Sequential Underground #48 – Color and Communication

Sequential Underground

Nick Marino is joined by Jeremy Baum, the Pittsburgh-based artist behind the comics Postland, Extravagant Traveler, and more.

The discussion begins with color, analyzing the intentional and unintentional decisions behind the palettes used in our comics.

But the conversation morphs as we ask bigger questions and push for deeper answers about why we make comics and what we hope to communicate through them.

And congratulations to Jeremy on his successful Kickstarter campaign for Extravagant Traveler #1 which ends today!

2 Responses to “Sequential Underground #48 – Color and Communication”

  1. 1 Smars

    mn hm, good conversation.
    the soggy bread was funny.

    but i love the talk about the effort and execution versus the time it takes readers to consume.
    i never consciously think about my colours and how they contrast and compliment and so on… unless something just jumps out at me as wrong or needing to look a certain way for an intentional effect. i think a lot of artist just know colours, from life observation. designers have injected so much of those colour sensibilities into our everyday world that we have unconsciously learned what works and what doesn’t. or so it seems. C:

  2. 2 nick marino


    for me, color doesn’t come easily. i constantly second-guess what i’m doing. so that’s why i tend to rely on the little bit of color theory i’ve studied.


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