just because that’s how I’ve always said it.

    there was a massage booth and then across from them was an imPRESS Press-On Manicure booth. i was the next row over. but you’re right — they’re there for the spectacle, not for art. and that’s why i sold like shit, because I was with the spectacle B.S. and not the art. which is because i was with the podcasts. but still, shouldn’t the podcasts be near the artists?

  10. 8 Jason A

    I think in honor of Hallowe’en we should pronounce it Boo-ger for the rest of the month.

  11. 9 Heather Nunnelly

    I agree with Jason. Boo-ger for the month!

  12. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  13. 10 nick marino

    Okay, I’m in. BOOOOOOOOOO-ger!!

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